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    1967Ram reacted to Duracell in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I don't think it was anti- or pro- anything, they just sometimes get an idea stuck in their head and run with it and forget to talk about anything else.
    I appreciate having Mick McCarthy's knowledge but it would have been better to have someone who plays the game differently to counter him. MM spent the entire game saying how he'd abandon our game and pump it long. We know you would Mick. But Cocu isn't going to go for that.
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    1967Ram reacted to Duracell in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I'm not normally one to criticise commentators but I thought Sky were terrible yesterday. We weren't great yesterday, but after our poor start, we weren't terrible either. There was a number of fair comments from McCarthy about our slow passing in the first quarter of the game but he failed to acknowledge when it did improve.
    The BBC report reads very differently - a tight, if slightly dull, local Derby which Forest could have buried but failed to.
    We were patient against a very well-organised team and I feel like some fans are forgetting the chances we created ourselves. A number of times their defence snuffed out chances that we would have scored against pretty much anyone else. I think we were good value for the point.
    On Forest - they really remind me of us under Rowett. I can see them going up with Lamouchi. I'm glad we don't have a manager like that - it's horrid to watch, and that style has a limited shelf-life. We're going somewhere different and better under Cocu.
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    1967Ram reacted to RamNut in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I hope we learn a few lessons from the game.
    it was noticeable that forest were shooting from distance early on. Dacosta and cash both had efforts from 25 years before lolley struck. 
    in the first half of the first half (prior to the drinks break), we were quite poor. In that period Bird has 20-25 touches of the ball and only makes one forward pass - a 5 yard pass to holmes on 20 minutes. All of the rest were sidewards and backwards, including five passes hit straight back to clarke. We need to be more positive than that. Similarly when sibley gets high up in support of Martin, one of the midfielders needs to move forward into that void. Max can do that, but he stayed very deep. Eventually knight started drifting into that space. After drinks, he was more positive and we improved. 
    the lessons will be more valuable than the point we stole, if we are honest enough to confront them.
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    1967Ram reacted to Inverurie Ram in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I thought our wonderful PC looked nervous on the bench when we started the game and that seemed to transmit on to our players and how we played. It was wonderful to see him so happy at the end because he knows how important the point is, he will be happy with our unbeaten run and how we kept on fighting right to the end and he knows how important such qualities are going into the remaining fight of the season. PC will also be very happy for CM.
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    1967Ram reacted to Sparkle in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    We have games every three days Cocu is only trying to get the most out of Martin and waghorn on a game by game basis - now we have a chance for Martin to show his stuff and get a new contract or it’s his last hurrah in a Rams shirt 
  6. Haha
    1967Ram reacted to DRBee in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    TRANSLATION:  " I am determined not to get any pleasure at all from our last minute goal - under any circumstances"
  7. Haha
  8. Like
    1967Ram reacted to Paul71 in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Genuine question for you, as you are in the know on these things.  Do you know the reason Forest were given possession when we were in possession and attacking and the game was stopped because Yates was down injured ?
    it wasn't a foul, just didn't make sense.  Surely we should have been given possession,  or at least a drop ball and Forest giving us the ball back.
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    1967Ram reacted to Anag Ram in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Whilst the performance was poor yesterday and surprisingly timid, with only Sibley taking the responsibility of running at Forest, we should remember that we are now playing top six clubs.
    You can bamboozle the likes of Blackburn and Reading with patient football but the better teams will soak it up and wait for the mistake. TBF, Forest should have won by about three goals.
    I was disappointed at how often we fell for a dummy or a cut inside. We seemed a bit dopey. Probably the number of games catching up but possible also fear of losing. An extra session in training on crossing a ball might be useful but that session should also include taking up good positions in the box rather than ambling in next to a defender.
     I hope that whatever happens on Wednesday, we get the snap back into our passing and the bravery to spin into areas and demand the ball. We are still very much in development and Cocu will have learned a lot from yesterday.
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    1967Ram reacted to angieram in I think we have to look at the rest of the season differently   
    We have a long term injury and two stupid suspensions in the forward areas which have made us look like we have "almost no cover". I don't think that was a deliberate ploy by anyone, especially Mel Morris.
  11. Sad
    1967Ram reacted to Dimmu in I think we have to look at the rest of the season differently   
    That's how I've done my ribs! Twice!!!
    My fragile ribs ruined my career as a a target man.
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    1967Ram reacted to Will Hughes Hair in I think we have to look at the rest of the season differently   
    I'm going to try and cheer you up.
    I've just watched MOTD.  There was a focus on Bukayo Saka who was instrumental in Arsenal's win over Champions League chasing Wolves. He's 18 years old.
    I've seen the lad play.  At Pride Park. And he was massively upstaged by Archie Brown, Morgan Whittaker, Louie Sibley, Max Bird and all.  Derby 5 Arsenal 2. Derby Under 18 Premier League National Champions.
    Our youth may just be a little bit better than the rest of the league expect.
    This is still on.
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    1967Ram reacted to Will Hughes Hair in I think we have to look at the rest of the season differently   
    We have have struggled with excretahousing teams so many times in the past.  2013/14 Burnley and Leicester?  Lost key games against both.  Today we drew.
    The pace of this run in will hurt many teams and there are so many variables ahead.  What would happen to Forest if they lost Grabban or Lolley (or both)?  Nerves are going to bite too.
    Yes, Waghorn, Wisdom and Lawrence are all misses but Tom is only out for one more.  Waggy will be back fresh for Leeds.  And the rest of our run in is against footballing teams.
    There is much to play for.  Much to enjoy.  It is not the time for feint hearts.
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    1967Ram reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    It is one of the joys of football, the stoppage time equaliser you did not deserve. If you don’t get joy from that (especially against your closest rivals) then you are a bit of a weirdo.
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    1967Ram reacted to BramcoteRam84 in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I’m massively celebrating a draw!! I’m euphoric in fact!!! Based on how the game went it was most definitely a point gained, we got out of jail and that point could be valuable come the end of the season. I remember being at the shitty ground in Snake’s first game when pinillos scored a last gasp header to draw to deny us a fully deserved victory and they celebrated like they won the league!! That point actually kept them up that season!!
    Credit to Forest they were good today and got the tactics spot on and they were extremely unlucky not to win the game. We on the other hand were extremely poor by our recent standards, some of it down to them but much of it down to us not imposing ourselves on the game, not playing with the right tempo or intensity. But we plugged away and snuck what could be a valuable point. Why were we not at it, most likely because our youngsters were waiting for Rooney to do something and didn’t take responsibility early enough to impose our game on them. Another valuable learning curve in the evolution of this team.
    Also, lamouchi has shown his hand tactically now. These youngsters learn quick and will hopefully avoid the traps the next time we play them - which could be in the game that really matters!! 🤔
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    1967Ram reacted to Mafiabob in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Why not - I absolutely went nuts when that equaliser went in, I couldn’t give two fooks what preceded it at that very moment. If you’re questioning “gloating” and a joke over a rival then I fear we can’t enjoy or do anything anymore..... lighten up a little, sometimes being less serious can be FUN
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    1967Ram reacted to Topram in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    One last thing, altough we weren’t great, for many years we’ve not broken down teams that play like that, they until that stupid free kick we’re better strong but we found a way so fair play. 
    also Zoon did ok when he came on tbf also showed plenty of passion at the end when we scored fair play to a guy that’s been left out most of the season he showed he cared 
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    1967Ram reacted to brady1993 in I think we have to look at the rest of the season differently   
    Win the ball sure.
    Pass? To an extent but he certainly won't be pulling the strings from deep likely Rooney dies and he will certainly be less fluent in conjunction with Bird.
    It still might be worth it but it's far from like for like.
  19. Clap
    1967Ram reacted to Will Hughes Hair in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Where's @B4ev6is?  Come on the lads need your rallying cry!
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    1967Ram reacted to Rampage in Philip Cocu   
    Cocu has got a bit of the Arsene Wenger thing about him. Highly intelligent and focussed. He looks primarily for the ability to learn in.players. some of our apparently average for Championship league look like they could play in the Premier League in a very well organised team. Sheffield United have done similar. All their players know what to do and what not to do. We are steadily ironing out stupid errors that have cost us points in the past. Each week it looks less likely that we need more players because of the developments that they have made. We are the in firm team in this league, why worry about the teams that we will face. Cocu said that we need to confirm that our game is good enough against these higher placed teams. We are playing as well as them, they just had a better first half of season than us. Brentford are highly rated but they win three games against three that we lost when Cocu was sorting us out. We are not underdogs we are competing on level and better form with them slthough too late for autos for us. COYR. These competitors will find that they are not up against the first half season Rams. George Evans played last evening like he is a regular but had not started since December sums it up for me. COYR
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    1967Ram reacted to Topram in Philip Cocu   
    No matter what happens from now till the end of the season it’s finally being shown why Cocu and his staff were brought here, we attack as a unit defend as a unit, players work hard for each other and he’s making them better and putting faith in the young lads, Max Bird last year on the ball you’d be worried this year his composure is second to none, great signs for next season 
  22. Clap
    1967Ram reacted to Rampage in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    At the beginning of the season maybe one, not me, could have predicted last night's lineup but not one person could have predicted how classy we would look with that lineup.
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    1967Ram reacted to rynny in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
  24. Clap
    1967Ram reacted to DCFC27 in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    If Lowe plays at RB so be it, he looks fairly comfortable there any way. The Bird and Rooney will no doubt cover him if he gets into trouble. But I could see Cocu playing one of the academy grads if we have one at right back too, it wouldn’t surprise me given how brilliant he has been at bringing through the rest this season. 
    honestly can’t be underrated how he deals with players like Knight and Bird, gives them playing time, drops them back to the 23s when they need a rest from the pressure of the first team and then brings them back in at the right time. Then how he has dealt with the old guard in Davies/Fozzy/Martin looking after their fitness and getting a full season out of them where other managers have failed. 
  25. Haha
    1967Ram reacted to Ghost of Clough in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    @DarkFruitsRam7 knows the fella who runs that particular pub.

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