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    1967Ram reacted to Mucker1884 in Coronavirus   
    No excuse, of course. 
    I have a (little) bit of rubbish from a shed tidy-up.... couple of plastic bins, bits of MDF, and one bag of weeds from the garden.  All stacked out of sight down the side of the house, until the tip re-opens.
    However... It does seem a little crazy to close the tips, when 90% of the population are stuck at home with little to do other than spring cleaning, garden clearance, DIY and decorating.  The bin men won't take most of that.  Surely they can open up for limited hours, restrict the access and control the social distancing... and of course class a trip to the tip as "essential", before we are all overrun with some sort of unpleasant disease!  Oh wait!  
    Not defending the fly-tippers, but I can see WHY it's happening!
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    1967Ram reacted to Van Cone De Head in Coronavirus   
    Noticeable how much busier it is today at work and on the roads.
    I can see an issue developing if we get warm weather.
    A few ‘interesting‘arguments amongst customers about what entails essential shopping.
    It’s not my place to tell someone what’s essential or not.
    Intervened yesterday on someone taking issue with a lady for buying a large gazebo, it was for Barnsley Hospital.
    I forgot to mention,first day off tomorrow together for myself and the good lady cone in a month,other than hospital.
    Might have a shandy.
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    1967Ram reacted to Angry Ram in Coronavirus   
    @GboroRam The eagle has landed. 
    2000 pces trumps your 1500. I’m not competitive at all 😂

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    1967Ram reacted to GboroRam in The Politics Thread 2020   
    True - at the moment there's a lot of focus on nation states. But that's no surprise - we live in a very materialistic world, EU or not. At a time of crisis, it seems that there's a lot of blame being thrown around, both nationally and internationally. The EU will obviously be under fire, justified or not. Every body in any position of power will be expected to do more. Unfortunately there's no global cure for any of this - it will be long, painful and costly for all. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Anag Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Yes sure I think we will change and won't be as tied into the 9-5 office routine. 
    I just fear the situation whereby too many of our human interactions become 'virtual'. 
    One of the plus points of this crazy situation is how many actual conversations we have had with our family as opposed to rushed texts. 
    I hope we all appreciate each other more in the future. 
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    1967Ram got a reaction from Anag Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Maybe half the time in the Office and half the time at home would work in these situations?
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    1967Ram reacted to Angry Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Not any more, too much risk now with GDPR. I guess there will always be a few examples but now GDPR is taking a grip, it's a fool who pushes the limits too much. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Tamworthram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    I’ve spent a lot of my recent career working from home (largely because my team was so widespread. Me in Birmingham, pretty much everyone else in London, Bristol, Edinburgh or Halifax). It can get lonely but, I used to compromise and go into the local office to work maybe once a week. 
    I agree regarding trust. I can see that many bosses may not trust their staff (as much a symptom of their own failings). For me, as a change/project manager is was never going to be an issue as I’d always have deliverables and deadlines to hit. My daughter and son in law have just started working from home (my daughter was one of the “lucky” ones and given a laptop so, the main barrier in her office is technology) and, whilst I don’t think too much notice will be taken at the moment, they do have productivity targets to achieve that can still be measured.
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    1967Ram reacted to Norman in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Think it might be more data protection than anything in most workplaces. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Seaside Ram in When Football Returns ........   
    People will be all over it , more obsessed about it than even before  OR maybe folk will be starting to think like I am .....
    After over 40yrs living and breathing all Football and supporting the Rams through endless ups and downs, I'm not overly missing it! The thought of paying £25 a month for sky sports, £15 for BT  and £32 to watch Derby play Reading on a Tues night is losing it's appeal daily. As for.people paying £50-£60 to watch Prem games, jeez !! 
    Could this break get people's priorities back in line thinking health and family are more important than worrying if  Kane signs a new £400k a week deal or what car Mo Salah drives ?????
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    1967Ram reacted to Norman in Coronavirus   
    Prisoners were banging their doors and clapping us last night. 
    Weirdest noise ever. 
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    1967Ram reacted to RamNut in Coronavirus   
    Nice to see @TroyDyer at long last. He seems to have given up on dcfc
    I haven’t watched it all, but alot of the scientific criticism seems to originate in time to the moment when the virus was first identified in Wuhan and the allegation that the initial testing was flawed. This whole argument is founded on the assertion that the virus has never been “purified and visualised”; that only a tiny genetic marker was used to identify the virus. I don’t quite follow that. The full genome of the virus was identified and published. And since the initial testing of seven victims in Wuhan this thing has spread around the world, so that testing an investigation has been undertaken by experts all over the place.
    it is alleged that the Coronavirus doesn’t exist, and something called an exosome (which cells manufacture in order to transfer proteins and other stuff possibly out of the cell possibly as part of an immune response) has been mistaken for a virus. But I would think that microbiologists know the difference between a virus which has spikey proteins sticking out of the surface and contains a full genome, and a tiny cellular parcel which - although it may be similar in size and contain snippets of rna - lacks the special surface proteins and the lengthy and complete copy of the genome of the virus?
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    1967Ram reacted to Paul71 in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Im with you, i just have no idea what the benefit will be. I am hoping that the recent outbreak with remote working will demonstrate that someone getting on a train and travelling 100 miles every day to sit in an office in London is not really necessary.
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    1967Ram reacted to Tamworthram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    I just don’t see that the benefits justify the enormous expense, impact on the environment and people/businesses that the line will run though.
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    1967Ram reacted to reverendo de duivel in Coronavirus   
    That's always the way, no matter what colour government is in charge.
    We've become so top down and micro managed self initiative is frowned upon.
    Just to use your example above, instead of the fella just cracking on and doing it, a work order probably has to raised. 
    That can only be given to an approved company, whose work would then have to be passed off by an independent specialist.
    Layers of people involved in the simplest job, yet those layers are stripped back when it comes to things like fracking or tower block cladding, where we allow contractors to mark there own homework.
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    1967Ram reacted to Pearl Ram in Coronavirus   
    I would argue if the NHS is run along the same lines as the public sector organisation I work in, it’s not any government running it into the ground but their very own management and policies.
    For example, my old line manager was a qualified electrician and offered to put new lighting in a cupboard we were going to utilise, he said he’d come in on a Saturday to do it so it wouldn’t interfere with his day to day running of our department. 
    No, it had to be carried out by our “preferred” contractors at huge expense. I am privy to a lot of what we spend with preferred contractors, some of whom I believe “grease the wheels” of those on already handsome salaries to keep any prospective competition at arms length. 
    I could go on at length about wasting of the public’s money but at best you would think I was exaggerating or at worst just plain lying so I’ll leave it there apart from saying of course this government should have questions to answer when this is all over but a revue of how the NHS is run wouldn’t go amiss either. Too many middle/upper management having the easy life while those at the coal face go without and it boils my piss.
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    1967Ram reacted to 1of4 in Coronavirus   
    Shame the slogan Protect the NHS wasn't more prominent three months ago instead of Get brexit done.
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    1967Ram reacted to RoyMac5 in Coronavirus   
    So NOW is the opportunity to get through to the idiots just how important a well-funded NHS really is.
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    1967Ram reacted to Angry Ram in Coronavirus   
    You look older than I had pictured. Just shows, you never can tell.
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    1967Ram reacted to Bob The Badger in Coronavirus   
    The worrying thing to me is that these people will be treated like crap by many others for not fulfilling their duty, when nothing could be further from the truth.
    My wife is testing every day and I'm a tad concerned, but apart from a period last week when she had more kits than masks, she's been ok from a PPE point of view.
    The single most important thing at the moment is to protect the people who protect us.
    Nothing else is even close. 
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    1967Ram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Coronavirus   
    If anyone needs cheering up.

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    1967Ram reacted to BaaLocks in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Yup, fair play @G STAR RAM - couple more like that and I might take you off 'Ignore' 😄
    When you read the backlash on the way the government have handled this, and the real, harsh fact that people will likely die as a result it make you realise that we have given ourselves the leaders we deserved. For ten years the left have been utterly incapable of mounting not only an electionable challenge but, even more so, a group of leaders who can even rally against the will of the government. We have effectively been a one party state since the coalition finished and all parties should hang their heads in shame for what it has brought us. 
    And this current shower is showing itself, by the hour, to not be a political party capable of leading a country through a crisis but instead of being a cabal of charlatans, sound bite merchants and - frankly - liars who have long since realised they will not get challenged for their mistruths. For a country like Italy to have got caught out like it did you can just about understand but for the likes of the US and the UK to follow the same mortality curve as those that have been before, to even exceed them in all likelihood, is an action that must - and will - be challenged once we are through the other side. 
    In the meantime - buy the ducking ventilators, sort out the fricking PPE, get the testing kits in place, make it happen - no matter who you have to go to and beg.
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    1967Ram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Coronavirus   
    The CEO definitely does. Even before this crisis he ran the company from his Swiss mansion. His attitude is nothing short of disgraceful. A greedy fat cat and a mercenary is the kindest description I can come up with for him. He's running this Great British institution into the ground. I'm amazed he hasn't been ousted considering where the company was when he came in and where it is now.
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    1967Ram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Coronavirus   
    Good to know that Royal Mail are taking health and safety seriously during this pandemic. Just wash your hands, you'll be reet. The CEO couldn't even be bothered to attend the meeting with the union and then declared he would not be meeting them again during this pandemic. 
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    1967Ram reacted to Van Gritters in Coronavirus   
    Here’s an article on how to understand the death toll.
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