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    1967Ram got a reaction from rynny in EFL appeal   
    Did Wycombe players celebrate then? 
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    1967Ram got a reaction from Reggie Greenwood in EFL appeal   
    Did Wycombe players celebrate then? 
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    1967Ram got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in EFL appeal   
    Did Wycombe players celebrate then? 
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    1967Ram got a reaction from angieram in EFL appeal   
    Did Wycombe players celebrate then? 
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    1967Ram reacted to sage in EFL appeal   
    They were only appealing the lesser of the charges they initially accused us of so really don't see this.
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    1967Ram reacted to richinspain in El DerbyCo   
    Yeah, you're dead right 🤔

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    1967Ram reacted to richinspain in El DerbyCo   
    Come on, that wouldn't even have got a "U" in a maths exam! Yes, the starting and ending points are very similar (worse now), but the bits in the middle hardly compare.
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    1967Ram reacted to ilkleyram in El DerbyCo   
    Just over 30 years ago an event occurred that I think all of you would consider to be of greater import than the current struggles of our beloved football club.  In July 1988 the captain of USS Vincennes panicked and let loose 2 surface to air missiles. He brought down an Iranian passenger plane.  290 souls were killed including babes in arms and it is believed, with some justification, that some were conscious as they fell 10,000 feet into the Gulf. Imagine.
    Robert Fisk was a proper journalist working for a proper newspaper, The London Times.  He didn’t buy the American versions of events (they changed as evidence changed) and he investigated the story as a good journalist does, using his many contacts in the area.  He wrote a story that destroyed many of the American lies. When it was published all the points contradicting the American versions of events were missing, taken out by Fisk’s editor. What was left was largely anodyne drivel. Fisk left for the Independent. Their gain.
    Our match today is, for various reasons, a big story, played in a febrile off field atmosphere and always was going to be - two big clubs with big traditions fallen on hard times; our manager; a takeover; the financial consequences; and the football ones too.  And yet many appear to be surprised by the drivel that is being written about us; and, worse, appear to be believing it; and, worse still, appear to be repeating it, giving it a life of its own.  There are negative comments about the tabloids and the Daily Mail and yet, apparently we’re more than prepared to take as gospel what Craig Hope and others are feeding us.
    What do we actually know about the takeover and Erik Alonso’s finances?   Diddly squat is what.  We know Mel has agreed a deal and with whom; we know that’s with the EFL for the owner’s test. That is pretty much it.  And that is all anyone actually knows apart from the 3 parties involved (plus their advisors).  
    All the rest is guesswork and rumour, pure and simple. But there are plenty who might want to disrupt us in this week of all weeks.  Mr Chansiri for one.  Might he be Craig Hope’s source? Not beyond the bounds of possibility. 
    If a paper like The Times can distort the truth about the death of 290 people why do we accept the word of hacks whose sole aims are to get clicks on an article, names on the stories and followers on twitter?  That’s now a job apparently. We don’t have to help them.
    There are times too when not only am I glad that I have no social media presence but I’m also happy not to be a moderator of this board; when I feel so out of sync with my fellow fans that I question my sanity.  This is one of them.  Imagine having to read all the codswallop that’s being spouted in the name of ‘it’s my opinion therefore I’m entitled to express it’. There are very few, I suspect, that would say much of what they have written on these pages to the faces of the players, the manager, coaching staff, recruitment team or our current owner.  There are more than a few contributors to these boards who allegedly espouse treating people with respect, who say they believe that mental health is important (and we have at least two players who have publicly described their own mental health challenges) but who have joined in the general pile on with apparent alacrity. Apparently it’s even worse elsewhere. An opinion is not necessarily correct just because you’re willing to die for it (Oscar Wilde). ‘Chancer’ is the latest adjective being liberally bandied around about a bloke none of us have met and none of us know.  What if he isn’t? Why can’t we give him a chance, if he is, eventually, to take us over? 
    We have no say in who runs the club we support.  It is not in ‘our’ gift to choose our next owner whether we like it or not. Never has been. Whether that’s right or wrong is a legitimate point of discussion.  In the meantime we have a team to support and a match to win and a future that will take care of itself, win, lose or draw. And I hope it’s the first of those.
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    1967Ram reacted to BucksRam in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Small plea from me.  I've literally been through the ringer this afternoon and am mentally exhausted. We all know there's massive issues to solve, including the long running debate about Rooney.  For today, let's all be untied in raising a glass,or three, in celebrating our survival. That's what today was all about. Survival.  We can recommence the moaning tomorrow. We Are Derby.....🍻
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    1967Ram reacted to ThePrisoner in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
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    1967Ram reacted to Jase116 in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Today is exactly what you want from Waggy, I think wherever he has been he always seems to have one poor season then flogged on, for me despite a poor season would offer him a new contract, depending on wages, but I think even today shows we need fresh blood/ a new direction to move forward.
    Despite a lot of criticism, I wouldn’t be against Rooney given a chance to build his own squad and way of playing, I’m sure we would like someone else, but maybe give our management team to grow with the club.
    But this year has been a disaster and we need to learn from it.
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    1967Ram reacted to Rampage in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Great cross from Tom for Waggys first goal 
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    1967Ram reacted to LeedsCityRam in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Both Wycombe & Rotherham should be very proud of their fight, left nothing out there & maximised the talent they have. Ainsworth & Warne definitely deserve the chance to try & replicate success at larger clubs.
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    1967Ram reacted to BucksRam in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Been in a non stop text conversation with a Wednesday buddy.  Just before Fozzy was subbed he said him and his mates had already voted him MotM! 
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    1967Ram reacted to roboto in Unpopular opinion   
    I think we should stick with Rooney through the summer.
    Hear me out. Please.
    The season has been the worst I can remember as a Derby fan. Rooney came in and managed to make us solid for a good run before injuries and confidence got sapped away. Add to that all the disruption in the boardroom and EFL stuff and it’s been a real baptism of fire.
    I believe that he can learn from these lessons and all the teams start at 0 points (hopefully) next season and have 46 games to strive or survive. His tactics have been condemned most recent match days, but the squad has been bare bones for the run in.
    Changing manager will take time and it won’t help us rebuild our squad, which is the priority right now. Rooney has the contacts and the name to draw in better players than our league position deserves. The Waghorn interview after the match leads me to believe that the players still believe in him.
    Getting rid of Rooney will Also cost money that is better off used on the squad. Let him sign some players to build a better squad, give him some games next season to get some results. If things start terribly and don’t improve then we can get rid.
    No one will be expecting us to transform and be a top 6 side next season, so let’s try and get some stability back in the coaching team.
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    1967Ram reacted to mwram1973 in Rooney judged harshly vs Nigel Clough   
    It's been a terrible season but it's done now.
    Rooney will be manager next season so lets see what he can now do. He's already said after this season we'll play a certain way and not the game to game tactics of this season.
    He needs to have backing too and get his own squad together.
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    1967Ram reacted to ThePrisoner in Curtis Davies   
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    1967Ram reacted to CBRammette in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
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    1967Ram reacted to Ruud Aralliss in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Wish he had put that 1 on 1 away, might’ve saved another inch of my receding hairline. Thought Jozwiak deserves a mention, did really well after coming on
  20. Haha
    1967Ram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Spare a thought for the Gumps too. Two seasons in a row where their hearts have been broken on the last day of the season.......
    ....Feckin losers  
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    1967Ram reacted to Dimmu in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Commiserations to Big Dave and Sheff Wed.
    Without -6 points they would've been safe. I hope they get promoted back asap as the fans or players really didn't deserve this, their management did.
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    1967Ram reacted to Anag Ram in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Who is this Anag Ram bloke?
    What a knob!
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    1967Ram reacted to Derbados in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
  24. Clap
    1967Ram reacted to Needlesh in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Completely and utterly drained.
    I just want to forget football until at least July.
  25. Haha
    1967Ram reacted to JfR in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    It might be a day to celebrate for us, but do spare a thought for Rotherham's chairman
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