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    Rampage reacted to eddie in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    5 minutes made that film for me - Cab Calloway singing Minnie The Moocher. Amazingly, that was almost 50 years after he first recorded it.
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    Rampage reacted to Carnero in Fikayo Tomori   
    No need to panic... we've managed to tie down Butterfield & Blackman for another year, that's the main thing.
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    Rampage reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Sammie Szmodics   
    Want to see more genuine transfer activity as that would mean our managerial situation is sorted out!!
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    Rampage reacted to Rambam in Looks like tomori can’t come back   
    He’s been in San Tropez hasn’t he? 
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    Rampage got a reaction from europia in Can Frank emulate Clough?   
    Transition decade. You heard it first from Rampage.
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    Rampage reacted to Nuwtfly in Harry Wilson   
    Can't imagine Wilson would be too keen on heading to Leeds after jumping on Keogh's back and giving it the big one after the play-off semi final.
    If Liverpool want to sell him, we've got no chance. If they want to loan him, he's as good as ours!
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    Rampage reacted to Boycie in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Chelsea swap the manager roughly every 2-3 years anyway, loads of time for Frank.
    The only real reason some are saying go now or you may never get another chance is because he’s got us to Wembley, and might crash and burn next year and ultimately fail.
    Can’t see any other reason when the job wouldn’t be there in the future for him.
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    Rampage got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Totally agree with this Carl.
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    Rampage got a reaction from t'oldu in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Totally agree with this Carl.
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    Rampage reacted to Carl Sagan in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Felt it was heartening listening to the world football phone-in on Five Live just now. First topic straight off was Sarri to Juve and Lampard to Chelsea. The two pundits both said it was the wrong time for Lampard to go and he should stay well away, confident the chance will come again in the future. 
    I think that's the case. I also think the biggest considerations for Frank will be family ones. Do they enjoy being out of London some of the time? Or would they prefer to move vack? Will he and Christine have more time together with their baby daughter at Derby or Chelsea? 
    And Frank will know he owes a debt to Mel and to Derby. He's humble and honorable. If he goes he'll make sure Chelsea also pay compensation for the backroom team (which hasn't always happened). But I think he'll be driven to see out his contract, take us up next year and then keep us in the Premier League. Then he can leave (if he wants) with his head held high. 
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    Rampage reacted to JfR in David Turnbull   
    David U-Turnbull
  12. Haha
    Rampage got a reaction from angieram in Stephy Mavididi   
    Stephy Mavididi, yes indidi.
    Exclusive in the know scoop - Some unheard of players are coming to Rams this summer. You heard it first from Rampage. What do you mean you have never heard of Rampage? Well indidi .😎
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    Rampage reacted to BagRam in Liam Delap   
    I broke this story on Twitter the other day, he’s currently just finalising terms expect to be done very soon, £1.2 million 
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    Rampage reacted to Boycie in Liam Delap   
    Sell on clause. 
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    Rampage reacted to David in Liam Delap   
    Well this is what I was trying to clarify with Adam before making any list as I was pulled up for using Bogle as an example and told he “didn’t actually come through our youth system as such” whilst I was replying to a member that was using Zinchenko and Patrick Roberts which went unchecked and probably would have if I didn’t enter the thread.
    Had I made your list from Derby’s academy with no boundaries put it in place it would have been torn apart, and with no agreement coming on what does qualify as a youth academy product I thought it would be best to agree to disagree. 
    Personally I think if they spend a couple of young teenage seasons playing in the academy before making their first team debut you can say they are from the academy, although the “one of our own chant” should be reserved for local players that have spent their entire youth career at the club.
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    Rampage reacted to cheron85 in Harry Wilson   
    Nah - He's going to establish a brand new football team called "DCFC Car Park FC" and sell them all to that club for £100m
    IF he came back I could see a loan with a view to permanent if promoted - Liverpool were rumoured to be asking £4m loan fee for him this season and I would imagine we'd only pay that if we thought we could get him the other end
    I read "The Numbers Game" a few years ago (well worth a read if you like football and/or stats) and they said statistically you're better to replace your weakest player/shore up holes than bring in a superstar - And your weak links apparently on average cost you more points than the superstar will gain you and you can bring in 4/5 slightly better players for the cost of one superstar
    That said - I think our weakness in the current squad is probably creativity (without Wilson and Mount) so that might be the first area we need to address?
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    Rampage reacted to cheron85 in Liam Delap   
    This I find hilarious
    So they're saying Lampard is off to Chelsea - And we're signing Wilson for £21m - Do they really think he'd come if Lampard isn't here?
    With LOADS of change too
    Some kid I've never heard of who's probably not going to make the first team for another couple of years - Or give Lampard the chance to bring in someone who could affect the team right away
    Easy choice for me - How many 'amazing' young players have we had knocking around the last few years who haven't made the team - Elsnik being the latest - I hope for the lad's sake he has an amazing career but who knows
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    Rampage reacted to Saity in Liam Delap   
    I'd say virtually impossible to stop the Delap deal due to his age and the fact its City
    They say you have to take your chances in football and for Delap himself this is a massive oppurtunity  so as long as we get a decent wedge and  clauses I say good luck to the lad 
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    Rampage reacted to David in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    To be fair, you would expect some kind of back-peddling given the widespread coverage it’s been given, again just like the link in the first place this is an “obvious” one. 
    Chelsea bosses think it’s a risk to appoint a manager with 1 years experience in the 2nd tier

    I’m also expecting Mel has given Frank assurances of money to spend and will let him leave in the summer, Frank being the loyal man felt it was the honourable thing to do and Chelsea agreed to allow him to continue working at Derby, sending him loan players that may feature for their first team next season.
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    Rampage got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Lampard scouting in Brazil?   
    Cut price Brazilian.
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    Rampage reacted to Carl Sagan in Lampard scouting in Brazil?   
    Today's Toulon Tournament game was Brazil 5 Qatar 0 (and France 2 Guatemala 1 earlier).
    There is actually a Girona midfielder Douglas Luiz in the Brazil squad. And a couple of forwards in the Bundesliga.
    Hope Frank takes a break and isn't working too hard. It must be very easy to burn out unless you're careful.
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    Rampage reacted to GenBr in Lampard scouting in Brazil?   
    Don't be so defeatist! The last scouting report we produced recommended we sign Mbappe and Dembele. We know Neymar is looking to change clubs, so I assume Frank is there to check him out. I just hope we can afford Paul Inces wifes commission fee.
    If we are looking abroad for talent its about time. We should be building scouting networks in select countries. I know money is tight, but we could get some real bargains in Europe if we actually put some effort into it this time. Two of the best teams in my lifetime were built on European talent - those of Jim Smith and George Burley. We can't afford English talent due to the premium, so it makes sense to be looking elsewhere.
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    Rampage reacted to therealhantsram in Lampard scouting in Brazil?   
    AS I understand the current work permit situation for non-EU nationals, a Brazilian over 21 years old would have to have played at least 30% of Brazil's senior matches over the last 2 years. And if they have played 30% of senior matches over the last 2 years, I'd suggest they would be out of our league!
    So either he's on holiday and  just taking in some games for fun, or he's interested in U23s from an European team (maybe even on loan).
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    Rampage reacted to jono in Is Jody Morris working too hard?   
    If he’s enjoying it then it won’t be feeling like hard work. 
    Glad we’ve got him. I reckon he is going to be responsible for our academy bringing us more first team players (or cash) than for many a year.  
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    Rampage reacted to DJFern94 in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    My guess is they've seen him scouting in Brazil and thought Derby wouldn't be scouting out there.
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