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  1. agreed but we'll see angie I still think the wrist slashers will be out in force later....need to see past this game
  2. negative I know but I just can't see us getting anything today but its important we don't get thumped.... I beleive in Cocu and what he's trying to do but a bad defeat today will have this forum in melt down later when realistically i expect the green shoots of recovery to start next week at home to Brum......good luck today lads we need to be mentally strong for this one
  3. I disagree for this game I’d like Malone to be getting forward so Shinnie can cover as I think Malone is a threat going forward ...the other side would worry me more if Bogle is fit great but I don’t see anyone other than Holmes being disciplined enough to cover if he gets forward ...just my opinion of course
  4. My formation came out a bit amiss lol I’d go 442 diamond as I think this could cause Leeds problems ..when Rooney arrives if we add 2 good wide players it looks a lot better Rooney at top of diamond as I’d like to see two up top in some games...let’s be honest we got a bit lucky against Leeds in the fact that we changed it to two up front because of injury and the fact we were 2-0 down in the tie but it caused them problems ...not sure we have the personel in midfield to pick any formation that looks totally comfortable at the moment ...Dowell has been a major disappointment and shame Evans is injured as he looked good early season ...Shinnie might not be a fantastically gifted player but he apparently works hard so he’d play left mid for me as he’s also a LB and would protect Malone if he got forward
  5. Just don't think we have the players to play the diamond but it caused them problems in the play off game....its not until you try to pick a team that you realise we are really short of quality in certain areas Hamer Bogle Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Josezfoon Holmes Shinnie Marriott Waghorn
  6. Totally Agree David , he is still a very good player and is a massive signing for us, it is hard to beleive some fans are questioning it .....
  7. I've already said fair play to Cocu for giving CM another chance so if you'd read what I'd written you'd see that i don't think there is anything wrong with trying out Martin so why ask the question ???......and harp on pmsl....is it an obssesion to have an opinion based on what I've seen ? If Cocu thinks he might be useful then yes why not try him out but he's not been injured as far as i know and has had a full pre season and yet has not been involved prior to Cardiff so his selection might be due to Cocu wanting to try something different as opposed to being rated by Cocu. I do think he can be a useful sub and would rather use him than Bennett but my original post was in reaction to someone saying he should be in front of Waghorn.... but we all have opinions ....like I'd like to see Marriott and Waghorn up front in a two as the few times they've played together up front they've looked dangerous and link up well, Leeds and Wembley were two occasions
  8. Yes why not try Martin lets see if it works I just wish I could under perform for a few years and yet still be adored in my job......why can fans just not see the facts....Chris Martin has not been in the first team picture for ages by several managers and what evidence is there to suggest he'll get back to the player he was ???? Its literally just sentiment and although I cheered when he came on the other night i do have serious doubts he is the answer ....Billy Sharp was probably one of the most effective centre forwards last season and scored lots of goals....If we are to be a top 6 contender we need goals and I don't see Martin delivering them on a regular basis but fair play to Cocu for giving him a chance..... It appears that if anyone should dare to doubt Martin they are lambasted and seen as anti Martin or are told they are judging?? who isn't really judging all the time ?? everyone is always getting judged ?? so what if anyone is deemed to be judging...everyone does it every day of there lives I'd also say the same if it were any player that had been at our club and not played and not hit the heights of a few seasons ago...George Thorne is another example yes he's had injuries blah blah but we are not a charity...we need players performing and competing and being fit and ready to play....football is a tough sport and can be cruel...sentiment will not get us to where we want to go... For the record before I get loads of flak on here I want Martin to prove doubters wrong including myself and come back and prove his worth and contribute and score goals but i just don't see it
  9. No memory loss here fella...lol ...but agree competition is good but that’s not quite how you came across in your post
  10. No answer regarding Waghorn then Roy.???? cat got ya tongue for once ??...you say i'm judging Martin and yet slate Waghorn......he's missed chances yes but he's created a few of those himself like the one on friday, a great first touch and went past the defender and didn't score....but gets into scoring positions ....he will score 15+ goals for us this season if stays fit...Martins goalscoring record is nothing to shout about unless you want to talk about 4-5 seasons ago!!
  11. How have i judged him ??? I said its unfair to judge him on the few mins!! read what someone wrote for once!!!...If you want me to judge him here it goes.....I watched him in under 23s and wasn't impressed and for me its a backwards step to think he can be the player he was....there you go Roy has that pleased you ?? That is my opinon judged on what I've seen over the last few seasons both here and at other clubs...sorry it doesnt go with your CM love in ( who can do no wrong in your eyes ) but frankly i don't care what you think...All you ever do on here is want a row....give yourself a break sometimes eh And as for slating Waghorn ,,,he has missed pens and chances but he gets into positions to score or miss and I like his movement and he's dangerous so is in before big Chris ....just my opinion ...like yours Roy....or are you judging Waghorn on the few games this season and writing him off ??????????
  12. Because I don't think he's good enough any more ...simple as that...I cheered too when he came on because I like Martin and its unfair to judge him on the few mins he was on but I don't think he's the player he was ...
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