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  1. Saity

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    I always do last scorer Carl just ask, most bookies do it at same odds as first goalscorer
  2. Saity

    Declining attendances

    Agree, the day most fans stay at home and teams play in front of empty stadiums is the time football goes seriously in the wrong direction, going to a game as a kid in london usually to West Ham with my dad I will never forget and gave me the football bug !!!
  3. Saity

    Declining attendances

    Mason is in on merit and if Frank doesn't feel the same about him in time then i guess his form would've dropped so yes he might get left out, Vydra needed to go to fund what our new manager wanted to do and what direction he wanted to take us in and is down to Frank, Martin, Thorne Butters etc have not played well enough in Franks and Jodies opinion to warrant a place in the squad or do you want to tell Frank who to pick based on what exactly ?? Wisdom's form has dipped and Bogle has taken his chance and is exactly what we want to see , healthy competition for places the same can be said of the LB's Fozzy and Malone. Wilson looks a good player to me although not in his first few games but looked bright when he came on last night and will score a few for us in my opinion so give him a chance hes just back from injury. Nugent will always give you 100 per cent and is probably only in the team until marriott gets up to speed in the championship, Waghorn similarly will chip in with some goals this season but like most players will have to be on form to keep his place . This is what we want surely??? competition for places with a younger squad using academy players trying to play some decent football. As for Chelsea loanees I think they are both good players who will help us just like other loan players have helped other sides get promoted........
  4. Saity

    Declining attendances

    Problem is Jimbo Football without fans attending is not good, make the tickets cheaper to get a few more in especially the shall we shan't we fans and the atmosphere will be better as Angieram has said if all tickets were 20 quid i think it would encourage more to go 27 seems a lot especially for some of the so called lesser teams
  5. Saity

    Declining attendances

    No but what is your point ? anyone scoring at anytime against Forest or whoever is great in my book , we didn't score last night but played some great football at times and its a work in progress and who's to say Vydra would've scored???....pure nonsense why are you sticking the knife into Lampard already when you would'nt hear a bad word against the dross we watched last season by your idol rowett ??
  6. Saity

    Declining attendances

    jeeez get over it mate he’s gone !!! Last nights game was ten times more entertaining than boring hoofball Rowett ....fact
  7. Saity

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Its one of the most annoying aspects of going to football when some young kid after his 2 pints of shandy starts abusing our players. and doesnt know when to stop ....I usually tell them to STFU but don't understand what enjoyment they actually get out of the game ......
  8. Saity

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Was a good performance I agree and compared to last seasons drivel it was miles better to watch but disagree about Fozzy he didn't make any calamitous errors he just seems to be too unpredictable when he gets the ball and his team mates don't seem to know what hes going to do with it either
  9. Saity

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Nothing seemed to drop for us tonight and we could easily have won that by a couple of goals , I thought FloJo had a poor game and Fozzy still frustrates the hell out of me as you never know what you’re going to get . on the plus side we pretty much dominated the game and thought Wilson looked lively when he came on .....Marriott,Wilson and Waghorn to be front three for me against the bees Saturday as Mason Bennett looked to have taken a knock good first half from Johnson but not so good second half and would like to see Malone given a chance for Fozzy and maybe Hudds for Johnson or Bryson a draw is not the end of the world but Saturday will be tougher
  10. Saity

    Few idiots spoil the day

    It’s probably not even over priced to be honest just a fake from eBay and then” I’m tough look at me” lol.....what makes me really laugh is I come from a tough area to be honest and don’t think one of those morons would’ve done that if it was at somewhere like the den or the old Upton Park as they probably wouldn’t have got out alive .....not condoning those grounds but Rotherham away is an easy option for wannabe hard lads trying to be tough with there fake gear on ...do us a favour and stay away
  11. Saity


    I'm not saying he has hence the bold IF 👍
  12. Saity


    He signed a contract yes and doesn't have to budge I get that, we offered him the contract in the first place. The only issue I have now is that IF he is not trying to get into our first team squad then that is bound to make some fans feel a bit aggravated as I'm sure we didn't sign him to give up trying if he was down the pecking order.
  13. Saity

    Super Frankie Lampard

    You did Archied I remember your enthusiasm and my scepticism at the time when it was a rumour but I'm fully on board now as I would've been with every appointment because we are supporters but it just feels so good to have Frank as our manager and still is sometimes hard to beleive when you see the Ram on his top.......stick with him through thick and thin, very likeable bloke 👍
  14. Saity

    Super Frankie Lampard

    Totally agree with this
  15. Saity

    David Nugent

    Love Nuge.....wish we'd signed him years ago, works hard and seems a top bloke and to think how much I despised him when he played against us and scored, that grin of his was not seen in quite the same light then lol

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