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  1. Saity

    Who is optimistic about the new season.

    But Huddersfield and Bournemouth didn't spend big, in fact done the opposite and spent very little
  2. Saity

    Marcus Maddison

    Whilst it is a gamble to try players who have never played in the championship or above there are a few examples of players that teams have gambled on and has been successful Britt Assambalonga, Andre Gray, Billy Sharp, Harry Maguire, Jordon Ibe , Danny Ings ,Jordon Rhodes are just a few players who have progressed from League1 and League 2 and have gone on to be classified as decent championship players or above so whilst it is a gamble it may be worth it in the long run, I thought Ollie Watkins was worth signing and we would not have lost any money on him if we had bought him, saying all that I would not pay 6.5m for Marriott as i think its too high
  3. You’re wrong we sold our allocation and then got given another 1300 because i didn’t get a ticket on initial allocation
  4. Also.....Luton Town 1 Derby County 2 1st against 2nd and 1-0 down and big Dave Swindlehurst notches 2 in final few minutes in front of the packed Rams end and jumps onto the fence behind the goal to celebrate with Derby Fans !!! Loads and Loads of trouble outside and at the Arndale centre but magnificent result against a very good team with Stein, Hatton etc
  5. Too many to mention but.....Southampton away when Steve Howard scored to win 1-0 in our promotion season....Saints battered us in the first half and we gradually turned the screw....SH scored in front of the massive Travelling army with about 10-12 to go we took 7800 I beleive from the original 6500 which was extended ....that is fantastic away support!!!!! COYR
  6. Saity

    Curtis Davies

    Davies and Keogh are still good enough to play consistently for us next season in my view but I would get a young CB in as cover and let Pearce go...we do not need JT IMO
  7. Saity

    Backtoom staff

    I think both Mel and Rowett knew that if we didn't go up he'd be off and by signing the 3 year deal it gave us compensation therefore making both parties happy. To me it happened all to quickly for it not to have been planned and not once has Mel said he tried to stop him going ( thank god!!!) also Lambert appeared a strange appointment at the time and never long term... Just my hunch but i maybe wrong of course
  8. Saity

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    I suspect he didn't ....who did he sign then that needed scouting ????
  9. Saity

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    How refreshing though to see Frank and Jody at the tournament watching players....This is something I can't remember Rowett ever doing, I like the fact they're going to back there own judgment by the looks of it rather than relying on our quality scouting department!!!....This partnership already looks very promising, definitely doing there homework....fantastic to see
  10. I get what you're saying and un fortunately changing managers aids this process with there different styles etc....All I'm saying is i don't think it will be a long process for Frank and co to evaluate who's wanted and who's not
  11. I don't actually think the whole squad needs assessing curtains.... Frank said that he's watched plenty of our games and think he knows already where things need to improve. He will have formed an opinion on most of our squad i can imagine so doubt a full scale assessment is required but no doubt will be saying if you show the right attitude and apply yourself the door is still open. That is not to say though that certain players who were not in favour with Rowett will now have a chance. I got the immediate impression from Lampard that he's on the ball and can see him being quite astute and don't think he's the ponderous type
  12. I know everyone wants our young players to come through but are they good enough...I would say only Thomas and maybe Elsnik are maybe good enough ....all the players that went on loan didn’t exactly hold down a regular place ...so if Lowe Gordon etc can’t get a start with Shrewsbury and Swindon how are they good enough to start for us...our recruitment in my view leaves a lot to be desired ...I actually don’t see many of our young players as being good enough ....
  13. Saity

    Opening fixture, day, fgs and result?

    Its got to be Home to Stoke on Friday night in front of the SKY cameras ......proper box office viewing!!! Packed to the rafters PP see the Rams turn a 1 goal deficit around to win 3-1 playing some high energy slick football Goals from Lawrence , and 2 newbies .......
  14. Saity

    John Terry

    I can't see him wanting to be a number 2 86 to be honest , he's always been a leader and a great player in my view but just can't see him being happy as a number 2
  15. Saity

    Lets be Frank

    Thats what I'm saying!!! FFS do us a favour lads if you're going to Stoke as I suspect you are do the decent thing and just go , its not as if they're going to be out of work ....if they are fair enough then compensate them ....but his staff have been at every club with him so far so think its a fair shout thats where they're heading

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