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  1. Caulker is gargabe!!! Cardiffs goals conceded in premiership.No positional sense and awareness, At Qpr he's struggling as well......hes not as good as people think.....Keogh and Shackell are better by miles... The reason I remember how bad he was was because he was a big money signing and was terrible and when I watched the goals week in week out Caulker was nowhere and was found out.....i really hope we steer clear....we have enough back up CB's anyway
  2. in a nutshell he's crap !! one of the most overrated players I've seen and positionally terrible and loses the player he's marking far too often, he was a disaster at Cardiff and doesn't get a game at QPR .... always wondered what anyone saw in hopefully not lol
  3. I totally agree i hope our scouts get a proper kick up the a*** because as soon as I and many others saw him play, thought...oh dear!!.... Name a player our scouts have discovered from abroad or anywhere in fact in the last couple of years ???? If any of us were as crap as that in our jobs over that time period we'd have been sacked by now !!
  4. What worries me is I don't want to see a Birmingham style team and getting rid of technical players worries me....I know it's all about opinion but I don't want to see us playing the percentages game's dull it's boring....ask it too much to try and emulate the mighty Bournemouth lol and try to play great football yet have a backbone ...I find this transfer if true worrying as Hughes has still got a lot left to offer ...unfortunately some of the dross we signed over the last two seasons...haven't!!! I do trust GR but just worry we'll not have the flair ...the way we played after mac got here with cloughs players and a few loans he brought in was fantastic to watch and know it's probably not where we are going now...
  5. couldn't even fill your ground and you had a great season!!!'ll be back down next season and you know
  6. I'd be gutted to see him go as his record speaks for itself..if he does I'd like to see us go for Tom Lawrence 👍🏻
  7. What's the hold up??thought It would be announced by now
  8. Fair enough i know Russell plays on opposite side to Knockeart but didn't think he was given free role. Russell is one of those players you so want to do well but i just think we need a bit of freshening up and could be better for both parties if he was to go although GR seems to like him. In my view Russell doesn't score or supply enough assists and someone like Lawrence or another forward thinking player would take the onus off of Ince a bit We did not score anywhere near enough goals last season and that obviously needs to change and i don't see Chris Martin as the answer either as i prefer Nugent.....just my humble opinion of course.
  9. I really don't get this ....he needs a run of games ...please dont!! play him any more!!! lol Camara is simply one of the worst players I've seen in a Rams shirt and his flaws are clear to see, he is way out of his depth in the championship and without sounding too harsh is a headless chicken and at times has been embarrasing .. I think we could get a fee for him because some lower french clubs think hes ok i'd take 500k for him. As Russell has been mentioned I think everyone loves his passion and endeavour blah blah but truthfully is not good enough. imagine a goal threat like Ince on the other flank, someone like Simmo in his prime Brighton had Knockeart in similar role to JR and in truth there is no comparison. surely if we want to be going for automatic promotion we should be looking at better than JR and Camara. How about Tom Lawrence from Leicester ?? looked good in a poor Ipswich team last season
  10. I Trust GR to do whats right for DCFC, if he lets Tom go its for a good reason as why would you otherwise want to get rid a player who is top of our goalscoring and assists stats. My thoughts are that Tom will be missed as he has a very good goalscoring record in the championship and last season i was really glad he was on the pitch especially in games when we didn't create much because his goals to chances ratio are very high.( Newcastle away excluded lol ) I also think other sides in championship will be glad hes not lining up against them next season if he were to go....1 goal in every 3 games is a big miss!!! I hope this is just paper talk but as i said if its true we have to trust GR
  11. Boyd is not a goalscoring midfielder and his assists wasn't too great either, to me he'd be a player who would be selected more away than at home but i don't think we need any more 31/32 year olds
  12. or that he sees that 1m is bit derisory ...
  13. Am i missing something here or just being thick lol ....i don't see anything relative in those tweets ?
  14. yes but no one needs to scout Curtis Davies hes 32 and well known , scouts are supposed to un-earth gems at grass root levels or in youth games etc and then hopefully we snap them up for a few quid then develop them.
  15. I keep refreshing DET page to see if Davies has signed. If he has had a medical today as someone stated then there is no reason this shouldn't be a confirmed signing in next few hours or by mid morning tomorrow. If not i fear may be pure speculation