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  1. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Its not necessarily about not being good enough but more about what sage has said earlier, that away it leaves us a bit short in midfield....I think he could play up front as a 2 away with anyone of Martin, Nugent or Winnall , probably favouring Martin tbh as his hold up play and flick ons could be great for Vydra. I don't think he should be a sub away from home but some of it depends on the opposition what shape they play etc....really great that he's showing his talents now though
  2. Derby County V Notts Forest

    They wasn't s**t at all and Warburton will get them into the top half this season imo....good result against a decent side
  3. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Forest are not a bad side as some suggest on here ...they are also in a transition stage from a team that nearly got relegated last season and you can see what direction playing style that they are going in. i like Warburton and like the way his teams try to play football in fact (and this will no doubt send some on here into meltdown) he was probably a better choice of manager for us than GR at the time based purely on the fact we had a team who liked to keep the ball... he really got Brentford playing some great stuff at PP against us for example. Yesterday was a fantastic day and result but I'll be honest and say I don't like some of our football at times and we need to look after the ball better...It makes me really nervous watching us give up possession too easily then rely on our defensive shape to win it back ...saying that the last 30 mins was much better aided by McKay going off which was a strange decision ...CM looked very good when he came on and Nugents movement and finish was class... that grin from Nugent would've really wound up the dogs just as much when he was playing against us and seemed to always score ..great stuff and great support yesterday ...let's keep it going πŸ‘πŸ»
  4. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Russell deservedly won the motm award today πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I also thought Ledley was very good today ...I'm still not over struck on letting the opposition have so much of the ball like the first half but none the less great result and a clean sheet to boot ...well done πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. Time to go !

    I know what insanity is.... drunk maybe insane no it's not the same either .... mac and Clough have never worked together
  6. Time to go !

    Now I'm going to probably get loads of flack for this but ...if and it's IF GR was to get booted I have the perfect management team to get us going again ... Nigel Clough and Steve Maclaren together .... no im not drunk... well I've had a few actually lol but seriously I've always thought they'd be great together Clough done a great job under the circumstances and Mac came in and got Clough players organised better and added a few loans which I don't think Clough would've done.... mac is and always will be a good coach and not a manager in my view.. look at qpr after he left they were never nearly as good as when mac was coaching them and Clough is a good manager but needed better assistance and not Crosby and co they didn't cut it for me.... yes it's beer talk a bit but none the less I've always thought what if they worked together .... just a thought ....night rams fans 😴😴😴
  7. Brentford V Derby County

    I'd like to ask all those that seem happy with last nights draw this... can you honestly be happy watching us go to teams like Brentford and basically surrender possession to the opposition to the extent we had 20%....it was embarrassing ...are we that scared that we have to sit through 90 mins of un entertaining dross!! Look at our squad compared to there's !!! I mean come on!!! Have we drifted that far backwards that a mega defensive display against a team that has been struggling is deemed as ok...? yes it's a point and and any away point is good but it was woeful and I thought embarrassing tactically .....we are Derby County and we have very good players....we are not Brum or Burton looking to scrape draws away from home ...horrible to watch ...I'm afraid under Mac1 I used to think we will win today before every game ( apart from Boro as we never seemed to get to grips with them ) i used to look forward to our play and how we used to easily open teams up...now I'm bored rigid...and like most on here will always support this club but please don't say we have gone forwards......we simply haven't
  8. Brentford V Derby County

    it was a good point but how many learning curves does GR want.....i like him and he speaks really well but i never want to see a Derby County side give up possession of the football so easily again those figures 0f 80% are embarrasing to be honest you can never control a game without the ball...it was poor and Brentford will be mid table at best
  9. Brentford V Derby County

    80% possession and 14 shots to our 2 !!! Just what is going on ???? its ok for Brum or Burton to come to the Bees for a point but GR is setting us up the same and yet has much better players at his disposal.... lets be honest....its pretty crap !! and can't beleive the Wassall praise....apart from the Hull away leg i think the rest of his tenure was pretty average at best. Cardiff away next.......gulp!!!!!
  10. Is Rowett up to the job

    So your're saying you know about all the complexities and formulations to make a team cohesive but no one else on here who is underwhelmed with the style of football and criticises knows nothing so should say nothing.....haha...utter tripe!!! There are managers who can turn teams around very quickly like Marco Silva for example or David Wagner...Silva in particular actually got Hull playing much better in no time at all....being organised and working on style and cohesion is not always a long drawn out process....where does your confidence in Rowett come from ?? I like the way he comes across but up until now does not transmit on the pitch i'm afraid,,,6 months down the line.
  11. Is Rowett up to the job

    You make a very good point about our full backs. Overlapping attack minded full backs is the way i'd like us to go as it creates a lot with the right personnel but selling Christie was a sure sign that wasn't how we was going to be playing.
  12. Johnny Russell

    F..... off !!! If Russell was offered a new contract that would just about tip it over for me!!! We are supposed to be looking to offload the under achievers not give them new contracts ...he's not alone half this squad can do one for me and the jury is well out on GR too ....
  13. Derby County V Birmingham City

    I was thinking exactly that after that statement, we have some very good players but yet still seem unbalanced in midfield but to want players to stand up and fight....how about some tactical nous and systems to beat teams like Brum...FFS !!!
  14. Derby County V Birmingham City

    I'd like to agree with you but i can't see much progress or pattern, i'll be honest i'd rather see us playing the style of football we used to play when Mac took over first time around than this type of football....its not good to watch i'm afraid, as diehard as fans are thats the truth.
  15. Derby County V Birmingham City

    For me i wouldn't change too much for today with Wisdom maybe starting instead of Baird its away where we need to alter and although it would mean sacrificing Vydra I'd like us to more robust/solid through the middle I'm not a Russell fan but his workrate is good and would just get the nod ahead of weimann away from home and also i think Shackell is still decent at this level as Davies has for me been a bit hit and miss....just a thought Team for today : Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Ollson Huddlestone Johnson Lawrence Vydra Weimann Nugent Away Team: Carson Wisdom Keogh Shackell Forsyth Ledley Huddlestone Johnson Lawrence Winnall Russell

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