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  1. Or just go for Arteta who’s been coaching and learnt from Wenger and Pep ...they might both be good candidates who knows it’s just the unknown I guess like any appointment ...whoever it is won’t please everyone
  2. Go and get Arteta .....has experience of working with Wenger and Pep and would get us playing some decent football you suspect ....has been number two with Pep and he really rates him and we are a big enough club to maybe tempt him ...he has always said he wants to be a manager so why not us ...will have links to loans from City and Arsenal not too dissimilar to Frank and would be an exciting appointment ...just a thought
  3. Wassall !!!...oh FFS 🤦🏼‍♂️you’re joking right..??..ppm means nothing Rowetts record was similar to Franks and yet I know which one I enjoyed more our improvement with younger players seems to have coincided with Jody being here I’d rather give Jody the job than Wassall....Carricks an unknown quantity I get that but none of the names mentioned fill me with confidence...I just really really hope Mel doesn’t say we are getting Rowett back as I think I’d cry!! lol
  4. Mel Morris fantastic bloke and has DCFC in his heart but I don’t trust him 100 per cent to appoint the right person Pulis,Moore,Cowley,Rowett,Eustace,Carrick have been mentioned ...are you kidding!!! Jeeez let’s appoint an attack minded manager who plays similarly to Lampards style or its back to square one ...please let’s appoint s manager who’s going to play some decent stuff...we missed a trick with Jokanovic in my view ...no more Clements, Phil Brown,Wassalls,Jewell types please Mel
  5. Why is anyone surprised or spouting about loyalty ...this was always going to happen , his loyalty is more with Chelsea than it is us...yes we gave him a chance and to me conducted himself well throughout except maybe towards the end ...I didn’t like the birthday video going online with the should he stay or go song ...bit poor for me and not professional...but whether anyone likes it or not he raised our profile and at times played some good football.....truth is now though we are in a bit of a mess for me ...new manager required and an assessment of what is required so this in my view will hinder our start to the season .....please Mel pick a manager who’s going to take what Frank started and take it onto another level ..... For some this will mean a possible way back for the likes of Martin and Thorne but if the new man continues to see players like Martin,Thorne,Anya,Butterfield etc as players of the past and moves them on this will be a good sign that he’s the man for us....need new signings and move on the deadwood .... interesting few days and weeks ahead
  6. I would be totally underwhelmed and shocked if it were big Darren great bloke though we are not afraid to try new managers and I’d like Arteta but would be a gamble
  7. Wow 277 pages and still going!! been in Thailand since Saturday and nothing has changed and no leaks in the papers or ITK’s so we are still where we were just to give people and indication of how Chelsea fans see it ... 5 Chelsea fans arrived at my hotel yesterday and speaking to them at the bar was quite significant and they say indicative of how most Chelsea fans see it They said they want Frank to go home and even if he’d finished mid table with us or had a poor season they’d want him back ...they said no one ...only Frank would be acceptable in there eyes and they expect it to happen as do most Chelsea fans....they obviously aren’t ITK but I walked away thinking ....the expectancy and excitement of our Frank being there manager was quite shocking and he’s not even gone yet ....I remember fan power appointing a few managers in the past whether suitable or not ....Keegan with England springs to mind .... ps my shout of 226 pages has been blown away ...might even be 326 ....COYR
  8. There is no way Frank would be torn ...it’s Chelsea his club a true legend and fan he would not be torn realistically ....he’s already openly admitted it his dream job just may see it as too soon ...how I see it is if he goes to Chelsea and fails he could go onto a championship club whereas if he stayed here and failed what would his options be ...I do not blame him for wanting the job ...it’s just come along earlier than anyone expected ....
  9. A few have mentioned Adkins and i dismissed it without really thinking but he holds comparisons with the Bald Eagle for me now when i think about it.....both have been around the block a bit both come across as really decent people and both were and are a bit unfashionable and not everyones first choice ( I remember being totally underwhelmed with Jim Smith ) and both would be more loyal than some and won't be poached away so easily meaning a bit of much needed stability so not a bad idea tbh
  10. You could well be right .....if not its a piss take and un-necessary
  11. Have to say Gee SCREAMER that I was a bit taken back when I watched the video myself.....It's like they're taking the piss a bit to be honest....I really don't see any reason for posting the last bit when the song came on ...why not just enjoy your holiday have a great time but don't post anything relating to football. Frank must know how well he's liked by Rams fans.....there are a lot of worried fans who pay good money to watch the Rams and this forum alone gives you a window of how a lot of fans are feeling but there are plenty not on the forum who i've spoke with who are concerned and wondering WTF is going on...maybe nothing who knows.....but that video tells us Frank is at least considering going which we kinda guessed ...... so its quite clear the "Frank is cracking on and nothing has changed" theory is out of the window.......Frank has come across as a proper genuine nice bloke and just really hope its not all going to end sourly but its kinda going that way..........Is it too much now for Mel to say you have until say July 1st to sign your new contract and commit your future to us or we will be searching for a new manager ? After watching this video i am more convinced than ever that Frank is virtually a done deal to Chelsea but starting to leave a bit of an un-necessary sour taste for me..... I also suspect that Mel probably knows Frank has virtually gone unless he's gone away on holiday to think about Mels offer 😉
  12. Who actually cares what Dennis Wise says 🙄
  13. Saity


    Had a discussion amongst footy fans in a pub the other night....Isn't VAR supposed to be for clear and obvious errors ?? Its a great idea but being over used for things like the incidents in the Scotland Argentina game........ the scotland keeper was a few millimeters of off her line and someones toe was offside in another game!!! totally ridiculous and will spoil the game. Also handball in the area has now gone crazy...if they changed it to ..only intentional handballs and where an arm has prevented a goal I'm sure everyone would be happier. We want to see skill rewarded with goals not just a team whipping into the box hoping to catch an arm or a hand ( this may well happen more and will not add to the game in my view ) Regarding offsides...does the law not say a player has to be between the last defender and the goalkeeper or last player whichever it is......to be classified as offside ? now its if your toe is offside....crazy....... VAR....great idea being overused
  14. I agree with your frustrations Millenniumram and i think this might go on a bit longer....Chelsea are in no rush and by all accounts Abramovich has really taken his eye off of the ball regarding Chelsea where it doesnt seem to be one of his top priorities anymore I know he has not attended hardly a game this last season ( not sure if there is another reason for this ) according to my Chelsea mates anyway..they have never felt so distanced from the club and like David said in an earlier post if Frank is not appointed now I don't see anyone thats going to apease the fans..... Worryingly they didn't appoint Sarri until very late last season and the same might happen this summer as they have no transfer business to do. If and it is an if they appoint Lampard late it will really leave us in a bad place with a new man having to assess the squad etc and that would probably scupper any chance of us getting off to a good start.....I'm not one for saying Frank needs to come out and declare his intentions while he is on holiday but surely Mel won't let this linger on too long. Also how do we know if Mel is as in the dark as we are ? He may well be hoping that Chelsea don't come in for him but doesn't really know if they will , hence the comment that we are not talking to other managers. If this gets resolved in say a months time the impact it will have on both clubs is very different , one has too many players and a transfer embargo and the other needs a lot of work in the transfer market so we can only hope this does not fester along for our sakes
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