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  1. Jota

    Agree...the tea lady has to stay!!! 👍🏻
  2. Jota

    What i will say though is this about CM...When i watched him in first few games i found myself thinking come on Chrissy be stronger or back in and try to be a nuisance or win a few more headers even though he was a bit isolated where Nugent makes a menace of himself...but I don't remember CM starting many seasons well and seems to get better after a few games.
  3. Jota

    I agree and hopefully will come into some form when he gets the chance but saying that if he doesnt then we can't just rely on Nugent....as good as he is...and Vydra is a 10 not a CF....GR has said something different up front so i think we might still bring someone in....maybe someone no ones mentioned yet
  4. Jota

    All true Dazzaram i just hope that he's ok with not being in line up at the moment though as Nugents comments after Bolton was that Martin was a big voice in the changing room...hopefully in a positive way...to be successful we defo need everyone pulling in same direction ( not saying CM isn't ) i personally think he can come across a bit moody on the pitch but maybe just my interpretation.
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    When this window shuts I'm hopeful our scouting team will have a rejig !! they seem to be doing....nowt!!! There was no scouting involved in any of our signings anyone could see they were decent...i remember getting Marco Reich and Branko Strupar who were both unknowns and they turned out to be good signings...whats happened to those days...and i can't see how we didnt go for Ollie Watkins at 1.8m he seems to have settled into the championship quite quickly by all reports....I'm hopeful we'll get another player in before end of month but will predict its nothing to do with our scouts....perhaps there on holiday lol
  6. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    I Thought it was significant that Klopp made quite a few changes today but still no place for Kent in his squad so surely he'll be going out on loan....think he'd do well for us
  7. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    doh!!! was just typing the same message ...
  8. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    I don't rate Russell personally and the last couple of seasons he has not made me think any different but i don't hate him!!....Just because i dont rate him doesnt mean i hate him and as soon as he has a good game like today which i'm glad he has ,people come on here banging on about JR....over the course of the season we'll see how good he is but when i watch JR i never see a player whos going to be consistently good enough ...but...i hope i'm proved wrong...but well done today Johhny it sounds like you had a good game so well done
  9. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Couldn't go today due to work but sounds like we played well especially in the first half...well done Russell for what sounds like a good performance....wasn't surprised to see an unchanged line up and they have repaid GR big time. I think Bolton will struggle this season but an away win in this league is never easy...well done!! btw Having just heard that Wood is on verge of leaving Leeds I was wondering if they'd try a cheeky bid for Martin
  10. Che Adams

    |I always thought Clough as manager Mclaren as coach wouldve been fantastic....Cloughs backroom staff left a bit to be desired!! crosby for example
  11. yes i saw that on skysports....his pr team need to have a word with him as seemed a bit of a slip of the tongue...he's only young though is our Tommy so he probably meant..".im definitely going to get there with the mighty Rams" .....
  12. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I saw Martin Samuelson scored again this week for West Ham under23s He was different class when i saw him play for Peterborough on loan a couple of seasons back....very technical, tall and gangly midfield attacker type....creates a lot as well worth a punt I'd say
  13. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I think he's Maidenhead not Maidstone Will but yes knows where the net is for sure
  14. Great signing but 2 more needed as others have mentioned.....a flying winger eg Kent and a Box to Box CM would be ideal What is blatantly obvious again from this window is...just what are our scouts doing ??? Lawrence,Davies,Wisdom and Huddlestone didn't need any scouting anyone can see there value but our scouts have come up with bugger all it seems yet again !!!..unless someone comes out of the woodwork in the next couple of weeks.....end of the window and time for a rejig in that department me thinks.
  15. and would it be greedy to get Kent in on loan for the other wing ?

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