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  1. He was awful for us.
  2. Our league position can hardly be attributed to Hendrick being or not being in the squad.
  3. Says the man bumping a thread which was already half way down the page
  4. In the past, ignoring non-council parking notices was safe. Now, though, they have won a few court cases and generally speaking it's a bad idea to ignore. At the very least do some research (Peppipoo forums are good) before you decide whether or not to ignore a notice.
  5. Vydra offers nothing behind the stiker.
  6. We were one of the lowest scorers last year and you want to sell our top scorer
  7. I'm not sure about this one. If he's being bought to play right back then I hope Forsyth is ready because Olsson isn't good enough to be our only attacking full back. And please don't reference Wisdom's cross against Barnsley, it was pretty much his only attacking contribution of the season. If he does play right back then it'll good news for Ince, he's much better when he isn't having to watch his right back's back. This has a nice balance: Wisdom-----Keogh-----Davies------Forsyth --------------Thorne-----Hughes-------------- Ince---------------Nugent-------------Russell ---------------------Martin---------------------- Although I hope we're looking for a Russell upgrade.
  8. Ince guarantees you 15 goals a season. Boyd has never hit double figures at Championship level or above. It weakens us.
  9. Another Anya, very little goal threat.
  10. Why would he come to us? He's Premier League quality if Hendrick and Hughes are.
  11. Pretty easy to post this when we're doing well. Every manager in the world gets sacked if they stop doing well. Except Wenger.
  12. You can't teach that.
  13. Guile? Please expand.
  14. How cool is this? More here:
  15. Edit - misread