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  1. Penelope Pendrex

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    He objectively didn't link play well, though. His ball control was mediocre and his passing was very poor, and those are my biggest concerns with him. Hopefully he'll improve with time and confidence but it was obvious why Lampard has been paying Nugent ahead of him.
  2. Penelope Pendrex

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

  3. Penelope Pendrex

    Jayden Bogle

    Calm down, Bennett has one Championship goal at 22.
  4. Penelope Pendrex

    Fikayo Tomori

    They'll probably sell him, but it'd be £15m+
  5. Penelope Pendrex

    Bradley Johnson

    I'm utterly baffled, in the best possible way, by how Johnson is playing.
  6. Penelope Pendrex

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 - 3 Brentford Marriott
  7. Penelope Pendrex

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Frustrating because he's doing 90% but messing up the final bit. Still our most likely scorer.
  8. Penelope Pendrex

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Also a return of very early Johnson. He's been amazing!
  9. Penelope Pendrex

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    A considerably better performance than when we went in 4-0 up against Wolves. Just goes to show that goals don't always reflect dominance. We look two classes above Blackburn. Really hope we don't end up regretting not taking one of our chances.
  10. Penelope Pendrex

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Before anyone moans about the referee, the result was deserved!
  11. I know there are often whispers of this when loaning from big clubs, but it's interesting to see evidence. Darragh MacAnthony has been vocal about it and Liverpool are named as one of the clubs who heavily monitor their loans: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/sep/06/football-league-loan-deals It'll be interesting to see what happens when Wilson returns to fitness if two of Jozefzoon, Bennett, Waghorn or Lawrence have seemingly made themselves undroppable.
  12. Penelope Pendrex

    Super Frankie Lampard

    I agree for the most part but Forsyth should have kept his place on Saturday.
  13. Penelope Pendrex

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Johnson is NOT a DM, hopefully once we have Thorne/Huddlestone/Evans there we'll look more secure. Great win today
  14. Penelope Pendrex

    Ex Rams

    Pablo Mills for Mickleover Sports! https://streamable.com/toeyd
  15. Penelope Pendrex

    John McGinn - Joined Aston Villa

    Yep and EXACTLY what we needed. Very frustrating

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