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  1. Refreshing to have an exciting match for once. Both keepers worked, shots on target... entertaining and fair result
  2. Keogh was man of the match for me. Won every header and are a couple of important last ditch tackles
  3. I understand what you’re saying. It will be different perceptions for different generations. Young people now would certainly see Watford as a bigger club than Portsmouth for example. In our division however there are a lot of traditonally bigger ‘top tier’ clubs. But Derby have had any real success in my lifetime unfortunately.
  4. We are just plainly not a top tier side. The last time we had a proper spell was almost 20 years ago. Reality is we are a second tier side. We are well supported for the second tier but we have gone a long time without any real success.
  5. We should get behind the team but it's a weird team. Sideways passing at Brighton in the cup in the last minute. No goal threat against Millwall or Forest. Capitulation at Villa. No movement, not looking likely to score.
  6. Maybe but I don't think Lawrence and Bryson have had stunning seasons so far. The fact is too many players are playing to a mediocre level.
  7. My prediction is one shot skied over. 0-0.
  8. The last manager I wanted to go was Pearson but I think maybe this current manager and half the players should be leaving ASAP. We have had 2 or 3 shots in 3 or 4 matches. This isn’t normal. We have scored fewer goals in 2019 than anyone else I think.
  9. I think the entertainment factor is a big deal. How many times do Derby have shots that almost go in or score? Not that often. The football isn’t overall that exciting. I think though the overall experience of football is also the build up, the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen and the feeling of elation/deflation after a match. Recently, the feeling for me has been a bit more apathetic unfortunately. Sometimes I feel moaning fans also reduce the matchday experience. Booing, slagging players off after one mistake....
  10. This seasons average attendance for Derby is considered low however Forest are having ‘huge’ attendances.
  11. One season in a decade with Forest getting high attendances. Look back at stats and you will see Forest average around 20,000 over last decade with many matches closer to 15,000 attendance than 20. Derby have only averaged less than 25,000 on three occasions since 1997 . So stats point to this season being an exception rather than the norm and business sense would say unless Forest reach top 10 premier league, a ground of 38,000 would be too large. Maybe a merger with Notts could work?
  12. Let’s sack some of the fans.
  13. We don’t mix it up enough. Need a bit of hoofball. Panic defenders, win second balls, maybe even win some crosses who knows?
  14. Empty seats my lord empty seats.... your ground’s too big for you ....
  15. Why is every season a transitional season? Cos we keep sacking managers? When is a season not a transitional season? This is nonsense. Every season clubs will change personnel, even slightly. Next season with new players would that be another transitional season? If it means a new manager then fair enough but I think the shelf-life of a manager in football is so short, and indeed players at one club, that this term almost becomes redundant.
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