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  1. 100 per cent agree. Quality kit
  2. Great video too, Keogh is quality! He can captain us to the title next season. Let’s believe
  3. Maybe he should be supported a bit more and he will become a better player.
  4. I think overall Derby have done very well with keepers since Ive been watching them: Poom, Camp, Carson, Grant. Cant remember Carroll, was he particularly bad?
  5. I would hope Carson will stay. He is a fantastic keeper. Roos is good also. We've had some good keepers over the years at Derby.
  6. Why were Leeds fans allowed in the Normo end?
  7. And saving us time and time again with last ditch tackles, plus setting up our playoff semi final goals or leading the team on the patch, getting international caps etc.... Do you go to the matches? Probably someone who moans all through the match?
  8. I think this view is common among fans but I really don't think it's fair. Most players will make mistakes at all levels. The mistakes of a defender are enhanced seeing as they are in a more dangerous area on the pitch. If a centre back or keeper makes a mistake, its more likely to lead to a goal. I don't think Keogh makes that many bad mistakes. No more than others anyway. Just they are more likely to lead to a goal.
  9. We didn’t work their keeper enough- Marriott half volley chance, Boyle shouldn’t have shot, Keogh header, Mount straight at keeper. Lacked a bit of quality with finishing I thought.
  10. I genuinely didn't know Sheffield Wednesday do the bounce also. Bounce is good but I think we need some new songs.
  11. Losing to Villa is far less painful than to Leeds.
  12. Well done Villa. Had some good banter with Villa fans on the tube. Happy for them. Sad for us. Someone's gotta win/lose. That's football.
  13. He scores goals but his record wasn't as good when he was sub or being left out.
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