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  1. Davide

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Stimac and Van der Laan would be great for this team. Good argument for Sturridge, Baiano or Asanovic also.
  2. Davide

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Haha the guy has calmed down a bit but he was very prolific that year. You only get a couple bloody Bryson and bloody Mount get them off a game now. Before it was a constant booing for half the team.
  3. Davide

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Lawrence did have some golden chances so it’s a shame he didn’t put one to bed. However thought he looked dangerous yesterday, quick and got into good positions. Definitely not the finished article, a bit more composure and consistency and he could really become a key player for us.
  4. Davide

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I didn’t realise starting this thread would bring out such a large number mixed responses, I think he is a good defender at this level and has saved us countless times. I don’t understand why the “calamity Keogh” thing persists. Maybe it’s the Wembley thing (although Buxton was never blamed when he was at fault- but these things happen) or maybe because he has been with us a while so he has made more mistakes over a longer time. He’s a human and will make mistakes. Every footballer does. I guess with defenders mistakes are amplified because they can lead to goals against. Countless awards for player of the season etc show he does have some quality. I don’t think Pearce is a better defender than him, I don’t think Wisdom is a better centre back either, so he has kept a place for a long time. I never see it’s calamity Tomori after an own goal? Calamity Nugent after a number of misses? He is a good championship defender in my opinion and haters should at least moan less. We need to get behind the team. Don’t think he is good enough? Fine, but stop loving every mistake he or anyone else makes just to prove a point. Let’s support everyone. Including our captain. If we all moaned less Pride Park would see a better atmosphere. Let’s not be like the guy who sits behind me - Bloody Keogh get him off bloody Dawkins get him off bloody Martin get him off etc etc... constant negativity. We should get behind everyone even if we are playing badly. Our team needs us.
  5. Davide

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Showed some bottle taking that penalty.
  6. Davide

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Play the full team and try and get a good cup run. Leave Wilson out if not 100 per cent.
  7. Davide

    Championship or Premier League?

    Premier league due to the chance to be among the elite, plus financial rewards but genuinely like the championship and enjoy seeing us win more than lose which is unlikely to be the case with promotion. Would rather a season of top 6 excitement in championship than a relegation battle in premier league however. Also would love a cup win over promotion however, although for the club promotion will be key to attract better players and progress. I remember the promotion in 96 and the quality of players we attracted afterwards allowed us some great memories in the premier league- Poom, Wanchope, Eranio, Asanovic, Baiano etc. With promotion we could possibly attract players of the Wilson and Mount quality as permanent signings. Or at least more likely.
  8. Slightly above average shot stopper? He's won us matches for two seasons in a row and this season also!! Best keeper we've had since Poom and I think most would agree with me.
  9. Davide

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    I think Huddlestone shines in matches like Swansea. He had time and we were controlling possession. He struggles more when we are getting overrun in midfield. Thought he was excellent today.
  10. Davide

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    His passing was great today. He took control of the midfield and set us up for attacks. Thought he was man of the match apart from Wilson.
  11. Hope we get a load of no hopers and have a chance of winning this competition!
  12. Disagree and he was good today. Great keeper. We can’t upgrade.
  13. Davide

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    Huddlestone was quality today.
  14. I’m confused how he is overrated - I respect your opinion but he has made countless game saving saves for us, including some this season. I’ve always thought he is a good candidate for the England team based on his performances in the last couple of years.
  15. Seen a lot of negativity around Carson recently- distribution and performance yesterday. My view - distribution is ok, he tends to look for a man in wide areas which can set us off in attack. Sometimes it goes out for a throw or goes wrong and plays the opposition in. Recently he plays it safe and passes short more than often to Keogh or someone. But yesterday maybe the first one was saveable ( you would expect Ince to score the second) but everyone has off days and Carson has been unbelievable for us the last few seasons. He’s saved us on so many occasions. A great shot stopper, maybe he needs competition but still an incredible keeper and one of best I’ve seen at Derby. If anyone doesn’t believe me, search for Carson best saves on YouTube. He’s won us so many points. Lets get behind him and the team. Maybe we need a Carson chant. He’s an excellent keeper.

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