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  1. ivo_knoflicek

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Roos to keep the shirt?
  2. ivo_knoflicek

    v Southampton (A) - Cup replay Predictions

    I feel UTTERLY robbed. VAR has done me over big time.
  3. ivo_knoflicek

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    BBC just called us Leicester???
  4. ivo_knoflicek

    v Southampton (A) - Cup replay Predictions

    Saints 2-3 Rams FRGS Bryson
  5. ivo_knoflicek

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Best XI that, for me. I like Holmes, but I still think Bryson at his best is a better fit in that midfield. Some short memories around, which don’t recall how good he was v Man U in the league cup just a couple of months ago. (Although I also note that Johnson played CDM that night...)
  6. ivo_knoflicek

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Mark Wright and Geraint Williams
  7. ivo_knoflicek

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Of course there was once that game against Birmingham when we were 2-0 up going into injury time and it finished 2-2. Clutching at straws?
  8. ivo_knoflicek

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Penalty. Red card. 3 years for assault with intent to cause GBH.
  9. ivo_knoflicek

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    I’m trying something along those lines. Not working yet...
  10. ivo_knoflicek

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    “Hopeless punts” is a bit harsh perhaps, but a clever way of getting around the sausage filter (or whatever it’s called these days)
  11. ivo_knoflicek

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Ah Leeds. Always a quandary. I just can’t ever decide who I hate more: the club, the knuckle-dragging fans or the Sky ****-fest every time they play.
  12. ivo_knoflicek

    Rams First XI

    Never saw Todd play, but would have Wright over Stimac. Just.
  13. ivo_knoflicek

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    And the goal!!
  14. ivo_knoflicek

    v Southampton (H) - Cup Predictions

    Rams 2-2 Saints FRGS Bryson
  15. ivo_knoflicek

    v M'Boro (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2-0 Middlesbrough FRGS Bogle
  16. ivo_knoflicek

    George Thorne

    Magnificent use of the word shibboleth, if I may say so. Possibly a first for the forum.
  17. ivo_knoflicek

    v Norwich (A) - Predictions

    Norwich 0-1 Rams FRGS Mount
  18. ivo_knoflicek

    The Leftback Conundrum

    The most frustrating thing here is the Callum McDonald situation. He has been around the first team squad sporadically for a couple of years, is one of the few regulars across a year and a half of successful U23 football and is very highly rated at the club. With four left backs at the club at the start of the season he must have doubted he would ever get his chance. Now it has come and he is unavailable. The lad must be gutted.
  19. ivo_knoflicek

    v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Blades 1-2 Rams FRGS Bryson
  20. ivo_knoflicek

    v Bristol City (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2-0 Bristol City FRGS Mount
  21. Haha! No, no relation. Closest I came was sitting in the same carriage as him on a train once. I just don’t get why so many people want to write him off when he hasn’t really done much wrong. I wonder if the stats for Shackell (or even Davies) are significantly better.
  22. I can’t recall any occasions when Pearce has let us down. I’d be interested in the average points per game and proportion of clean sheets in games he has started. (Actually I just spent 5 minutes working it out, and when he has played, including a handful of sub appearances, we have won 48% of games and kept clean sheets in 37% of them, at least according to my back of an envelope calculation) I’m not saying that we couldn’t find better, but I suspect we’ll look back on his Rams career in years to come and wonder quite what went on which meant that he played so little.
  23. ivo_knoflicek

    v Swansea (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3-1 Swansea FRGS Bryson
  24. ivo_knoflicek

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    God I hate Stoke. Really, really despise them. Growing up in Staffordshire was tough enough, but in the last 15 years they have, as a club, become utterly loathesome. Their knuckle-dragging “faithful” will be all over Twitter defending that act of thuggery by Etebo. And why do they all refer to their players by first names as if they know them? Ryan this, Jack that.... Hope we get 5 second half. Rant over. For now...
  25. ivo_knoflicek

    v Stoke (A) - Predictions

    Stoke 1-1 Rams FRGS Keogh

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