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  1. As any fule knows Carl, a vestibule is a tad wider than a porch, but not as wide as an entrance hall.....🤣
  2. That's it! We should only build houses on the tops of hills. On slopes is trickier and more expensive. On the plains is where it floods. Only the tops of hills will do....🤣
  3. Its a bit of a dump tbh and the away concourse is no wider than a vestibule......😂
  4. isn't that something to do with the porn industry? 😂
  5. Are you with me? What do you think?😜
  6. Not looking quite so bonny atm and some tough fixtures coming up.
  7. Used to go to the new Ilkeston swimming pool for a while in the early 1970's just after it opened (1972 i think). This was before Ripley and then Belper got new sports centres. Does it still exist or has it been pulled down to make way for a Morrisons or something?
  8. easy to build on and in a part of the country where people want to live = low build cost and high sale prices = max profits What do you reckon.......forced migration to the less populated parts of the UK......Scotland, central wales and norfolk by banning building outside of those areas.....mind you, most of East Anglia is a floodplain under climate change 🤔
  9. Only about 12% of the UK landmass is "urban" or built upon, so yes there is - in theory - plenty of room. But when you start knocking off the 88%, the places where people don't wish to live, the mountains/lakes/hills that its difficult to build on, the NIMBYs, proximity to services/transport .....how much is left? The floodplains are a) at least partly in popular parts of the uk and b) quite flat so easy to build on......
  10. Any chance it will improve with treatment b4? Very sorry to hear of this.
  11. So where ARE we going to build them? Perhaps we shouldn't bother building at all.......ah, tried that one - hence the need to build MORE rather than less....oh dear! Meanwhile, I was tickled to hear that The Sunday Times (the shrieking commie rag) ran a piece that said MI5 were not passing intelligence to the Home Secretary (remind me of their name?) on the basic grounds that she is too dim to understand it. Actually the wording was "concerns about her ability to understand the subtleties of intelligence briefings". What a fun start to the week - have a good one all! 😂
  12. Tough day by the look. Remember watching the news later and seeing all the forest fans at their end standing silently. Presumably wondering what was going on. Thought that your crowd appeared very dignified in the circumstances.
  13. It used to get laid with about the same frequency as @DarkFruitsRam7.....ie once every couple of seasons. Have we both given up on that schedule? 🤣
  14. My sausaging board of directors are 3 saffers and they haven't shut up about it yet.....🤣
  15. I'm optimistic that we'll learn how to spell optimism.........🤣 But a serious point....we've got to prepare for life after Rooney. We've got to assume that next season will be his last. If we're as successful as we hope then there's no way Rooney would be able to do another season in the prem. I'm optimistic that we'll develop some enduring partnerships out of our youngsters....👍
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