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  1. Tbh most of our play this season has been ducking offensive.... 🤣
  2. This one is for my nfl compatriots....this was the theme song for the channel 4 nfl program on Sunday afternoon...
  3. As much as the rest of us most likely....👍
  4. Crikey I knew jake was a legend, but I hadn't appreciated just howl long he'd been around...🤣
  5. Yeah but to be fair he was only a small lost dog......🤣
  6. The England manager job is not a "managers job" as such though is it? I think if you break it down to its essentials you need.... - incredible agreeability to navigate between the FA and egotistical club managers. - humble for the above reasons - photogenic and well spoken - some tactical awareness so you don't look like a complete cretin when you come up against Kosovo Moldova, Estonia..... The u21 job is closer to real training and influencing of players skills.
  7. I went 0-1 for Blackburn and I will stick with that for Preston. Shinnie frgs
  8. I can't see how a relegation would help build the confidence of our younger players. Plus by all accounts League 1 football is more agricultural, so our academy product becomes unsuitable. Hoping we'll stay up but the experience of being close to the trapdoor will be cathartic..
  9. Plymouth is just Portsmouth with more arrrrrs...
  10. If Mengi is fit, then I'd put him in for Wisdom who seems unable to last a half without significant mistakes. Rest of the team... Pretty much in line with GoC. Don't think we have got much choice.
  11. Well it will be if you withdraw from supporting the team at matches. Aren't you going to come down to portsmuff and see the sunny South? 🤣
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