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  1. The US is of course a big place with a huge variety of areas. I doubt your be doing the things you do in Inglewood Chicago for example. But I agree that on the occasions that I have been to the US folks in general have been extremely pleasant once you get used to seeing all police, security personnel etc carrying firearms.
  2. No I think it was standards that did for them. I'm sure you can still find somewhere to pull you a cone of mixed animal fat, sugar and buttermilk and call it "soft whipped vanilla flavoured " for 50p.....😂
  3. No mate - Mrs VdM did her 1st days trading of the year today outdoors.
  4. There is an interesting article in the FT written by Robert Shrimsley, which is essentially pointing to the government now taking decisions based upon politics and quietly dropping "we will be guided by the science". Here are a couple of snippets.... The Office for National Statistics suggests there are 8,000 new infections a day, many asymptomatic. Ministers admit privately they thought the numbers would be in the low hundreds by now. The difficulty is that, for economic activity to pick up, people — especially the middle-aged and older — must still believe the government is putting health first. Hence, his insistence that his five tests for easing have been met when in truth, the UK is barely meeting three. These resonate with me, as my issue with this government is the shifting of message and lack of acknowledgement of doing so. This was evident in the Cummings case - it's not what he did, he was how it was described (or not). I appreciate that there is a very difficult balance to strike. But we seem to have lost openness and maturity to be able to have that debate at a level. There is the odd comment such as Raab saying "we cannot stay in lockdown forever". But having tied themselves to some metrics for political expediency, it appears that ground is being shifted without sensible debate on the topic. It seems clear we are taking a risk on the second wave or not - and we were always likely to have to do so. It would be helpful I think for the government to acknowledge that rather than fall back on more wartime rhetoric "beaten the virus" "flattened the curve" "saved the NHS"...
  5. I'm hoping to be able to virtually meet Fruity this weekend. And Curtains - he's always a popular draw...🤣
  6. We've come to an arrangement with our Airbnb owner in France to defer until next year so hoping our favourite spot in Dorset will be available for a staycation. The weekend break in belper is still on in mid July tho......
  7. Come on Roy, you've historically batted for the underdog in the face of withering forum criticism and #toddyfacts..... ....give FloJo some TLC - maybe it's a few dcfc fanboys that he's been missing. I'll join you in the trenches.....🤣
  8. Are you trying to imply that Derby folk are of similar persuasion to Nottingham? 24,000 attendance, 3 surnames...…...🤣
  9. It won't be the same unless they allow live coughing..... .......and just imagine the meltdown as soon as the first one starts! 😂
  10. I'm waiting for the follow up production "Jack Marriott: Every Derby Niggling Injury". It's a good value watch, being three and a half hours long.........🤣
  11. Cinemas have seemed quite happy to run 1/4 full. I guess B4, until they've gone through their detailed planning you won't know exactly how much they will open. If they've got to deep clean between performances etc they might only have a couple of showings a day per screen, staggered and with big time gaps so everyone can get out before the next lot come in. Could be very different to what you remember as BAU until social distancing can be dramatically relaxed to say 1m. @Mucker1884's sums look about right to me - i seat in every 5 occupied on alternate rows, so approx 1 in 10 attendance in a ground that holds 33.5k...👍
  12. our local news said 70ft, but still a completely dumb thing to do.......one bloke apparently did a running jump, but over-rotated and belly-flopped into the sea from 70ft up. A true candidate for the Darwin awards right there........
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