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  1. It does seem extraordinarily petty. Plenty of folk will already be buying stuff...the concourses are usually packed when I've been up to PP. So the extra revenue is probably tiny in comparison to the lost goodwill. Sounds like the sort of idea Barry from accounts would have without thinking about the wider picture....
  2. Ex-BurtonRam would have been buying a Carling with a Pepsi top and claiming that it was a Dark Fruits...... Then deny it and pop to the cubicles for a quick Tommy tank 🤣
  3. It's the empties piled up outside the Yard. Very lifelike 🤣
  4. Knockeart usually has a few stinkers in a season. Just never against us.....😂
  5. Aren't we trying for Watford's backup keeper?
  6. Another couple in the Tap and you won't be seeing much mate....🤣
  7. It was reported when the rumours about Cocu were emerging that the players were "excited " by the prospect I think. Makes a huge difference if they have great respect for the boss and if they see how his approach brings results it creates a positive feedback loop.
  8. I'm kicking off already..... No Martin? No Anya.....😉
  9. I'm expecting the price of pies to go up and the journey to PP to be made more difficult by the A52 roadworks. as for the footie I have no idea as to results etc but I expect I will have some good days out 😂
  10. No reason we wouldn't - we have done to the last two, they outed themselves.......👍
  11. aka too many games and a load of clogging brutes.......... aint google translate wonderful
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