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  1. Derby County vs Leeds United

    It's flanges, not flags mate But I'll be cheering the lads on from Hants jnrs parents evening exam debrief
  2. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    I'm expecting a reaction Saturday.....from Reading. A 0-5 capitulation will do to send us soaring back to 2nd
  3. Bloody Villa

    Don't know about Grealish but Adomah (who has also been doing well for them) is out for a month I think. Good news for Rams (but not for Albert)
  4. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Scrappy 1-0 will do. Nobody says that our performance has to be a thing of fluid free-wheeling beauty. Let's face it, they haven't been so far
  5. View from the outside

    If they moved any slower they'd stop altogether. Yes, they shouldn't run out of puff
  6. Bloody Villa

    Bloody Villa fans - stealing our best songs
  7. Championship promotion rivals watch

    It's the only way to gain the approval of our, shall we say, less positive elements.
  8. Clough and Burton

    Game on @ronnieronalde called it. Good other results for the brewers - they still have a chance.
  9. Championship promotion rivals watch

    The chance is there for us to show our mettle, stiffen our backbones and keep hold of our bottle 1 point from 6 for villa.
  10. When you score in the last minute

    New years day wasn't it? I was only a nipper and memory a bit incomplete but I remember a black and white news clip of a very steep terrace with broken crush barriers.
  11. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    I assume that the setting of RVS is the responsibility of the Board? Which increases the risk (in my view) that clubs spend more than they would under an amortisation approach. I expect to see a hiatus followed by more clubs falling foul as RVS ultimately have to be written down.
  12. Litter around derby/derbyshire + Utch's "Sofa watch"

    Didn't do their snagging very well
  13. When you score in the last minute

    Wasn't it precisely this situation that caused the Ibrox disaster in 1970 - the biggest UK stadium disaster (until Hillsborough )?
  14. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    Sounds to me like the introduction of residual values has been yet another stimulus to a massively inflated transfer market.
  15. Derby County vs Leeds United

    It's a good plan. Only trouble is jerome would get sorted out by the defenders as none of our other players will be within 50m of him

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