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  1. I've been struck by the leadership and example set by the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern. Showed enormous statesmanship at a very difficult time. Compared to the shrill robotic tones and utterly unedifying spectacle of our own female leader, its chalk and cheese.
  2. I think Burton invented 10 drinks without a cracker, which is why he always seems to be throwing up and pulling munters πŸ˜‚
  3. The guy who took him there's ended up at stoke....reunification with Ince next season?
  4. Paul Grayson probably nailed it........because the captain is such a major role in its own right in rugby (hes the only one who can talk to the ref to see how he is interpreting laws etc), to expect Farrell to be both the playmaker AND the captain is a very large ask. Eminently solvable by EJ but he shouldn't have got himself into that position in the first place. Doesn't excuse the generally crap play by england in 2 second halves - Wales and Scotland, though
  5. Of course, that is the outcome we see with hindsight. But I somehow doubt that was the pitch from Clement, Pearson et al "hey mel, employ me and I'll completely change direction and add a whole bunch of players and costs in the process". πŸ˜‚ Or in rowetts case " I'll throw in a fire sale of your better players for free as well......"
  6. Could be related - an earlier poster quoted a number of Β£100m of equity being injected by Mel (on top of loans) so part of that might have been to redeem (ie repay) these notes. I have now fallen right off the edge of the limit of my competency in this topic though - corporate financing is a nightmare area.....
  7. And do you know what the debt situation is in each of the entities? i thought i read somewhere that Mel had converted some loans to equity - to make the Club debt free I think. That was a couple of years ago so he might have written off some loans once (possibly ones that dated from the GSE days that Mel paid GSE to inherit) and these are loans that have arisen only whilst under Mels ownership.
  8. Depends on what's on the balance sheet of the entity that he is selling. Owners usually inject cash in by way of loans - just so they have a mechanism to get their money back. So if mel's holding company owns dcfc say, but has lent dcfc say Β£40m to keep itself going (ie fund the operating losses), then he could...... ......sell for Β£40m and repay the holdco what it had lent the club .....sell for less (Β£1?) and write off the debt of Β£40m .....sell for less but leave the debt intact as an amount owed by the new owner. I'm just making numbers up to illustrate. Mel has swapped debt for equity in some parts of the group so he is less likely to get that back. You need to have sight of all the accounts plus some I side knowledge to be able to work out exactly what's going on.......
  9. Sadly, we seem not to be able to cope with certainty. At least before we spanked Lionels millions we actually got to quite a decent position in the premier league. Very sad it hasn't worked out for Mel.
  10. Well Sam Smith has just declared that he's neither Male nor female. So either some new genders are emerging in the grey zone, the BBC are misusing a quote about gender equality or it's a load of old poo.....πŸ˜‚
  11. Shall we round up a few lads for a round of loud booing? Give you both a heads up before the real thing! πŸ˜‚
  12. That's some leap - even for autocorrect πŸ˜‚
  13. Anya is a much travelled player whose career has brought him to a wide range of benches......πŸ˜‚
  14. Oh absolutely. My little summery was simply illustrating how newspapers act to cobble together a "story" out of 1 new fact, plus a load of recycled guff that is a mish-mash of "facts" and previously aired supposition. No offence taken at all πŸ‘
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