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  1. HantsRam

    Who looking forward to new season

    Really pleased we played so well, but do remember that Southampton are not a particularly big, powerful team. We need to be able to maintain our form in the face of greater provocation and clogging in the regular season. Other teams will no doubt be taking note 👌
  2. HantsRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Well, Southampton may be premier league but they're no Mansfield are they? 😃
  3. HantsRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    A new season and some new positivity? That's the spirit! Possibly see some of our kids who have been doing OK against L2 opposition - see how they get on against a higher standard. Check back in and let us know how the style of play compares mate 👍
  4. HantsRam

    Jack Marriott

    It's a job for @Angry Ram........ He'll lead mcanthony up and down the apples and pears, look him in the mince pies before settling on an amount that'll bring a smile to mels boat. Fight Del with Del I say.....😃
  5. HantsRam

    Snake City watch

    Reckon stokes season will be defined by who they can hang on to, and the extent to which they're up for it. Rowett trying to add the final sheen to what he partly built here with his signings of runners bothers me not one bit.
  6. HantsRam

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Nooooooòo......... That's been the only topic Mrs hants has talked to me about for the last month. Now it'll be back to all the house repairs I haven't sorted........😥
  7. HantsRam

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    You mean you'd be in Georgia? 😉
  8. HantsRam

    TalkSport Best Championship Grounds

    My Hampshire plod mate was trained at pp when st Marys was being built in Southampton and was full of compliments. Lots of good logistical things in derby that shouldn't be underestimated and you perhaps only appreciate when you see something like Southamptons stadium.
  9. HantsRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Plenty of local interest down here for this one. Expect plenty of saints - BOTH taxis have been booked 😂
  10. HantsRam

    Jay DaSilva

    If he's itk and from rahnd west lahndan he'll almost certainly be called "Del"😃
  11. HantsRam

    Jack Marriott

    Reckon that George Thorne beat him to that one.
  12. HantsRam

    At the club now

    Mind you - I'll settle for one way of playing if it brings back the excitement and you can see the players actually enjoying it 👍
  13. HantsRam

    At the club now

    Pffft - that's what they all say 😃
  14. HantsRam

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    I won't believe it's real until I hear @Newleaf aka curtains telling us all that a couple of other team's kids are all very well, but youth is overrated and it was just this kind of thinking that forced Slinky Rowett to leave......😃
  15. HantsRam

    Premier League International Cup - u23s

    Farke knows!

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