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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    There are easy wins for the city of London. UK has already vetoed ideas such as a financial transaction tax designed to reduce spivvery and at least ensure speculative trading provides a financial benefit to governments who provide systemic bailouts. Just sit back and let the EU do that post Brexit and the traders will flock to London.
  2. derby need to fight

    And them fancy kicks with one foot from behind the other. Ribena''s I think they're called
  3. George Thorne

    Hahaha haha. ........... Hahaaaaa....... .......w******. ...... .........hahaHahaaaaa (*copyright Big Brother Pete Bennett 2006)
  4. Harry's gone.

    I didn't. All he does is wheel and deal. And slice off 10% along the way. Hodgson may have been crap but he wasn't a barrow boy.
  5. Paul Clement

    Given our recent away form, a bit of clement defensive structuring might be helpful for a little while.
  6. Harry's gone.

    Well they've had 2 "high profile" managers since rowett and got worse and worse. Whereas we've hired rowett and got.....oh, er, hang on......
  7. Bristol City v Derby County

    Agree with this point. Rowett needs to take some baby steps to get us playing away from home in a way that means we won't get absolutely rinsed!
  8. Is Rowett up to the job

    Keep the faith! We are fabulously consistent in our inconsistency
  9. Is Rowett up to the job

    That was the bit about the in game management I referred to. Agree that he's not showing it yet. Thought he'd got near universal praise for performance v hull so surely Gary was expecting a repeat of that rather than lapsing into repeated failures. They were electric....... (sorry, couldn't resist )
  10. v Brum (H) - Predictions

    Rams 5-0 Blouses Johnson frgs with a point to prove. Smashes in a 25 yarder after snapping Jota in half with a bfv special challenge.
  11. Is Rowett up to the job

    Did rowett train and mentor Keogh to act like a transfixed rabbit today? Did he get the coaches to specifically focus on weimann to dribble out of play? Admittedly as some have pointed out, rowett needs to learn to improve in-game management, but he sounded nonplussed at the performance in his post match interview. A nice home game against a shambolic brum might be helpful timing. But our away form needs some attention.
  12. Bristol City v Derby County

    I've just watched the snippets and post match interviews on Channel 5. The story of the match they peddled was.....a good start for the rams in first half.....an early 2nd half fightback from Bristol. .......a critical missed derby chance by nuge. .....2 late goals to pull away. Slightly less damning than the verdicts from the forum. The most interesting thing was the Gary rowett interview. He admitted to being at a loss to explain why we are conceding soft /silly goals, in batches, away from home. "We can't quite put our finger on it" were his words. Should we be worried? By the way we're now behind villa. The very epitome of ancient overpriced s***e.
  13. Bristol City v Derby County

    Let us hope that the same can be said for whoever Burton is pulling
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    Whilst I dislike juncker and the EU federalist faction who would foist an unelected superstate on us, I don't think that they are the cause of the ills that a lot in this country are worried about. - net inward migration has been in the hundreds of thousands from non eu countries for years. What has the government done about that? - jobs have been hollowed out by companies - global companies - for years and moved to non eu locations. Membership or not of the eu would have no effect on this. - the notion of UK as a global manufacturing Base belongs before ww2. Since then we've sought "inwards investment ".....ie buying new kit we can't afford. Which means we've turned into an assembly line where profits are expatriated. - the unsustainable debts and deficits that build ever bigger problems for our future generations in the name of political expediency. These are the big challenges for our future. None of these will be defined by the Brexit negotiations. But will the debate be started as a result?
  15. Live Game Thread 16/17

    More chance of spelling ibe right. Imagine shelling out for "jordan" only to find you'd got it wrong. Where's that photo of physco

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