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  1. HantsRam

    let's not get carried away

    I get what the original post is saying. Gary Rowett was saying at the start of the season (or maybe at the end of the last) that he felt we needed different plans for different opponents and collectively we have pilloried him for it when it looked like we only had 1 failing plan. We have now proven we have a plan that works against a team whose principal attribute is thuggery. And that gives us a win to be rightly enjoyed. Villa away will be a considerably different challenge - and we have to cross fingers to see how well our new plan will stand up to it. I'm hopeful that attitude will of course help and we'll give them a good game but I'm not overly confident we'll be able to beat them at their place. That's Saturday tho....for now we should enjoy our 3 points as we haven't had too many of those recently!
  2. HantsRam

    Warnock on a wobble

    Not me mate. Trudging around the lake district or Scottish Highlands in cold weather not really my thing Golden cap in Dorset is about our altitude limit. In august at that....
  3. HantsRam

    Warnock on a wobble

    He was reaching for his kendal mint cake. Staves off hypothermia don't you know. Well - can get a bit wintry round PP. ..
  4. HantsRam

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Well well well. That's Gary sorted for another season then
  5. HantsRam

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    I didn't. But I did say he was ******* ****.
  6. HantsRam

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Can I just say what fun it is listening to Darren bent trying to carve out a new career as a ssn studio commentator. He's got forest v Barnsley tonight! Sorry - are we playing or summat?
  7. HantsRam

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Much better. Soon as I posted I thought the s was wrong.
  8. HantsRam

    Tom Lawrence

    now THERE'S some standards I can see us maintaining. I hope it won't be, but I fear that this evening may be a sense of deja vu.......
  9. HantsRam

    v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    I fancy us to nick this 1-0. Lawrence frgs.
  10. HantsRam

    Man Ploughs Down Innocent Civilians

    Well I work for a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto and it didn't even get a mention on our intranet site, which I was very surprised about. The driver was apparently a man "with learning difficulties" and not of any affiliation to any terrorist groups. terribly tragic.
  11. HantsRam

    Cardiff fan here..

    Now come on.....this is derby. That photograph is from last July...
  12. HantsRam

    Keogh ....New Centre Back

    Hear hear (again) - Brighton reportedly offered £6m. Bonkers. But if that's the market then realistically how much would a talented ball playing centre half who might improve end up costing us? This is where we should be looking closely at what prospects we have in the production line. If there's one we think might make it but who is a bit young then we should be looking for a loan and to develop our own. I think Gary just assuming he should go into the market is potentially just lazy thinking and poor planning.
  13. HantsRam

    Keogh ....New Centre Back

    Hear hear. £6m for Aden Flint was being talked about last couple of transfer windows and he's someone who I don't see as being particularly superior to Keogh. So if we are looking for a much lower spend than that we'll end up with someone like Kyle Macfadzean........
  14. HantsRam

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Very slow, older, player?
  15. HantsRam

    Keogh ....New Centre Back

    Wasn't anything to do with the recent hopeless performance's against burton and wolves tho. Unless he's got some malign influence from the stand.

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