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Maguire Reception?


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Intresting to see what kind of reception people will give him I personally won't boo him becuase I don't think what happened was 100% his fault and he just wanted a proper chance which in my opinion he never got.

This was in todays DET so it will be intresting to see what people make of this too:

"Looking back at his time at Pride Park, Maguire added: "Derby is a great club and the fans were brilliant.

"When I wasn't playing, they were asking me why and what was going on. I couldn't answer that question.

"It will be good to see what kind of reception I get from the fans.

"Some might have taken it the wrong way when I said I was glad to leave but it wasn't about the club."

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Derby fans love a villain. It gets stupid sometimes. Steve Davies is the next man to commit the ultimate sin of leaving a club he doesn't support in a town he wasn't born in. How dare he! The traitor!

No need to boo or cheer Maguire. He's not said owt bad about us. We don't know any details of what/who/when.

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[size=4]Strange how he started the 1st game of the season, was taken off after 39mins due to 'injury' and then was on the bench against us. Has he been found out already? One thing is sure, Cloughy is laughing at the situation.[/size]

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