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Sky router (sagemcom) constantly disconnecting.


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Anybody know anything about routers?

For the past couple of months now I've had days like these, where I get about 30 second spurts of internet connection and then nothing, just a flickering red light.

I've checked out skys home page, help page, forums but can't see anything that relates to my issue. I'd sign up for their website but every time I try I get disconnected, and then I can't access that page again after reconnection, just get an error message.

Both my phone lines have filters in them.

I'm connected through my ethernet cable because my PC doesn't have wireless capabilities.

Anyone, anyone at all?

Not sure if this is in the right area, but I'm not gonna try loading another page to get more error messages....

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fraid so man sky well no to be fair all ADSL broadband is sh1te man it FO all the way 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ph34r' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':ph34r:' />

haha, I think I can interpret that.

All ADSL broadband is rubbish, fiber optics is the shiz niz.

Not sure Belper has it to be honest, we missed the cable revolution.

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I think you'll need to phone Sky Broadband customer support to get it sorted. When you first join Sky Broadband, within the first few months they mess with your connection to "optimise" it, this can lead to spells where your connection is suddenly unstable and disconnects regularly. They should see this happenning, but if you phone them and give them a shoeing it should get sorted more quickly. They likely ask you to log in to the router and tell them some of the stats, then within a few hours your connection will miraculously become stable again.

Customer Services number is 08442 411 653.

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To be fair, my Sky broadband is fine. Had it a while and as hartley says, there is a 10 day period where Sky trains the line to the maximum speed it'll consistently get.

You can't use a non-standard ADSL router as the settings are all coded into the box and not easily accessible (you can download software that says it'll get it for you but I've not tried it; besides my router is fine).

If the line is trained, here's some suggestions:

1) have you got any other things plugged into the phone socket(s)? Everything needs a filter on it if it's into a phone socket. So every extension, fax, sky box, the lot - needs a filter.

2) have you got any dodgy socket wiring in the phone extensions - you know, that one you put in yourself that is about 800 metres long and goes under the stairs, through the front window frame, outside and round the drainpipe? If so, it could easily be causing the problem.

3) do any of the phone sockets show any signs of damage, or look dodgy in any way (like loose wires)?

4) does the problem go away if you put the router into the master phone socket? Not always easy as the master socket might not be convenient, but you can see if it makes a difference.

5) can you get another cat5 cable (network lead) to go between the PC and the router? they're only a couple of quid each, depending how long you need.

6) have you got another computer that you can use (maybe a mate has a laptop?) so you can see if the problem is more to do with the network card on the PC than anything else. To test, try from a command line the following:

ping localhost -t

use ctrl-c to quit the test. The result should be something like "reply from xxx: <1ms" and be consistent. It's testing it's own network card by sending data from the send to the receive on itself, so if it's got a problem you might see some problems crop up in the ping test.

7) The further away from the exchange you are, the worse the connection will be. It's not just a matter of how far away it is, it's the length of the copper between the two - so a call to Sky might be able to tell you if you're a long way from the exchange (they'll have ways to tell the distance) and they'll be able to tweak things if they have to.

So - you've (at the end of that) tested

The network card

The cable

The PC

The internal cabling of the phones

Sky have tested the broadband and the phone system copper. 'bout the only thing left is a dicky router.

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