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Power Snooker


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ITV4, play resumes at 7pm for the semi finals, if you haven't seen it before the rules are:

• Each game lasts thirty minutes.

• Nine reds are racked in a diamond, with the point next to the pink. The red striped ball in the middle is the Power Ball.

• Points count, frames don’t. Whoever scores the most points wins the match.

• The clock starts when the reds are broken.

• It stops when the final black of each frame is potted.

• At the end of each frame the balls are then re-racked and play continues until the end of the thirty minutes.

• There is a twenty second “shot clock”. Exceeding twenty seconds incurs a twenty point penalty. The opposing player can opt to take over or let the first player continue.

• When a player breaks, two or more reds must hit a cushion. If not the player’s turn ends.

• The Power Ball is treated as a normal red, so, once potted, it stays down.

• Potting the Power Ball scores two points and triggers a two-minute Power Play, during which every ball potted counts double.

• If a shot is missed during a Power Play, the opposing player takes over and gets the remaining time.

• The area behind the baulk line is the Power Zone – if the cue ball is struck from within the Power Zone, any ball potted counts for double and during a Power Play, quadruple.

• A foul shot during a Power Play carries a double points penalty.

• Following a foul shot, the cue ball can be positioned anywhere in the Power Zone.

• If a foul shot is made when the cue ball is struck from within the Power Zone, a double penalty is given and during a PowerPlay, a quadruple points penalty applies.

• If the game is tied on points, the table is cleared and the game is decided by re-spotting the black.".

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