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Chesterfield FC promoted.


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I went to Chesterfield for our friendly match and I was impressed with the new stadium. Okay its not Pride Park but for a League Two club to move from an old dilapidated garden shed into a new stadium must have boosted morale amongst the fans and the club. I also read an article somewhere on how Chesterfield's revenue has increased significantly thanks to non match revenue and also how the team has greater opportunities for bonding exercises (having a meal together in the new facilities etc).

Also to get promotion on the first year must be great. New stadium, New League.

The only thing which their fans must miss, are the "My garden shed" songs from the visiting fans.

Chesterfield must now be a role model for any club who has yet to move into a new stadium.

Good luck to them in League One.

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Turned a bit ugly on monday

Police have arrested a Chesterfield fan after Bury's goalkeeper, Cameron Belford, was punched in the face during his side's 3-2 away win on Easter Monday.

The incident occurred when supporters ran on to the pitch to celebrate one of the home team's goals. The victory for Bury secured their promotion to League One.

Derbyshire Police confirmed a supporter had been arrested and promised to review further footage of the incident: "It would appear a fan has encroached on the pitch and assaulted the goalkeeper. One person has been arrested and we will be scanning the CCTV system and liaising with the club and members of the media and collating as much evidence as possible."

Chesterfield's stadium manager, Colin Nellist, said: 'The very minimum that will happen to this person is they will get a ban from the club and whatever happens thereafter will depend on the courts. But as soon as we ascertain the identity of this person he will be banned from the club until further notice because we take this very seriously indeed. We have had over 9,000 people here but a mindless few spoiled the day for everyone."




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trouble is, if he hit him back and gets arrested, charged and found guilty for assault inside a football ground, there a chance that he (like fans) would be banned for life from all football grounds, so his career could be over because wouldn't be able to set foot inside a ground/stadium.

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Time for those kids to grow up a bit me thinks. They're young and impressionable but should know the basic difference between what's right and wrong.

What are they doing on the pitch anyway when the goalie's still there? I know it's illegal anyway.. Was it a pitch invasion mid match? What's that about :confused:

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