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John Terry England captain


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You know, when you stop caring about the national football team everything they do is quite funny. It's like being foreign and looking at England from the outside....... what a circus.

Foreign manager who give players debuts for 20 mins then never recalls them.

Foreign manager who will "turn to youth players" and calls up Kevin Davies.

Takes armband from "disgraced" Defender. Then chooses between a midfielder who was investigated for a nightclub punch up and a defender who's ALWAYS injured and failed a drugs test AND was involved in a sex scandal.

England team contains a striker that sleeps with old prositutes. A defender and Midfielder involved in orgies. A midfielder who punched a DJ. A Defender who slept with another players wife. A Defender who married a popstar then cheated on her several times AND THEN shot a young lad with an air rifle. And finally a Defender who was banned for failing a drugs test.

What a joke.

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The England international set up is an absolute disgrace. I haven't watched a game since Germany and I won't do moving forward.

Terry, Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard - infact any of the current squad over 30 - should have been chopped. They have had either 2 or 3 World Cups and not progressed beyond the quarter finals. If we want to be the great footballing nation people think we should be, then start bringing younger players through.

If that actually happened, players like James Milner would be shoe in players for England, and I'd rather see someone like that captaining a young promising team than Terry, a player who isn't half as good as he was a couple of years ago, captaining a team of failures on the world stage.

Couldn't care less about his personal life. He's an absolute scumbag but then to some degree so is Cole and Lampard - both have worn the armband. I'm more concerned that he isn't the future of England.

In my opinion, Capello should have been chopped after the World Cup (obviously, they shouldn't have offered him the contract beforehand).

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im not missing the point.John Terry is the best captain we have,he is a leader.it is as simple as that.We are not awash with better players in that position at the moment who are fit.

I dont give a toss who he slept with,its not my problem.Ashley cole gets berated for cheating on cheryl.The woman is a control freak who moved her mother in his house!! I despise him for his greed,not his bedroom antics.

People cheat,fact of life,its not good but it happens and has been doing for centuries.If you think they are all scumbags you are a fool,and you may find yourself hating the people you adore.

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I'm afraid you've still missed the point, and gone completely off the main purpose of my comment. As I said in the first place, I couldn't care less what players do in their private lives, but I can still have an opinion on it. People can eat mushrooms till their hearts content, but I still don't like them.

I don't see how Terry is the best leader we have. He shouts alot, that's about it. You've obviously got a pretty short memory - he was captain of the team that failed to qualify for the Euro's in 2008. As a club captain he's good, but I've seen nothing that suggests he can cut it for England, either as a player or captain, that will help us compete with the world's best.

With regard to the cheating, it's a difference of opinion, there's no right or wrong. The point I was actually making was that I don't care that, in my opinion, Lampard, Cole et al are tossers, I just don't think they should be captaining the team, more based on their leadership skills and inspiration than anything else. But thanks for celebrity insight into Cheryl and her mother!

If John Terry was a great leader (in my opinion), then I'd be all for him being captain but I don't believe he is, so I don't see why he's been reinstated. Again, a matter of opinion.

As mentioned, I'd be much more encouraged to see players like Wilshere, Johnson, Milner etc become firm regulars, and then select a leader that can help nurture these young players. That's for the future, rather than living in the here and now. We can't ever have a captain like James Milner now because of the squad containing older players, but the whole point I was making was that these older players should have been chopped last Summer.

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I agree about the older players should have got the chop, to a certain extent.Experience is needed and I think Terry is ideal.I wouldnt pick rooney for England but thats on form.I would have got rid of ferdinand,james,gerrard and lampard permanently and introduced younger players that will be playing in the next world cup campaign.

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