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.....and whats this all about?


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So, Sav has Bywaters back.... bet there is gonna be a scrap later down in the market sq. Might Tweet Sav now and tell him to kick off... watch this space!

Talk about chinese whispers....!!!

My money is on Ratty, he'll simply pull Savage's hair until he submits ;)

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there seems to be something going on here.....

@RobbieSavage8... You left it in changing room. I got your back so will give it you when I see you next. http://yfrog.com/h3zxhzqj


Why wait a full day to post that, oh yeah maybe it shows discontent in the dressing room following Clough's post match interview. Its an old tweet from yesterday, why not post it when it was made if it's such a big deal?

Maybe it's just banter between teamates.

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They are always having banter between each other on Twitter. Sav and Rio Ferdinand are constantly ripping each other apart. Its all in good fun and nothing else.

I would think the reference to the dummy would be when Sav threw his boots down in frustration. Are these guys not allowed to have a bit of fun when they are not at work or do we have to read the complete opposite into everything they say to each other to try and stir up unrest!!

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