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Derby County Memorabilia At Market Hall

Inverurie Ram

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1 hour ago, Inverurie Ram said:

Worth a look...........


@loweman2 are you involved with this?......anything for sale at it?


Yes mate, I am involved in it, they are my shirts, it’s a collective effort and a toe in the water at a way of looking to have a museum or an open viewing for the public to be able to come in and pick things up and have a look at some stuff from yesteryear.

the club will not open a museum until we are established in the premier league, that could be many years away, most of Derby County’s heritage is held in private collections, my shirts being a good example.

for many of us the reason for collecting these items is purely to save them for the next generation of Rams fans to be able to enjoy and learn about the clubs past from real items rather than reading on the internet.

we have a great history and it’s worth preserving.

i have joined up with the Derby County collection and est1884 and the Horizons sixth form in putting on what we think is an interesting and enjoyable collection.

we have opened it up and invited other collectors to have the opportunity to show some of their items on a daily basis, ex players have brought things of interest and allowed them to be shown or photocopied.

it has already been very successful and shows us that there is a demand there from the fans and the public to take an interest in our past and in the BBG.

the most important aspect of this display is that it is an opportunity for the children of the horizons school to interact with the public and have the opportunity to show their printing, business and workshop skills by producing posters, mugs and coasters to sell to the viewing public.

its on until Christmas! There will be ex players popping in on a regular basis, there is a good video on dcfc tv about it here........



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Should definitely add a museum on to the planned east stand extension, there’s so much history we should be getting out there to show.

I went to the Quad exhibition a few years back and it was so good to see all the trophies and BBG props on show.

On a side note why is Rammies old head in Frankie and Bennies ? one of the first mascots in the game and in a poxy restaurant wtf?

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