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I am proud of the lads


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The lads showed they did not fear chelsea and went for and tried there very best to get us through to next round just was not to be. But it has shown how far Derby how far they have come under frank. In such short time he has done wanders for Derby but you can see he loves this club. And it has spacail place in his heart. But Derby fans who went last night never stop getting behind this team.

But I was nearly in tears I was that pround of Derby even in defeat. They show they are champions and they acted like it very never ever gave up not once. They kepted going to the bitter end.

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In 2 day I have traveled over 800 miles.

I was visting family in yorkshire me and my dad came back tuesday night and off to london from pp and we back to yorkshire to get my mum early this morning at holiday cottage we came back early this evening.

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