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Derby V Fulham: POS First Leg in a Nutshell


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6 hours ago, Aries Sun said:

Excellent piece of writing as usually, I'm just wondering why do you always use numbered bullets?

It’s a bit like superman. When he watches the rams he is scribe, troubadour and bard but in his secret other life he is an unassuming accountant. At PP the specs, suit, calculator and cuff links vanish .. but the numbers remain 

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14 hours ago, Wolfie20 said:

Not sure why you found it painful to watch - I thoroughly enjoyed it and apart from the 2 minute spell when McDonald hit the bar and then their player volleyed over, for all the pretty passing I always felt we were reasonably comfortable.

You say on another day Fulham would have easily beaten us - I could just as easily say on another day we could have scored 3 or 4 with the breakouts from defence we had.


Don’t get me wrong Fulham looked clueless with what to do with the ball, so defensively it was top drawer.

I just wanted us to keep the ball for a bit longer than we did!

How bad were the Fulham fans though, worst support I’ve seen in years, especially for the magnitude of the game.  

We were superb of course ?.

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