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  1. A recent study suggested that Derby have actually managed to reduce the possibility of future health problems, all thanks to their extremely slow build up play.
  2. Balls are lighter yes, but they can no doubt travel a lot faster.
  3. £1 million apparently, with a bonus if they get promoted.
  4. Interesting little documentary, not sure if anyone else has posted, apologies if they have!
  5. I don't believe Sterling dived at all, the player cutting across hits his leg and at the speed he runs any contact sends you down. You only have to look at the Lawrence penalty from a couple of seasons ago to show that minimal contact can send you down.
  6. https://www.thefa.com/england/mens-seniors/stories/growing-up-mason-mount Hopefully this all English final won't be dull but it's still good for the national team!
  7. Cow's milk is still by far the worst for the environment. https://theconversation.com/which-milk-is-best-for-the-environment-we-compared-dairy-nut-soy-hemp-and-grain-milks-147660#:~:text=Dairy has the biggest environmental footprint%2C by far&text=All available studies%2C including systematic reviews%2C categorically point this out.&text=Water use is similarly higher,and 28 for soy milk.
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