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Igor Stimac at PP


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Was there any explanation as to why he was actually here? 

Seemed a bit random to just call in one club legend for the last game of the season.

I know I read into things too much, but wouldn’t it be lovely if he was getting lined up for a role. Director of Football, perhaps? ?

Dont let me put ideas in your head, Mel. Sorry, Mel Morris CBE ?

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On 06/05/2018 at 21:15, ilkleyram said:

It's not criminal Tim B.  It's different eras and like all eras the world moves on and things are not the same, just as work was different in my dad's time, to my time to young ilkley's time. And different rewards are all part of that.

I would bet that  most of the players of yesteryear wouldn't swop their experiences for those of today, however tempting and however much money was involved, King Kevin included. They had their time in what was still proper football, on proper pitches, in proper grounds, in front of vocal fans; they had opportunities that most players today will never experience ( like winning the top division's title); they were feted but not the subject of incessant social media comment and abuse and interference; they could live and let off steam without being on the front pages the following morning; they were still rewarded comparatively well albeit without being able to retire at the end of a short career; drugs - social and performance enhancing - were rare and non-existent. 

Clubs and managers had the power, there were no agents or representatives, not much employment law or protection, there was racism and injury and poor medical backup, so I'm not trying to paint an unnecessarily rosy picture of life then but I suspect that many players of that era will be happy for today's players in what they earn and grateful that they played then and not now.

Well maybe not ‘criminal’ in the truest sense of the word ?

I get the context of playing in different eras (and I’d rather have what the previous era’s players had than any aspect of my own career!) but it was more of a loose comparison between 2 obviously different eras.

Regardless of what Kev etc al were rewarded with, it still boils my piz that the likes of so and so from any era get to play for England and be multimillionaires, never mind that they might get rinsed on Twitter now and again. I’m sure the overall reward package is enough to soften the blow bless em ?

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