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McClaren's Transfer Comments (21/01/17)


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23 minutes ago, sage said:


I'm not massively anxious to sign him. Was just making the point if we were looking for a CM he would have been near or at the head of my wish list. LB LW and especially CF are more of a concern to me. 

Yeah I know what you mean. You think we need another LB with Olsson, Lowe and Forsyth on the books? Same goes for CF, Nugent has only played 1 game.

I get why some fans are frustrated but we just write players off here, always casting envious eyes at other teams players and never maximising what we have. Players go out of form here and everyone just says they are **** and deadwood. Bloody hate it, such a shitty entitled short term approach. More we've spent the worse we've got. Johnson got promoted from this division as a star scoring 15 goals, why don't we work on making what we've got work first? I don't want any Prem rejects or players coming for paychecks because they think they've made it.

That PL final team were miles ahead of where we are now in terms of a unit and a bunch of characters.

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