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Only Connect (football version)

Bridgford Ram

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I don't suppose many of you watch Only Connect but I wondered if it would work translating it to football questions.  There are several rounds in the game and I'll explain each of them as I ask the question.

One of the rounds gives 4 pieces of information (releasing them one at a time).  Each of the pieces of information are linked and to get the question right you need to give the link.  If you get it after the first piece of information its, 5 points, then 3, 2 and 1 as each piece of information is released.

So for this first question I am going to give you.

Chris Smalling (2016)

So you can make a guess at the link between Chris Smalling and the as yet unrevealed 3 other pieces of information.  Or request the next piece of info.

Apologies is this turns out to be sausage.

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7 minutes ago, Ramaway said:

To be honest I did not remember who it was and had to look it up (Reyes)

I never manage to get an answer right in Only Connect - I would have a chance with a football version 

Reyes was the missing one.  The full sequence was 

Chris Smalling (2016) / Pablo Zabaleta (2013) / Jose Reyes (2005) / Kevin Moran (1985)

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