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The club should have its own bespoke official website, not use the off the peg, drag and paste format used by lots of other clubs.

Might seem a small thing, but the site is not user friendly, bland and unique in no way whatsoever, on mobile at least.

Tickets seem impossible to buy using a mobile now too, rather than just difficult as it was before.

I used to think it must be a league obligation to use the same template, but Leeds have their own site, admittedly that's crap too but at least it's unique.

Having a Web entrepreneur as an owner, I'm sure we could produce something much better for fans to enjoy, and personal to Derby County, that the owner himself would be proud of.

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Not 100% on this, but I think most clubs are tied into a contract for website provision with an official FL partner, I was having this discussion with a Southampton fan last year about it. I seem to remember only about 3 clubs not going with the FL partner.

From memory I think contract runs until next year, maybe 2016 now.

Also from memory almost 100% of fan comments were negative about the current state of club websites.

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Yeah, through FLi (Football League Interactive) a company called SapienNitro deliver sites to the majoprity of FL clubs,


Probably the best overview came from a Bristol City forum.


explained the background to the FLi contract. It began in 2001 with NTL, who splashed out cash aplenty to sign up 88 clubs across the Football League and non-league. NTL ran into money troubles a few years later and Premium TV took on the deal for the Football League. When Premium TV ran into money problems the League set up Football League interactive within their own company to takeover the payments to clubs, with the service and hosting provided by Premium TV, who became Perform Group. Perform Group lost the contract to host and provide the website service (less Player subscriptions) this summer, replaced by Sapient Nitro after a tender process. The current FLi deal for 86 clubs (two bought out, Portsmouth and Manchester City) runs until 2017. 

This chap also wrote a piece on it


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So we have to put up with that until 2017? 

I never bother with it, it's messy and difficult to read. I wanted to look at fixtures for instance and a Google search took me to the site but not the fixtures page. 

Look forward to 2017 then when i can use my clubs website again. 

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Its a great point

I never, ever visit it - its a complete mess , horribly clunky and , to boot, you even have to pay to look at half the stuff

Its kind of ironic that two of the club's most important portals - the website and the shop - are so poor and user-unfriendly

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