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1-0 up and it's game over.


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What about every other win we have had this season?

Every time we have taken the lead this season, we have won. What we need to do now is come back to win when the opposition have taken the lead - we've not managed that one yet.

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1 hour ago, Cam the Ram said:

Us and Boro are very similar this season in that when we score first we win but when we concede first we rarely turn it around.

Conceded first:

Derby P6 W0 D4 L2

Boro P6 W1 D0 L4


Scored first:

Derby P13 W13 D0 L0

Boro P14 W13 D1 L0

in for an entertaining game when we play middlesborough :unsure:

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One thing i've noticed compared to last season......

schteve used to split the centre halves wide apart when we got possession and push both full backs forward. The centre backs were almost playing as full backs and we were wide open down the middle as soon as we lost possession. We don't do that now. Obviously it helps having shackell too, but its a simple tactical change that has made us far more solid......or less suicidal........ depending upon your point of view.


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