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Not quite Banksy

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I think the drawings of cherries leaves a lot to be desired.



Stapleford hit by ‘cherry’ graffiti attack


At least seven cars and homes have been vandalised with graffiti that looks like “cherries”.

The spate of crimes in Stapleford were reported to police on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Debbie Blake was out celebrating her birthday when the vandals hit.

The 62-year-old of Frederick Road, said: “I had been out for a meal from 7.30pm and came back and I found my door had been done.

“A chap down the road also had his car graffiti the other day and I also found mine had been tagged.

“The symbols look a bit like cherries and are all over Stapleford.

“I know of at least six cars that have been hit and their are probably more but I know some have not been reported yet.

“I am really annoyed and it wasn’t a very good birthday present.

“When the police catch whoever it is I am going to hand them the bill.”

Nottinghamshire police provided the following details:

Inc 255 of Dec 5, 2015

-Eatons Road, Stapleford, graffiti sprayed on car

Inc 265 of Dec 5, 2015

-Blake Rd, Stapleford, graffiti on caravan

Inc 273 of Dec 5, 2015

-Gibbons Avenue, Stapleford, graffiti on garage

Inc 298 of Dec 5, 2015

-Frederick Road, Stapleford, graffiti on front door and car

Inc 331 of Dec 5, 2015

-Balfour Rd, Stapleford, graffiti on car

338 of Dec 5, 2015

-Frederick Road, Stapleford, graffiti on car

379 of Dec 5, 2015

-Edward Street, Stapleford, graffiti on car

Stapleford councillor John McGrath said: “It is petty crime and I don’t know how they are going to catch them.

“They are just opportunists and we should have surveillance put in place to try and catch them.

The problem is if someone did see them by the time the police got there it would be too late because they would have gone.

“It is just ridiculous and petty.”

It appears that the same spray paint and symbol has been used at all addresses.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “These offences are mindless and clearly extremely distressing for those who have had their property pointlessly vandalised.

“Given the close proximity of all of the offences it is extremely likely they were committed by the same person or persons at some time last night.

“Many properties were affected on a number of different streets. As a result we believe there will be someone who has seen or heard something suspicious overnight who can help us find those responsible.

“Anyone with any information is urged to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 298 of December 5, 2015 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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Quite worrying that they're going to find one singular teenager spraypainting a knob on a wall and they'll use this to pin him for every bit of knob graffiti they find, under the guise that he was responsible for the whole "spate of cherry paintings".

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