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Our Manager.


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Just listened to Steves reaction on the BBC website,  after the Brighton Game.

Despite our current run of form, the thing I love about our current manager, is that he always says it how it is.

His opinions always seem to be in line with the general consensus (on here, in the stands and elsewhere).

He's doesn't put up subterfuge or attack individuals, but he also highlights weaknesses and commends strengths.

Sometimes Clough used to sound like he'd been watching a different game.

(and I don't use that example to bash clough, btw. I liked him, just using him as a recent example, there's been many managers for us and other teams whom reflect on performances with an agenda led perspective)

Just wanted to highlight that, in a current lull, there's still something else to be proud of.

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Another great trait McClaren has is no matter how bad the referee performance he never used it as an excuse.

I like his idea about if you perform to a high level 9 times out of 10 you get a result and then occasionally the other team gets a smash and grab or the red costs you. ultimately I agree with Steve ref decisions even out over the course of the season if we lose it is our fault no one else's. 

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I doubt many Brighton fans would agree after the interview he gave on the official dcfc site.

Came across as very twitchy, looked under pressure and obviously gutted about the defeat.

I do agree entirely though, his reaction after the Fulham game was spot on.

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Its very difficult to give a post match interview just minutes after the final whistle when the adrenalin is still pumping etc.

A manager needs to think before hand of what message they wish to put out.

he has made the occasional slip when quizzed quite innocently about team selection.


johnny metgod was a classic example of how not to do it.

mourinho is quite clever.

billy davies was sly and manipulative

schteve is pretty genuine altho he gets kid gooves treatment from owen bradley and pet poodle colin gibson.

by employing colin gibson to be a pretend interviewer the club have made sure that they manage the message.

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​I`m no private detective BUT taking the following into consideration .

McClaren still has a house in the North East I believe.

Steele hails from the North East (and all ways reminds everyone of that).

Simmo comes from Carlise (ok not North East North West)

it`s nailed on all 3 OFF to the MAGS 

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​I think almost certainly. Part of me thinks Simmo will stay, but Steele and Macca will go. 

If they go, they go. It's their funeral. Newcastle isn't just a poisoned chalice, it's a poisoned chalice, placed halfway down a disused mineshaft, surrounded by the Ferguson Police Department. 

If he gets us up then I will be very grateful and will applaud him off, but I would also pop on a rather large bet that his replacement would last longer here, than he does at Newcastle. 

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