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Mod room leak


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didnt know that was on - The Brunny has a TV now but not in the pointy room. We might not amke it before the match but will be having a couple after it.

If the Brunny has a tv and we can establish that the rugby is on we'll be there of course.

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If you order a soft drink, whatever you do, don't let them serve it to you in a coca cola glass.


A few weeks back one of rhis lot had orange in a coke glass - the glass had the smell of piss and stale BO eminating from it and couldn't be drank.


Today someone (not on here) ordered a cola, it came in one of those glasses and after about an inch of drinking... same smell. They returned it and asked for another, the bar staff didn't bother to smell the glass.


The second glass of coke was handed out, once again in a cola glass, and sure enough after a few sips, yep, urine and BO.


There's something weird going on there.

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