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Thoughts on this team and formation?


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It seems that I offended a lot of users and craig bryson himself with my last topic so I do apologise. We will have to agree to disagree with that argument. Anyways I have come up with a plan b formation instead of the 4-2-4, which leaves us far too open in midfield, so I would like your feedback on it.




       christie  shotton  keogh forsyth




           hendrick                        bryson










Christie and Forsyth would provide the width and this formation would esnure we would have the control in the midfield. Even though I want bryson to be dropped I understand that steve mac would never do that so I have included him but also included dawkins to play just off the striker. Think we can all agree that best has been awful so 4-2-4 is pointless . As a result I would like to see this formation if our main formation isn't working



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Shotton Buxton Whitbread Keogh


           Dawkins Eustace


Bryson        Mascarell    Ibe




I think it has merit. If Martin is injured or out of for and we drop Fozzy and Christie and have a definate ned to shoot outselves in the foot whilst playing people out of position and ignoring all common sense.


It includes Mascarell, Eustace, Dawkins and Bryson, so everyone's happy, it gives Best a chance to prove himself. What's not to like? I can make up formations too. It's pointless.

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Lineup is fine ... Fornation is fine ... Just keep Hughes Bryson in there every game ... The coaching staff dropped Hughes and learned their lesson .. Stay the course

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