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Derby Squad Review


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Lee Grant- Great form till he got injured

Roos- Looks good from what I've seen

Christie- Wouldn't say he's better than Wisdom, Wisdom was more solid defensively but Christie offers more going forward and provides a dynamic that suits the team

Shotton- Good utility player, offers us more options in the defense

Buxton- Pretty good last season, been injured most of this season so won't be in good form

Keogh- Like him or not he's our best defender, don't really understand the haters, when he's good he's everything a team captain should be

Whitbread- Not cut it for me this season so far, played negatively the last game he played, gave the ball away too much

Forsyth- no competition for LB spot means he has to be on great form all the time pretty much, he was brilliant last season, beginning of this season, had a few average games but is starting to look reliable again. Worrying we don't have any options if his form dipped. Wouldn't play Max Lowe, too inexperienced

Eustace- Solid cover for Thorne, his legs mean he can only last 60 minutes but he's fulfilled his purpose so far

Thorne- Will be the difference between promotion and no promotion when he comes back. Simple as that, technically brilliant player. Mesmerising.

Mascarell- People will argue he hasn't been given the clear run of games to be able to adapt, looked good when I saw him but majority seem to prefer Eustace

Bryson- Where has he been this season?

Hendrick- Important player for us, could score some goals this season like him a lot

Hughes- Beats players on the ball more good to see him developing his game but again where has he been since the international? Not performed.

Ibe- Pace to burn, no brain. Selfish on the ball. Flashes of technical Brilliance. Raw. Naive. Future Star. Paradox.

Dawkins- Very good but he's injured a lot and needs a clear run of games

Ward- Hos inconsistency angers me. Hamstring made of cheese string. When he's in form he's unplayable

Russell- Don't get the detractors. Impressive work rate, good pace. Needs to score more goals.

Best- Offered absoltetly nothing, worst signing McClarens made. Not proved himself given ample opportunity as a back up striker.

Martin- Best player and most essential player of the last month hands down. In big trouble if something happens to him. People would be worried if they realised all we have is Best.

Bennett- Hope he doesn't become the next callum ball

Calero- probably has promise, not seen him admittedly. Won't be the player we need if other players are playing out of form, don't the people would be filled with confidence to see him playing yet.


Compared to last season our squad has more depth, lots of promising players.

Shotton has improved defense depth and adds extra options

Christie offers a different option than Wisdom that ultimately suits our style of play but sacrifices the positive effects Wisdom added to our defense

Hughes and Hendrick will be better this season

Martin is our best striker since the 1990's


Promising players won't win championships. Not confident if the rest of the squad are out of form that they can make the step up. (E.g. Calero, Bennett, Thomas) They shouldn't be either.

Majority of our wingers: Dawkins, Ward, Ibe are all incredibly inconsistent so far this season, Ibe hasn't demonstrated he can be consistent wheres Dawkins and Ward are good when they have a run of games and avoid injury

We miss Thorne

Need a settled back four

In trouble with the LB position if Forsyth becomes inconsistent

We lack a Bamford type player- (As a striker, not as an awkward winger, scored 10 important goals) We have Leon Best instead, pretty self explanatory

We need to:

Beat mid table and lower table teams, not good enough defending results such as Wigans, Today's. Millwall, Cardiff etc, a lot of points there.

Build up a run of games again

Not question McClarens formation, it's worked for over a year, he won't change it unless he needs to

Strengthen in January, where is a matter of debate but if we are serious about promotion we need to push on

Try and not let teams shut us down, we haven't had an answer so far this season

Play like we did last season, not seem that yet bar Blackburn and Fulham (Home)

I'll be worried if we lose the next two games. A slump in form isn't unheard of but stagnate for too long and you get left behind. Ultimately we will get promoted because we have the best squad in the division but if it's not utilised to its best we won't go up. COYR

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We need to:

Beat mid table and lower table teams, not good enough defending results such as Wigans, Today's. Millwall, Cardiff etc, a lot of points there.

Build up a run of games again

The most frustrating thing is when we lose a match that we should be winning, either by not playing well or thanks to other means (I'm looking at you Atwell)

It's not all doom and gloom, 90 points should get you promoted. Which means that you could lose 16 games in a season and still win promotion, if you won the rest. We've dropped a number of points already, but so has everyone. Only 2 off top spot.

Needs: a performance against Huddersfield, back to our positive football

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