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Pre-season Friendlies

top 6 finish

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I have just returned from me 2 weeks annual holiday with my family,had a great time thanks

for askin.Had no contact with happenings at DCFC rang bro-in law when returning,anything

happened I asked.He said: GT injured out for season.

 I said foch that's a blow,but it could have been worse-we might have signed him first! He said

"we already had".


I couldn't foching believe it.So what are pre-seasons all about? I will tell you. A foching waste  

of time,money and risky.You gain nothing and risk losing your best players.They mean nothing

anyway.If you win,so what? If you lose its what a load of crap.


Rubbish, meaningless matches with nothing to win and lots to lose.What is a training ground



Finish them now.I f you need a fix watch TV.Rant not over,won't stop until they stop.

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