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Posts deleted in Martin thread


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Can I ask which admin is deleting again and then why?



It's going to have a major bearing on what I do next.

Well I never got a response when asking the same question. First time I've come across this sort of censorship -the least we are entitled to is an explanation, otherwise you start to wonder what's going on

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If people debated the issue and not posters agendas than they would stay.


So is he banned?


Or is he allowed to continually post like that against someone who wrote a post on a footballing thread?


Is he warned? It's not the first time he's acted that way and I'm not the first poster he's attacked for no apparent reason other than he disagrees.


he spends a lot of time telling people what they can and can't write, he spends a lot of time NOT DEBATING the issue just throwing insults and telling people to bore off.


Is that the kind of lad you want hanging around at the expense of others?


I got my views deleted today cos some little kid took issue with what I wrote.


As far as I'm aware Cumbrian, this isn't North Korea.


Either leave the posts up or ban him for an outrageous attempt to not debate the issue but just to attack the poster.

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