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England's worst ever team


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Anybody else see it?


Anybody else see it and actually remember the team?


It was a redo of the the one they did 4 years ago


McClaren was manager


Nugent was striker


Bentley and Downing on the wings

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Gk- Scott Carson

LB- Michael Ball

CB- Matt Upson

CB- Des Walker

RB- Keith Curle

RM- David Bentley

CM-Carlton Palmer

CM- (only one I can't remember)

LM- Sturat Downing

ST- David Nugent

ST- John Fashanu


Vinny Jones. Switched off after that, played for Wales ffs.

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Surprised that Geoff Thomas didn't make the list....


Remember him going clean through against France, one-on-one with the Keeper and somehow conspired to put in a shot that either did, or very almost, went out for a throw in.

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