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Average Championship statistics

England Ram

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I've had a few discussions recently all talking about how we would be promoted if this was last year. It got me wondering about the average points needed etc over the recent history.

I've found some on another forum up to the 09/10 season then added the seasons post that.

So these stats go back 13 years and don't include this year.


106....Highest champions points total.

92.....Highest 2nd place points total.

88..... Average needed for champions.

87......Highest 3rd place points total.

82.....Average needed for automatic promotion.

81......Lowest champions points total.


79......Lowest automatic promotion.

75...Highest 7th place finish.

72...Average needed for playoffs.

68....Lowest playoff total.

62.... Average needed for tot half.

54....Highest points still relegated.

47.....Average needed for survival.

43.....Lowest survival points.

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If you look at points won under Steve Mc, and then average that out over 46 games, rather than the 36 games he has had, we'd be on 92 points - level with Burnley in 2nd with a far superior goal difference


Likewise - if you do the same with Clough - we'd be 15th on 56 points.


We'd be Leeds United.

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In fairness to nigel, we only gained 1 more point under mac from the reverse 9 fixtures (12 vs 11), with 1 more home game under mac.

To me the major change has been the more positive vibe coming from all levels of the club, we're not just hoping for the best but expecting it.

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