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Rams memorabilia exhibition at Quad


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RARE Derby County memorabilia will be at the heart of an exhibition at Quad this summer.

Among the items on display will be Gordon Guthrie's physio table, as well as the old "Welcome to the Baseball Ground" sign.

The former home of the Rams will also be partly rebuilt, with bricks from the demolished stadium used to make a wall in the main gallery.

Another exhibition, which will run at the same time, will feature contemporary art and football memorabilia from around the world.

The two exhibitions, entitled The Pride and the Passion, will look at what it means to be a fan and how the icons of the game are worshipped.

As well as filling the main exhibition space with cabinets of items, the Market Place venue will also see prints and posters of Rams legends adorning the walls.

The exhibitions will run from May 26 to September 7 and have been brought together by Quad and the Derby County Collection – the organisation that looks after the club's artefacts.

Andy Ellis, chairman of the Collection, said: "We have been looking for somewhere to exhibit the collection for quite some time.

"It just happened that Peter Bonnell, from Quad, got in contact and it all went from there."

Mr Bonnell, curator at the arts centre, said: "I really wanted to have an exhibition about football during the World Cup but knew that it had to represent Derby County and its fantastic history.

"The Collection has thousands of pieces, so to reduce that down in the next few weeks is going to be a massive challenge.

"We know there are some things that are definitely going to be there – we just have to work out the logistics."

The exhibitions will be opened by a Rams famous name and will feature talks from former players.

The grand opening of the exhibitions on June 5 will also feature music and DJ sessions from someone familiar with Rams fans.

Andy said: "We've got Shaun Barker to play a DJ set to open the exhibition, which will be great."


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Had a look round today. At the moment just photos on the wall, the augmented reality and main gallery not open at the moment.

They have one of the only photos I remember seeing of the Key Club Terrace. It's painted red blue and yellow at the back and on the fences at the front. No perimeter fences so assume its after Hillsborough.

And my dad is on it - guess it must have been a night game and my mum wouldn't let me and my brother go.

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