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I'm pleased to announce....


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...I've got me name back.

A few weeks ago I was innocently wandering around in me profile section, when I was bushwacked by some scurvy beer pixies.They made off with me name and left me with a vastly inferiour moniker.

The damn pixies sold the glorious title of Grimbeard to a lily-livered land lubber who had dreams of setting sail on the Erewash canal and becoming a buccaneer in Ilkeston.

Now, this swab was called Walter an you can't be a proper pirate if your called Walter, so he wasn't gonna give up a prize like 'Grimbeard' without a fight.

It took me nigh on a month to track the cur down but I got him in the end. To cut a long story short, me and my crew keel-hauled the filthy land lubber, made him tell us where he'd buried me name, then we made him walk the plank from the upper window of the Gallows Inn.

Walter is now keeping company with the fish an' Davy Jones has his soul.



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