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10p a minute


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I travel to games from Ipswich so am unable to attend any of the Sam Rush roadshows, but has anyone ever pointed out to him what a total rip-off the ticket office line is?


The club are trying to sell ME a ticket so why do they charge me for the privilege of telephoning?


I spend about a quid before they've even gone through the 'press 1` for this, press 2 for the other' spiel.


The club have done a lot recently to impriove communications and community spirit but the 10p a minute sucks!

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I only ever use on line. Tried just after midnight to get Chelsea tickets. It said five and a half hour wait just to get on website. Gave up. Did it yesterday morning, and got tickets after 40 minutes. Will never ring ticket office. Assume queue will be long to collect? Normally no problem, but this time there must be ST holders who will be queuing?

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