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Adrian Chiles £4 million per year


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A company run by Birmingham-born broadcaster Adrian Chiles has reported a surge in profits of more than 50 per cent to almost £4 million last year.

The firm used to channel Mr Chiles' earnings, Basic Broadcasting, had a bumper year with profits of £3.94 million for the year to end of January 2013.

This was up almost 53 per cent on the £2.58 million reported the previous year.

Mr Chiles, a high profile West Bromwich Albion supporter, is listed as the only director of Basic Broadcasting, according to Companies House.



Lucky guy.

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The worst part of it is they've managed to give him a set-up where he doesn't need to know, or even pretend to know anything about football to do his job. He just refers everything to his not quite as clueless (but still crap) studio guests.


Any time he is forced to give an actual opinion he hides it behind a crap joke whilst the other people in the studio try to look amused, but usually have a look of beumsement on their face that he's said something so nonsensical, followed by them disagreeing with what he said.... which he then tries to make another joke out, unless he's saved by an ad break or it's time to join the commentary team.




And as I was editing in before a power cut so rudely interrupted me: He's basically getting paid to say "What do you guys think?"

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Taxed as a company instead of as an individual.

Personally i find him a bit of a pain.

He always over does the england fans biting their nails routine.

Its crazy what people get paid just for being on tv

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