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Free 0800,0500,0845 phone calls from mobiles


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If you are a BT customer you can download the BT Smarttalk app and use it to make phone calls from your mobile at the same rate as your BT phone line at home.

This means free phone numbers are free

You can call landlines without using your minutes

If your package includes 0845 numbers and stuff they're free too.

So long as your on wifi.

You can set up accounts for family members too. So your kids can ring home for free (according to your BT package) if they have a wifi connection

It works on iPhone on iPod touch ( new ones have built in microphone old ones you'd need a set of head phones with microphone I think )

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There's a package if you're a Virgin media customer for a new mobile phone with unlimited mobile & landline minutes, including 0800, 0845 and 0870, unlimited texts, unlimited data, unlimited calls to Virgin mobiles, and next day insurance thrown in, all for £26 pm.

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I use this website - http://www.saynoto0870.com

Try it. Costs nothing, no apps need to be downloaded. Quality site for cheapskates like me

I use that on my mobile too - and then use the BT app to make the call so I don't use any of my inclusive mobile minutes. The only calls that I use minutes on are mobile to mobile calls

The app also gives me a little peace if mind that my daughter can call home from her iPod if she has wifi connection and her credit has run out on her phone.

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