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A+A Session Tonight

Posted randombc on 19 April 2012 - 09:04 PM

I don't know who Pete Derby is, Clough and Glick took questions for about 2 hours, and were very good when answering questions, there were no questions they shyed away from even though some of them made me cringe a bit.

We are applying to be in tier 2 of the youth team's new tiering system, three premiership teams are also applying to be in the same group as us so should be quite competitve. However, they do dispute this new setup and they are not happy with it. However, clubs cannot come and 'cherry pick' players if you are in a higher tier. Any team can go after any player but it is up to that player whether they decide to stay or go. However, a player can now sign a deal at 14, which is what Bennett did and so did Hughes and many other promising players have done the same, so we're safe from any big clubs coming and taking our best players unless they pay big £££. Compensation deals are only agreed if the player is less than 14, or they have not signed one of these contracts.

They are looking in the summer to bring in 4 players, which will include a left back, a striker, a central midfielder depending if Green goes, and a right winger.

Clough admitted that Maguire could well be on his way out of the club, as he has not settled at all. He spent 10 years with Aberdeen and has not suited to Derby's playing style. He said as well that Moxey left because he did not take on board what was said, and that Dave Martin got very homesick from London during his time here, hence why he left.

James Bailey was not subject to a move away from Derby ti Wigan in January, and said it was down to the form of Hendrick and Bryson.

They are looking at changing the prices of season tickets in a way to reflect more value for money for children that are 13 and are from a jump from £25 to £210, so are maybe recommending a change for Under 12's - £60, 13-15 - £140, 16+ - £210 or something along those lines.

Striker a top priority in the summer (we all knew this of course) and he had looked at Russel from Dundee United but said that he had 2 or 3 years left on his contract and with him being such a young player was wary of another Maguire situation

They will be cutting back on wages during the summer, as they had not taken into account the likes of Leacock, Bywater etc would be here till Christmas time, and had cost them in excess of £1million in wages.

Barker will not be replaced with a new signing, as they feel the cover of Buxton, Naylor and O'Brien would be adequate cover.

If Clough did find a suitable striker to fill the role and the factors were right, they would be willing to back Clough with the money to sign the player. He also informed us that Ched Evans is on £1.2 million at Sheffield United.

They had offered Green a new contract, but when I pressed him as to whether he would be on the same money, he said 'that it was an offer that fell within their budget, and that they felt was a fair offer', which would suggest he would have to take a reduction in wages.

When Clough took over at Derby and bought all his own team in, the youth team manager at that time, last words were 'don't bother searching for talent in Derbyshire because there isn't any' since then they've found Bennett, Hughes and Thomas who have all represented England at Under 17 level, and they have 500 kids in development centres all over Derby which they monitor constantly for any kids coming through. They now look for children as young as 3 years old.

Thats about it really I think, but so much was asked that I could have easily forgotten things, so just ask on here if I haven't covered anything and I'll try and answer your question as much as possible. Minor things like having sound on the tv in the concourse, and having Sky Sports 1 or 2 on when theres a lunchtime kick off compared with interviews with 'legends' of the past.

Cloughs knowledge of the game really came across the amount of facts he knows and where the team needs to improve really stuck out for me! I thought i did Bris proud by saying we weren't scoring too many late goals, and he said we are aware of that and last season Norwich managed to claim 27 points in stoppage time, so we are trying to address that like we addressed the conceding of late goals last season, and that the team now has a good base of energy and commitment to the cause, the next level is to try and have a bit of flair and creativity in the team which they are currently addressing and wants to be sorted in the summer transfer window, and said that a few will be moving out, the likes of Maguire, Addison, Croft etc, and these will be replaced with players that will be more in and around the first team, so although the squad numbers will stay the same the competition for squad places will increase if that makes sense?

Like I said ask a questions and i'll try and recall as much information as possible if it was asked. (feel free to like this post if you like as it did take me 30 minutes to write!)

Well done Randombc!

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My favourite post was Bris's assesment of Coutts before he signed.

I can only assume Bailey will now be on his way out.. It's a shame really, they're basically a like for like player but Bailey has far more in his locker and can dictate forward passes..

Coutts is a sideways passer with little movement.. ie. Paul Thirlwell.. One I like to call a passenger who offers no attacking threat from midfield.. I hate these types of footballers (Thirlwell, Parker, Coutts, Greening)

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This was a great post!:-

Posted [url=http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/user/3007-leeds-fc/]Leeds FC on 08 December 2012 - 08:49 PM

Hate the early kick off's, personally think it's a total overreaction by the OB. Last 3 games we have done well but I knew this would be a hard test against a team who are good at home. Thought you started the better team without really hurting us too much. You scored a well worked goal from a quick free kick, created by the best player on the park by a mile. You chanted Hughesy for England and to be fair he looked quality. We then had a bit of play but huffed and puffed but with no real threat. The Leeds goal came out of nothing from Green. He played first game of season and did well then got injured. Been playing well lately but was decent today and that was it. 2nd half we came ok for 10 mins then you had a good spell and deserved to score. We then had a few half chances but that was it really. You have a big side and I can see why you don't lose many at home. Why do you under perform away from home ? You deserved to win without doubt, we were poor overall. Atmosphere ? Leeds fans were poor, not much to sing about. I must admit I hate teams who have a drummer, it does come over a bit tinpot trust me. You're support in that corner is passionate but Elland Road for a big game is on a different level trust me. Both ends of the ground when full is not matched by many. I applaud your club for showing imagination when selling tickets. You've had limited success over the years but still get good crowds. Bates has decimated our fanbase. Would you pay up to £700 for a season ticket and £36 for Matchday ? The rivalry is one way, very much like many of the teams we play in this league. I respect your club and stature but the level of hatred is embarrassing because we just don't class you as a rival at all. Derby are a top ten club in the country potentially, bigger than many in the top tier. Personally I don't think you're far off. Good luck

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And this:-

Wooo Hooooooooooooo!!!!!

Pretty much slept since getting home yesterday afternoon. I'm sat enjoying a 4th bottle of Corona right now, and then I'll try to get to sleep again as it's bed time.

The photo is me with Trekkie Jnr No. 2. Trekkie Jnr No. 1 is off somewhere else.


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I've heard of a famous 'scraves and flanges' post by the infamous b4, was that in 2012?

if it was, it wasn't as liked as the winner.

Steve Brum, lay off the emotional blackmail, it's the most likes that won it, so there!

All the best liked posts can be found on the bottom of the front forum page. Click "most liked content"

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