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Why play Buxton over O,Connor


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Look at most goals we've conceded this season, most of them are from O'Connor mistakes. E.g -



Charlton's 2nd.

All very poor defensive errors.

No they weren't? What are you talking about? So he makes a few memorable mistakes and now he's responsible for 'most' of our conceded goals? What?

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Buxton: 12 goals in 9 games. 2 clean sheets.

2 vs Wednesday

2 vs Burnley

2 vs Boro

0 vs Forest

0 vs Brighton

1 vs Blackburn

1 vs Ipswich

1 vs Pererboro (+red card & conseded 2 after)

3 vs Palace

O'Connor: 12 goals in 9 games. 1 clean sheet.

2 vs Bolton

1 vs Wolves

1 vs Watford

1 vs Huddersfield

2 vs Charlton

2 vs Peterboro

1 vs Blackpool (pen)

0 vs Barnsley

2 vs Milwall

Unless you include the 5 vs Ssausagehorpe. Then Buxtons on 17 in 10 games.

There's ya stats, make of it what you want.

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As one-sided as Curtains theory may be, you can't just throw it to one side. He has a point, and I agree that Buxton is crap. But I believe he's about as crap as O'Connor. If you all want an answer to whom should play, then I'll suggest O'Brien. But if it's an answer to why Buxton started today instead of O'Connor, then that one has already been answered, because of Buxton's physical presence. Did he also cost us the game? Well maybe he did, but Clough made the decision, and imo, it was correct.


Also, just to add to the mistakes. O'Connor might make howlers that are obvious to blind supporters, but Buxton does make mistakes that takes a keen eye to notice.

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If O'Connor was playing then someone would have wanted Buxton to play. It's always the case with Derby fans there is always someone better to come in. Nathan Tyson was ***** for over a season and slaughtered. Now he's scored a couple and not getting picked he's a world beater. Do me a favour...

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