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Attention Of Admin/Mods

swansea ram

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Please can you sort all these gumps out.

Do we need every thread to have a "we got more away fans than you", "we have won a trophy or two 30 odd years ago etc in everything that's put on here.

If not, then people will start looking for another site to go to.

I have had enough of it already.

I only come on here 2-3 times a day now.

It's getting like eastenders, now matter how long you go away for, the same boring **** is still on there.

(And no i don't watch that **** either).

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does it take long to knock up?

Knock up! FDPD alert!

Seriously I agree that when we have a gump infestation things quickly degenerate from friendly banter into something provocative and nasty so it would be good if any visiting posters declared their intentions clearly and were not agent provocateurs for verbal punch-ups which then get publicised on other sites.

I like it when our opponents come on the matchday chat when their team is playing ours but not when a 3rd party (like booze monkey,) mentioning no names, the other week who came on to jeer and was very smartly kicked off by a guy from Christchurch (cheers mate!). but the site is primarily if not exclusively for Rams fans to interact with each other.

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