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  1. The orange T-shirts and polos seem to now be online too https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/browse/q-orange/q-umbro/l-Orange/
  2. 3rd Kit will be revealed on Thursday against Girona.
  3. Yeh - similar overall shade to this kit below but with black badge (if I remember correctly. Only saw briefly)
  4. Sadly not. To give a bit more info it's quite a bright, perhaps royal, blue. Quite plain in design compared to the home kit. Has a sublimated pattern like Umbro have done for Nurnberg. Darker, navy blue, on the tops of the shoulder (in a similar to position to last years home kit). Inspired by, whilst still quite different, to the older blue Maxwell Derby kit that I've seen on this forum
  5. Just sneaked a glimpse at the new Away kit, it's blue!
  6. He's gone, scroll down to the news section on this page: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/teams/player/frank-lampard
  7. I wouldn't worry too much. Cocu has definitely signed and Van Der Weerden will be Assistant, it'll be announced later.
  8. Worth considering the the 'Rooney rule' is now in play - so we're very likely to be going to be at least interviewing either Hughton or Moore.
  9. I have heard this deal is now done and should be announced either later today or tomorrow.
  10. Saw the kit the other day. Its sleeves are almost barcoded or zebra in style with vertical stripes running down - then on the top of the sleeve it's got a thick horizontal stripe running along. Black and white, with no additional colour. 32red remains the sponsor. Crew neck. Not like any of the other Umbro templates, very different and will split opinion. Keeper kit is majority green, with other marks on it (don't remember colour exactly) - similar to the West Ham keeper kit in style.
  11. Just messaged you. Is in Block 524 or something I think.
  12. I have a spare @Skellyram - selling at FV of £40. Will hold it for you, but let me know ASAP
  13. Block 526 just went on sale with 800 or so available, just singles everywhere else.
  14. Great news, can't imagine a L1 club will be covering much of his wages though
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