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  1. @TibshelfRamAppendix B Clause 5.2.4 make zero reference to coaches. Only employees. "Subject to Paragraph 5.3, the following are not part of expenditure on Youth Development Activities for the purpose of this requirement:" "costs of employee benefits for employees only partly involved in Youth Development Activities" There is no doubt in my mind that Rooney, assuming he is an employee and plays a single game, then he is only partly involved in youth development. If Derby are using this loophole, then I would expect many legal challenges as the legislation is very specific.
  2. Sorry we don't agree on this and there's been a lot of misinformation on Twitter about it. As we all know. FFP includes pretty much every playing cost, except Youth Development (Appendix B) Under Appendix B, Clause 4, an employee must be "wholly involved in Youth Development Activities" meaning only those working solely as a Youth Coach can have their salary counted as Youth Expenditure. The excluded items (Clause 5) is even more specific on this, this specifically excludes any employee not working full-time on Youth Development from falling within Youth Development Expenditure. As he is only working partly as a Youth Coach, his full salary will count towards FFP. The legislation is perfectly clear on this.
  3. Did you read the legislation? Excluded means it's excluded from the "Expenditure on Youth Development". I.E it's included in the calculation for FFP.
  4. Coaches do count towards FFP. Where are people reading otherwise? The only place where this 'loophole' could work is in League's 1 and 2 where SCMP is in play, and salaries are split 50/50 when they are a player coach.
  5. Not sure what this is in relation to, but we're with Umbro until 2024 at least.
  6. The orange T-shirts and polos seem to now be online too https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/browse/q-orange/q-umbro/l-Orange/
  7. 3rd Kit will be revealed on Thursday against Girona.
  8. Yeh - similar overall shade to this kit below but with black badge (if I remember correctly. Only saw briefly)
  9. Sadly not. To give a bit more info it's quite a bright, perhaps royal, blue. Quite plain in design compared to the home kit. Has a sublimated pattern like Umbro have done for Nurnberg. Darker, navy blue, on the tops of the shoulder (in a similar to position to last years home kit). Inspired by, whilst still quite different, to the older blue Maxwell Derby kit that I've seen on this forum
  10. Just sneaked a glimpse at the new Away kit, it's blue!
  11. He's gone, scroll down to the news section on this page: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/teams/player/frank-lampard
  12. I wouldn't worry too much. Cocu has definitely signed and Van Der Weerden will be Assistant, it'll be announced later.
  13. Worth considering the the 'Rooney rule' is now in play - so we're very likely to be going to be at least interviewing either Hughton or Moore.
  14. I have heard this deal is now done and should be announced either later today or tomorrow.
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