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  1. Finally saw the away kit today and it's dark blue. The mint green is only piping. Pretty inoffensive as kits go. No idea when it's out, but was told "it won't be long". There's also some pics on Twitter of the rumoured home shirt too.
  2. Heard that the away kit this season will be minty green (think 2016/17 ) and our 3rd kit this season will be a pink/light purple.
  3. Furlough only gives the employee 80% of their salary, so as a business you need to either: 1. Cover the 20% from your limited cash flow. 2. Re-negotiate your contracts with employees imposing a 20% pay cut during the period of furlough. Both of those have a cost to the business.
  4. Irrespective of share, assuming there were to be more shares issued then the investment would have meant an injection of capital into the business which would have covered wages.
  5. Nah, time to mix it up! I'm gonna go with empty stadium, probs a picture from one of the boxes in the corner.
  6. It should also be noted that the stadium (owned by Gellaw Newco 202) is essentially mortgaged with Rams Investment (Gabay) having a charge against it. Now you would expect that the stadium was valued before that charge was granted, I wonder what the valuation was.
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