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  1. 366 Group Ltd changed their company name back in August to "General Sports Europe". The return of GSE?
  2. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/09/Derby-county-board-of-directors-statement-17th-september-2021
  3. Just checked the HMCTS E-Filing Service and is indeed the case. Full screenshot attached. You can sign up and view it yourself, casefile number: cr-2021-lds-000424 https://efile.cefile-app.com/
  4. The majority of it is purple with some yellow flashes (and yellow badge/sponsor)
  5. Shirt isn't massively exciting this year. It's usual white/black, white round neck but with a black V in the middle (see America De Cali). Black flashes down the arms. Same 32Red sponsor.
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