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  1. I hope he still gets punished however I hope he gets rehabilitation...
  2. I reckon charges and 30 days in prison or something tbf
  3. Unfortunately I doubt Hamer will play and Bielik is currently injured .... I can see a 2-2 draw personally, but good luck..
  4. Well, the PSG owners are still interested in Leeds, if only we could some how persuade them...
  5. Either way, if Keogh for some reason did start legal action, what would the verdict be? He got into a car knowing full well the driver is over the limit??
  6. I do hope its someone with a wad loada cash and an actual ambition to get us to the top, I also hope Mel retains the stadium and with him being the businessman he is, converts it to a multi-purpose venue with the concourse etc that has been planned. I think if we get the right investors in, with a majority stake whilst Mel retains the stadium then we don't have anything to worry about, instead we should definitely be excited.
  7. Lorry Drivers driving. It is simply the most frustrating thing with the amount of accidents they almost cause. I was on the M62 on tuesday on me way home from me jollies and I was in the 2nd lane doing 70 about to overtake a lorry then out of nowhere, no indicator or nothing the lorry starts moving into my lane as im about 2m away from him, cuts me up so i have to swerve into the 3rd lane where I had ANOTHER lorry almost ram into me... Another thing regarding lorries, STOP USING ALL 4 LANES ON THE M1 Two weeks ago I was on my way home from work and there was a lorry in each bloody lane, funny how the one in the far right lane was the slowest one. We need lorry lanes, don't let them hog every lane.
  8. nah. our fans are alrate.. we just notice the bad folk more as it is our club, every club has their controversial supporters and im sure many other fans of different clubs ask the same question you are about their club.
  9. if you havent sorted it yet mate, get train to paddington, then a train from paddington to charing cross station and then one to charlton and its a 5-10 min walk from there 🙂
  10. https://www.derbycounty.news/news/report-claims-Derby-countys-krystian-bielik-is-ruled-out-of-euro-qualifier-with-injury/ Great 😞
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