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  1. Derby 4-0 Accrington Stanley we will hold the record for most televised games in league 1 on sky sports rooney
  2. Que sera, sera What ever will be, will be, We're going to League 1, maybe Que sera, sera
  3. a negative repercussion of this will be the fact that although we already sell our players for peanuts, it'll be even worse now.
  4. if it was bolton people would be protesting the EFL
  5. Squid

    Cocu In

    I hope he doesn’t, we’ve got a fantastic man in our Phil.
  6. Squid

    Cocu In

    I know this thread died a while ago, and I don’t want to make another one as we have tons of Cocu threads. Whether you have trust in him or not, This man deserves all the credit in the world. The POO he has had to put up with in his 6 months in charge, coming in late, going on a pre-season tour that was solely for Frank Lampards benefit, to Lampostgate, to his captain being sacked, to the delay of investment, lack of opportunity for a signing he has wanted in this window, to now, and he’s still here. This man truly deserves all the praise possible. A humble guy, who wants the best for this club, having to put up with so much crap. Having a squad full of half arsed poor players, settling for his 3rd choice for a winger, pato, in summer, and many more things he’s had to deal with, alongside the pressure of 25,000+ fans every week, with the disgruntled booing him, calling for his head. I seriously hope that our fans can stick by him through this, nothing in this whole situation is his fault, and the last thing we should do is turn on him and the lads. I hope saturday our fans are more vocal than ever, showing our praise and support for Cocu, Scheepers, VDW, and the rest.
  7. end of the day, whatever happens happens. Will follow this club for the rest of my life, whether we’re in league 1 next season, whether we go fully bankrupt, no matter what i’ll follow the black and white all of my life. It’s time for us to rally together and support OUR club.
  8. Pumping in money and chopping and changing managers with different styles of play is what the majority of our fans wanted!!!
  9. The fans bring in the money, he had to spend to keep everyone satisfied and in the end its bit him where the sun don’t shine.
  10. Well, i’m not suprised to say the least. Yeah maybe it’s Mel’s fault but the reason he’s pumped so much money into the club is because the majority of our fanbase want a shortcut to success, they want promotion instantly and like we’ve seen this season, they get impatient. He tried to please our fans and try and buy promotion and ultimately he failed. Now he’s doing what he should do, taking it steady, we get ducked in the ******** by the EFL. What a ducking time to be alive.
  11. Squid

    Shae Hutchinson

    I mean, atleast (I think) you can’t break your kidney in a match!🤣
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