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  1. Squid


    not covid, just had food poisoning and a cold. lol
  2. Squid


    not left the house in about 3 weeks. feeling absolutely awful today, happy 20th birthday to me. better not be covid, what a poo present that would be
  3. Barnsley are one of several clubs considering taking legal action against the EFL if they are relegated but Birmingham City, Derby County & Sheffield Wednesday are allowed to start next season in the Championship with a points deduction... As per The Athletic:
  4. bring him in as a DoF
  5. Squid


    No one will be that stupid to turn up to the ground, surely. Regardless, no fans in the stadium at all. Put peoples health and safety first.
  6. Squid

    Harry Kane

    ducking brilliant bloke. still wish he squared it to Sterling though.. On a serious note though this is brilliant to see, what a fantastic fella.
  7. I said before on this forum he would be a good signing.... but he's linked with returning to Schalke.
  8. I know this is not entirely football related however Duane was part of a twitch.tv livestream on Call of Duty tonight with Jordan Sinnott’s brother, Mason Mount too and it was an absolutely quality stream. Duane was giving away items such as signed tops from himself, signed boots by Rooney, Marriott, Ashley Cole etc.. (I SHOULD OF WON THE COLE BOOTS! You had to guess the song Duane played on the guitar, and first to tweet him wins( I was first and I got the right song, wrong title😭) But what you really got to see tonight was how much of a fantastic guy he is, going that extra mile to make viewers happy by randomly giving away items etc, they raised £5000 tonight for Jordan’s charity! He even got a signed Keogh top sorted for someone, and mentioned how Keogh is a great guy and is still willing to sign Derby tops. I don’t really know the main reason why I wanted to post this but I just think he deserves a special shoutout, he’s done loads for charity during this lockdown and tonight was a brilliant experience for fans to be able to chat with him, have a laugh and a few drinks too.. He’s got such a fantastic attitude towards the fans, and everyone in general & I hope he sticks around for a long time! Link for the Justgiving page for Jordan’s charity: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sonia-cookson?utm_term=aMVEpqm6M When it hits 10K he’s getting an R9 trim by the way☺️
  9. Didn’t see this, cheers. Would most likely so we can receive a fee for him though...
  10. His contract expires in July and looks like he won’t be staying: STRONG LANGUAGE Stay the duck away from this club Mason. * For anyone at work or doesn’t want to listen to strong language, basically its him going past pride park saying “******* Burn”
  11. Squid

    Max Bird

    5 million deal close to completion apparently from a couple of sources, duck sake. Will actually be pissed off if he goes Chelsea, first of all he deserves better and second of all I don’t want him to rot away in the reserves.
  12. I couldn’t see another thread like this so thought it’d be a cool idea to set one up? Obviously we’re limited with our outside exercise but I thought it’d be interesting and beneficial for some to discuss what we are doing to keep fit and well during these times. Any diet plans/food recipies? Workouts? Any tips? And if anyone needs help with anything, feel free to discuss ! I hope everyone is staying both mentally and physically well☺️
  13. Squid


    Still bored - going to dive into the coronavirus thread to try and cure my boredom..
  14. I can see Hepburn-Murphy signing for us permanently & being in and around the first team squad next season whilst Marriott is sold. I think the case with bringing him in to play with the u23’s is to get him suited to the first team, giving us the opportunity to see him adapt and make a decision in the summer whether we want him. I also think Chris Martin will agree another deal.... As for Fozzy I wouldn’t say no to him staying but only if he is on a lower wage. Bennett will most likely stay at Millwall and I wish him the best. If we’re talking opportunities, heres my personal opinion. Take a look at Timon Wellenreuther, 24 year old keeper for Willem. Jake Cooper from Millwall if we are in need of another CB (Not really sure we will need another one though 🙂 ) For right wing/mid, Jordan Ibe or Luca Paganini from Frosinone in Serie B Bright Osayi-Samuel from QPR’s contract runs out next year and he seems like a proper talent - I know it’s not directly linked to the thread but if his contracts running out we could try sign him on the cheap? Anyways that’s just my ideas straight off my head , cheers
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