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  1. TWENTY MONTHS Jordan Rhodes hasn’t scored for Then he went to Forest scored 3 in 37 minutes. Ha....ha....ha
  2. been on the lager shandy’s hahahahaha? beat a poo Derby team, a seriously poo one. worst its been in years. and come on here tekkin the liberty. fair play for the win like, deserved it fully, but you’re acting like you’re some sort of world beaters for outclassing a piss poor team! Ffs, we always lose against you and any team Rowett manages, is how it is.
  3. fantastic points mate and I 100% agree with you. I’m Cocu in and I will be for the rest of this season/start of season. However the issue is time. Now I know that most of us who have a brain will be willing to give him time. But lets be real here, our fans at home are hostile as owt, they have the right to be, but they are hostile. As form declines so does attendance, and furthermore, revenue. I am sure Mel knows that it’s more the players than the manager that needs changing however with all these folk wanting Cocu out the door, will he be able to wait for the opportunity to sign new players? Theres 3 possible outcomes of this to me. First: Keep Cocu on for the remainder of the season, then give him a fat load of cash to spend in the summer, and give him the opportunity to bring in 2/3 loans/signings (this is most likely) Second: Give Cocu more money in Jan to bring in 4-5 players, with the issue of players prices being inflated. Third: Sack Cocu and bring in someone else just to prevent attendances dropping even more. (I hope this is the least likely). Rome wasn’t built in a day and our team won’t be built in a window. I completely disagree with the people shouting Cocu out as half of the players we have are not fit to wear the shirt. People say to bring in plenty of youth at once, but the step up is massive. It’s like going from National league North to the championship. I just want january to come sooner, duck christmas, i’m more excited for january.
  4. Just read this mate but no thats not what I was saying at all 🙂
  5. Didn’t realise Steve will be there tomorrow😁
  6. any other day B4 but tomorrows about Jim Smith and as Gary was a pivotal part of Jim’s team, think it would be nice to show some respect tomorrow.
  7. Now I know that everyone hates snakey. But tomorrow is about more than that. There’s going to be a big thing in memory of Jim Smith tomorrow, and we all know that Rowett was a big part of that squad. I’m sure Gary will be feeling upset about Jim, just like us lot. and I know its a huge thing to ask but I hope that everyone lays off the hate and the abuse towards him tomorrow. Some things are bigger than hatred, and lets give Jim Smith the thank you he deserves. All together as one, lets sing Jim’s name loud and proud and lets try lay off the hostility tomorrow (towards Gary not Millwall) Come on you rams
  8. Squid

    Jack Clarke

    Only thing is I wouldn't want him to block the path of OUR youngsters i.e. Whittaker & JML.
  9. "alreet la I'm gonna be tekkin ova ol' Phil's role as manager"
  10. No tar. Would rather support and back the players who wear the ram on their shirt.
  11. Squid

    Rob Dickie

    The next Richard Keogh 😄
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