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  1. my spidey senses tell me this is gonna get fluffin tasty baby
  2. Squid

    Bury FC.

    He's actually such a wet lettuce.
  3. Squid

    Bury FC.

    What a monumental prat Steve Dale is, I'd take great pride in seeing the man go to prison
  4. too right mate. wait til Jan when Cocu has had the time to scout his own targets and choose the players he wants to bring in to play the Derby way.
  5. well we wa looking at perm signing scott sinclair, some bloke from reading, and ended up loaning pato so surely we've got some cash in the cashbag
  6. spot on. Also 90 minutes against bottom of league 2 compared with 90 mins against a highly competitive championship side is like comparing discus to a marathon
  7. buchanan lb and lowe rb, think we'll be fine for another couple games, lowe's been alrate.
  8. if we win 4-0 ill buy a dog and call it Cocu
  9. Markovic or Susaeta would be satisfactory for me.
  10. He's a very intelligent bloke thats for sure. You can tell he lives and breathes football. He reminds me of someone, who even if we win 5-0 against top of the league, he'll still point out certain areas to improve rather than just be like "perfect performance, best day ever", and that's what I like about him.
  11. what a ridiculous statement. He's calm. composed and reserved. Take a look at Marcelo Bielsa for example, a quality manager who in all fairness is calm like ol' Phil. Just because he doesn't bounce around and dab like our previous manager doesn't mean he's dull and dour. He's probably spending his time on the sideline analysing the game and thinking tactics,
  12. ahhh... cant wait for his beef with forest and leeds players.
  13. Forest away bring Chrissy back into the lineup.
  14. Sweet Caroline or Disco Inferno needs to be played. would be far better than the muck we have now.
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