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  1. was thinking about this earlier. no point even bothering now. Just get enough points to maintain survival, and then look at bringing more youth through Whittaker, Sibley, Knight, Bird, Trialist, Stretton, Shonibare etc. May aswell if you ask me.
  2. Honestly mate, I reckon some of the people on here have lost the plot sometimes... Myself included!
  3. another decent game for Tom, although he didn't get a goal or anything he was working hard as per, tracking back helping with the defensive side.
  4. Wonder when people are gonna stop putting 100% of the blame on the keeper and look at the more visible issue, the defence.
  5. b4 my mate we get it you dont like steel, Eric Steele is decent however
  6. you sure your not listening to the QPR match earlier this season? he was good for his first (i think) commentary gig.
  7. Petition for Jake Buxton to become permanent commentator
  8. off topic but enjoying Jake Buxton on commentary
  9. Tom Lawrence with awesome work rate once again, cmon Tom get a goal😆
  10. Manny Idem is a former Aston Villa academy keeper who's last club was Macclesfield Town
  11. stupid move, would of been better for him to wait til after AJ Fury to have a shot at being the undisputed heavyweight champ.
  12. The supercomputer is Adrian Durhams brain, that is all.
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