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  1. Bamfords. Were people stood by watching this poo? It's weird innit that these little bankers are so gangsta and 'ard that they attack a random bloke. Proper gangster poo. Right laugh. Nobody will mess with this squad. They're like the bloods or Crips or something. Definitely think they have proven themselves a formidable outfit. I'm sure if we drop them in certain areas of Notts, Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham they would behave exactly the same way and their little ********* wouldn't go 50p/20p. Nope.
  2. Yeah he just said he'd had injuries in camp etc. Just stuff that's probably true because I imagine Fury had little niggles etc. I bet most fighters pick up injuries But if he wants to tell himself that he lost because of a bad camp then that's understandable. He brought what he could and got beat. But blaming referees, suits and the towel being thrown in.... those are "excuses"
  3. That's a bad move imo. He should claim injury or say he's taking a year out. Come back at Christmas and work through some top 10 fighters and make AJ your next mega fight Brave move.
  4. You're sometimes better off saying nothing. Especially publicly . Within your team tell yourself whatever you need to. Blame being overweight. A career high. Say you felt too heavy.
  5. I will have a look. Those statistics are shocking
  6. I wouldn't mind. So long as the result is fair and we get a rematch. Then in the rematch I'd want the guy who lost to win. Both been great for the sport.
  7. That's me told. I wasn't aware of any of that
  8. Be amazing if it happens. Will be the biggest fight ever. Fury v Wilder 2 was a record for Vegas wasn't it? It will do insane numbers I would have thought. Especially if AJ defends Pulev and Tyson either beats Wilder again or takes on and beats another big fight in the States. Before their last 2 fights you would say AJ can't box and Fury can't really punch. The improvement in AJ's boxing vs Ruiz was massive. He looks better at low end 17st. He doesn't go back in straight lines like Wilder so will be more difficult to walk down. He throws more shots especially counter punches. His ring IQ is better than Wilder. His jab is solid. I think the only worry for AJ vs Wilder was that his defence is nothing special. It might be better than Wilder's but is it enough to stop Deontay landing first? I'd bet yes but it could well be a shootout. It probably would be a 3 or 4 round fight at maximum. Based on the improvements AJ made and being lighter I'd say he stood a strong chance vs Fury. I could see him landing a few nice combos and stopping Fury inside 12. And then Fury comes along and looks great at 19st. You think he can't punch and he dropping world champions with body shots. His amazing movement and defence and his skill in the clinch are all second best to an attacking coming forward display. No sign of his slap jab. He's throwing straight rights and right hooks more than ever. Both fighters showing how they can adapt. Adding to what they already have to get the victory they were denied first time. I would probably bet on Tyson. At 19st he's able to drain opponents in the clinch. I think AJ could drop him as he hits harder than anyone else but Wilder imo. He has a truly horrible uppercut that would drop anyone. Fast counterpuncher. He could defo drop Tyson. But based on Saturday night Tyson is closer to master of all trades. And he is huge. If AJ was to slow right down in the mid rounds like he has in the past then Tyson could well take him out in there I really hope it happens. More than once too because they have both shown they can adapt their styles unlike Wilder. Please let it happen!
  9. It's his hair that makes me laugh. I remember his voice changing. He got hit in the throat in sparring and for a while it was even worse than it is now. But he looks like a member of East 17 back then. Pretty boy Fury!! 🤣
  10. Where did he come up with the whole black vs white thing? It's when he says stuff like that and backs it up with the ringwalk that you just find him hard to support. I know he's playing his role. I know he's trying to sell himself and trying to identify himself with a fanbase but he just doesn't know when to shut up sometimes. The black power fist gesture? Hmm. Smells like attention seeking.
  11. Nah me neither. Don't think I'll ever be a fan but he took his medicine.
  12. Nah me neither. Don't think I'll ever be a fan but he took his medicine.
  13. Was desperate to see him humbled but now he's taken his L and his belts gone I hope he comes back into the mix later on. He plays a character at times and I don't think he's too bright but when you punch like that then he should be selling tickets If he was from the UK he'd have a huge fanbase. The performance from Fury was monstrous and although he couldn't match the skill or handle the strength he matched the determination. He has shown his grit in the past. Hope he bounces back because Wilder v Whyte/Joshua/Parker/Usyk are all huge fights. Plenty left in the game for Wilder. Not sure it he could ever add much to his game but he needs a new team if all they do is tell him to punch someone really hard. Still, can say every man he has ever faced has tasted the canvas.
  14. It was weird wasn't it? As he staggered back time after time they just patched him up and sent him back out. Too much faith in his power? I thought someone might suggest he go into the corners for balance and just load up for one punch. Much like Hughie Fury did v Joseph Parker. Just use the corner for support, stick the jab out and if Fury tries to push then unload. Doubtful that it would have changed the result but he just kept his gameplan from the opening bell.
  15. I reckon Fury will have their pants down in negotiations. When he signed with Arum and targeted Wilder he obviously wanted to freeze AJ out and come back with negotiating power But so many things dropped nicely for him. Ruiz beating AJ, getting dropped by Wilder and coming back from it in a fight that defined his comeback from depression, getting a rematch with Wilder, beating Wilder up... it couldn't have gone any better. I bet he planned a points win over Wilder last year, slap the likes of Wallin and Schwarz about. Gain some popularity in the states and negotiate an fight from America Now he doesn't need America. People have invested in his journey and his dominance over Wilder in 2 fights puts him as the favourite against Joshua. Hearn should make sure he treats Tyson at least equal. If he doesn't then I'm sure Tyson will take on Whyte or continue to sell himself in America further increasing his claims to be the main man. Fury v Joshua. Undisputed. Wembley. It will be the greatest sporting event!!! I'd only hope the best man wins with a fair result and the fight is so epic we get it twice at least.
  16. He wasn't. He was ruined in the 5th and couldn't put up a fight. Fell across the ring onto the ropes and then needed them to hold himself up for the rest of the round. If he wasn't who he was then that fight gets stopped by a referee in the 5th.
  17. That's a good call for Wilder. Go for Ruiz. If he can KO him nice and east then he could probably push himself towards people calling for a Joshua fight. Joshua obviously could KO Wilder quite easily I think but it would be a bit of a shootout. It would be funny if Dillian Whyte got the chance to refuse Wilder. The thing about AJ v Fury is they could do it a few times. Joshua is more complete fighter than Wilder and he did get past a more skilful fighter than himself when he beat Klitschko. So he should have the belief. What a performance! You said he'd stop Wilder in round 9 but I bet you were shocked when he flattened him so early on! He looked in trouble in round 1!! I thought they were gonna introduce a half time interval to help him recover the bloody cheats!
  18. I can't see Wilder coming back for more. I don't see how he can reinvent himself as a boxer to be able to land the heavy shots. If Fury hadn't got up from that 12th round you could still say that he can still beat Wilder. He could comeback and box perfect. Or he could start sitting down on his shots because he rocked Wilder a couple of times. What do you say to Wilder now? In the third fight you need to... pin Fury with the jab? The best jab in the world belonged to Wladimir Klitschko and Fury took it away. Cover up and lure him in for an inside fight? Wilder is too small. That was a career heaviest weight and he got mauled. He might have to just let this one go. He will always have the best punchers chance in history. But that's 19 rounds done with Fury so... As @sage said, AJ might be best leaving Fury for a bit. Get his mandatory defences done. But thankfully I don't think he will and we could be in line for the monster of monster fights!!! 🥳
  19. C'mon!!!!!!!!! Credit to Wilder for showing a champions grit. But ask Chisora what Tyson Fury does to you if you don't stop. He never drops pace. He is a 12 round fighter. He. Does. Not. Stop. When you put Tyson in a fight he comes in with skill and clowning around When you put a challenge right on his toes then you get a 6ft 9, 19st relentless masterclass of unpredictability. His off beat timing destroyed Wilder. It's a similar approach of say Usyk at these weights and then you have to go down to the light heavies and super middle to find guys that change height and distance so quickly and often. Wilder is truly beaten by Fury now. Surely he won't be back for more. He's had 19 rounds to stop Tyson. He's won what? 3 rounds max? And he had a nightmare then. Completely unable to even get Fury to respect the jab never mind hold him in place for a hook. Wilder had a few moments where he was afforded a bit of recovery time and he had one moment where the ref could have called it. The corner did the right thing. Another 5 rounds of that? Live to fight another day dude. You might not be able to if you go out on your shield. Guess what. All the world heavyweight boxing titles are in Britain!!! We have 2 heavyweight champions!!
  20. Does indigestion not step foot in your house?
  21. Yeah started to look more likely as the fight went on didn't it. Washington didn't punish him for them desperate left hooks and straights so no wonder Martin kept them coming. Is he better than when he fought AJ though? Hard to tell when Washington did so little.
  22. Once yet again I can't help but think Washington loses too easy. Got up like it was a flash knockdown but staggered away from the ref. Take some of the count or walk towards the ref. Maybe harsh but everytime I see Washington fight he's in good shape and then loses like a fighter that isn't desperate to win. Anyway, There's only oooooonnnnnneee Tyson Fury!! Time to shoot the bronze bomber down! At 5 am...
  23. Do you reckon you'll make it to the fight? 5am is a loooooong way!!
  24. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  25. Quite interested in Martin v Washington I really like Washington but I think he hits the canvas too easy. Very good fighter that doesn't look like he's got the determination.
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