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  1. Ashley Franklin and Mike Ingham, where are they now I wonder? Still have mine, but one reel is defective. Loved the bit where John McGovern referred to (I perhaps should not give his name) as " Busy B****X. !
  2. Derby 2 v. QPR 0 FRGS : Martin
  3. Martin and Forsyth - quality always shows.
  4. Any indication of the attendance last night?
  5. Fulham 1 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  6. Saw Reg having a ciggy in the toilets at Derby station whilst we were waiting for the 08.00 Derby - London service, when we were heading for a Charlton away game in the early 1960s. Best memory of the man was an away game at Bury. They had Dave Hickson at no. 9, a notoriously hard (dirty) player. Twice in the first half Reg went for high crosses in the box, to be taken out unceremoniously by the said Hickson. At the next cross, a corner, Reg was in a position to see Hickson, and as the ball came over, went for a double fisted clearance of the ball. One fist connected firmly with the ball, the other landed a well judged "accidental" punch on Hickson' s jaw. Hickson was carried off, and did not return - job accomplished! The ref. did not take any action, presumably having decided to let the players sort out this unsavoury character...... Co-incidentally this was Ron Webster's league debut : 2-2 draw, 24/3/1962
  7. Derby 1 v. Preston 1 FRGS : Martin
  8. florist 2 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  9. Derby 1 v. Middlesbrough 0 FRGS : Martin
  10. Bert Mozley played in the first Rams match which I attended - Fulham away 1/5/1952, lost 3 -0, and on two other occasions including L**ds away 24/10/1953, lost 3-1, a game in which John Charles played as well as Albert Johansen, one of the first black players in the English game. Rest in Peace Bert.
  11. Hull 2 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  12. Derby 1 v. Wigan 0 FRGS : Waghorn
  13. John O'Hare was also in that team IIRC.
  14. Charlton 1 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  15. Now now, don't go upsetting @DarkFruitsRam7 !
  16. Thanks for the "commentary" again @SaintRam - much appreciated as ever!
  17. Stoke score in 90th min to lead at Swansea.
  18. Chris Martin, but if Craig Bryson had still been with us, I would have invited him along as well.
  19. Well, that's a lot of 5 pointers up the spout!
  20. No "apparently" at all, as @oldtimeram says above "absolutely! My "missing wish" would be the 8-2 drubbing of Spurs at home - was away in Scotland for that one.
  21. Barnsley 1 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Martin
  22. We invariably take an above average following to Barnsley. I was surprised - and heartened - at the attendance for the Birmingham game, so if the fans turn up in force as usual for this fixture, and the players respond accordingly, whatever the result, then that has to be beneficial for everyone I would suggest.
  23. Boro 4-1 down at home to the Wendies after 34mins !
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