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  1. Joe Ledley - Signed

  2. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Jeff Hendrick has done far better than Will Hughes.
  3. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Sorry mate. You are miles off. Will Hughes is not fit to lace their boots up. In fact...hes not fit to lace his own boots up at the minute as he cant even make the bench at Watford.
  4. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Tell you what...if anybody says Hughes is better than Eranio,Kinkladze and Asanovic...then they need to go watch some footage of them players who all played football at international level and in top flight leagues. Wake me up when you find footage of Will Hughes's top flight footage. He cant even get on Watford's bench. But some of us knew that would be the case anyway.
  5. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Im with this
  6. Joe Ledley - Signed

    The comparison was between Huddlestone and Hughes. Didn't Ryan Shotton come through the ranks at Stoke? So therefore you're comparison is flawed because Shotton has never been bought by a Prem Club. Huddlestone and Hughes have both been bought by Prem clubs. Now Huddlestone has very good pedigree at Prem Level. Hughes has not even laced boots up yet. I don't think he will ever get close to what Huddz has achieved at top flight level. It would not surprise me if Hughes is loaned out in January back to the Championship.
  7. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Hughes best player some have ever seen at Derby??? Better than Huddlestone??? Some have not watched much football at Derby and Huddlestone's career is proven at top flight level. Hughes hasn't even played 1 game at top flight level.
  8. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Im not surprised people are worried by the rumour. No pics or interview since the signing..no training pics. Rowett's interview this afternoon will answer everything.
  9. Chris Martin

    Take this info as you like but I got told Rowett turned down 2 bids for Martin on deadline day.
  10. David Davis

    Under Clough years we had far worse sides than this and I never heard the same amount of bile that gets put on social media as I hear and read now. Expectations were risen by McClaren's first 7 months in charge which has bought a whole new attitude. We have spent in the past few windows...massively so its time to check back a bit. Not Rowett's fault that some players here are unsellable is it?
  11. David Davis

    I prefer the pre Wembley Derby fans. The new breed are just a load of old moaning minnies who have no idea how to accept defeat or poor performances. No idea about financial side of a club...generally spoilt brats.
  12. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    David Davis would be a great fit for our central midfield. Davis and Kent I'm praying for. Ill be doing cartwheels with them 2 in.
  13. Cameron Jerome

    Think you are on about Callum Wilson.
  14. Cameron Jerome

    The only way this makes sense to me is that Chris Martin is lined up to go. Otherwise we are overloaded upfront when the central midfield needs strengthening and possibly a wide player surely?

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