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  1. What Kaide will miss is the chance to be around a first team at such a young age. The things you can learn at that age are immense. I understand people who say hes going to Liverpool and all that. But theres a part of his football career here that he wont get back. Liverpool will be a club that will always buy the best. Its up to him. Dont wanna come across as downplaying the move but i think hed learn alot more being around the first team at Derby for a few years. I wish him well.
  2. Yes. If he doesn't want to sign and wants to go to Liverpool then all we get is the compensation fee.
  3. If he doesn't want to sign we can't do a thing about it or price. Its standard.
  4. Kaide Gordon is still at school and not on a Pro contract. All we get is compensation. Just like with Liam Delap. Just like Swindon with Bogle.
  5. Why do fans keep saying we are a mess and skint? This isnt even close. In the 80s we nearly went to the wall. Literally. We had nothing on the pitch to sell and no money whatsoever. I know...in the worse case scenario...we have saleable assets on the pitch. We are also owned by a multi millionaire who is about to close a sale to a group worth billions. Where is the drama? Its not even close to our worst time.
  6. We are really taking a depleted youth side up there later today. Many years ago i was playing at Chorleys level. It would have been a test for our 1st team nevermind the young kids later today. The magic of the cup will never disappear. Chorleys cup dream marches on or Derby kids have a day they wont forget. Thats football. Forget Covid for 90 mins.
  7. Game will be off. minus 3 overnight in Chorley tmoro night. No chance of a thaw for mid day.
  8. Lets be right. Its not a normal season. What does it really matter? Play the fixture. It will be a great experiance for players like Archie Brown,Jordan Brown,Duncan,Hutchinson,Shonibare,Tyree Wilson,Ibrahim,Dixon,Minkley...and a few more. Chorley will certainly have the advantage of strength but these young kids can play. Looking forward to it already.
  9. Forgive the mates bit...but i got a text from a close friend whos mate heard from the lad whos due to give the medicals Monday.
  10. Anybody heard the news Bogle and Lowe to have medicals at Sheff Utd Monday?
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