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    jimbo jones reacted to WestKentRam in Pride Park stadium mini-model   
    Antiques Roadshow episode...
    I wondered if anyone knows anything about or also has this model of Pride Park stadium from the 'Premier League Collection'? It caught my eye when ambling past a second hand shop on the Welsh borders.
    Thankfully it didn't cost as much as what Mel has just paid for the full sized PP recently (I paid £9.99), but I'm happy to lease it back to the club if required.

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    jimbo jones got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    His complete lack of any ability to head a ball is quite astonishing 😂
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    jimbo jones reacted to ollycutts1982 in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    He stands 6'2" but when heading shrinks to 3'duck all.
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from Rampage in Not Addressing Aerial Defensive Frailties   
    A few have mentioned. If you’re not that good at winning the headers, stop the crosses coming into the box is the solution.
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    jimbo jones reacted to ollycutts1982 in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    I still can't get Barry Bannan winning a header against him out my head.
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    @Millenniumram has it spot on. I will hold my hands up and say I thought it was time for him to move on. But with the right players around him (young & quick) he could be vital.
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from Millenniumram in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    @Millenniumram has it spot on. I will hold my hands up and say I thought it was time for him to move on. But with the right players around him (young & quick) he could be vital.
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    jimbo jones reacted to Millenniumram in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    I was thinking the same, maybe not his favourite player, but certainly one who could still be a key player this season. Seen a lot of people writing him off as if he won’t be involved, wanting him replaced, it’s almost seemingly become a fashion to criticise him without much to really back it up other than “he’s slow”. Which, I may add, has been the case since the dawn of time, and in that time he’s played in the champions league, so it’s probably not bothered him too much.
    I personally think he’s had one of the better pre seasons of players at the club, and he looks to be fitting in cocus system perfectly- he sits in midfield as the outball from defence, always available and always knowing his next move (which is why he’s so good) while everyone upfront creates options for us. Looks to be vital in that transition getting the back out from the back and up to the forwards. It’s the way he always makes himself available in situations like that that makes me be one of the few that really rates him. Underrated in what he offers above other midfielders in terms of playing out from the back, he never hides and is always that outlet to get us moving into attack.
    I think cocu has recognised that in the games so far and has been utilising him in exactly that role, which he’s done very well in so far and contributed to a lot of our good play. Think perhaps he struggled at times last season, particularly later in the season, as he was playing alongside other slow players in midfield like Bryson and Johnson. It seems much more upsets to him this season with him having quicker players around him to help him out, allowing him to show what we all know he can do, pass a ball! Only pre season of course, and things could all change, but So far huddz looks to be a player cocu rates and I can see him playing a key role this season yet- much to the annoyance I suppose of some who bizzarely seem to blame Wembley on him as well as many of our failings last season, rather than the lack of players to play around him.
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    jimbo jones reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Tom Lawrence   
    Been a staunch supporter of Tom and have never really doubted his talent but you feel this is the season where he needs to really try and kick on. He ended last season in really good form, despite having a very difficult time of things off the pitch, so if he can pick up where he left off that'd be grand.
    Happily, it seems that PC has quickly worked out he's bext played though the middle, so I'm more than hopeful Tom can do a few teams some serious damage this season. 
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    jimbo jones reacted to DCFC1388 in Grady Diangana   
    But if he is better than them then the usual process is we loan a youngster in and loan our youngsters out to gain experience.
    We loan from prem and loan out to league1 or 2
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    jimbo jones reacted to Will Hughes Hair in Scott Carson   
    I'll grant you it's unlikely to be champagne football but at least Carson won't be having to worry about his short passing skills!  I'd also point out  Carson is an upgrade on Fielding and that squad looks stronger than the one that finished eighth (and 3pts off the play offs) in 2017/18.
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from EnigmaRam in Krystian Bielik   
    I’m all for Evans having a chance, but Bielik would still be a good signing as a better option than the names you mention for CB and as a good option in midfield as well.
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from dabber in Derbyshire Cricket 2019   
    Now that reads nice 😎
    great way to start the t20 campaign, and even without the big international name, I liked the look of the team. Mark Watt bowled well, and a great innings from Godleman, supported well throughout especially from Du Plooy, and just when we needed some big hits at the end Critchley stepped up just like he did last year.

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    jimbo jones reacted to Ambitious in Fikayo Tomori   
    I think if nothing comes further of this, we can report this as cyber bullying, no? 
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    jimbo jones reacted to philc130 in Press Conference   
    I hope we all give these guys time. i think potentially they could build something sustainable and successful given it  
  16. Sad
    jimbo jones reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in Fikayo Tomori   
    Sky Sports just said on their transfer show he will not be returning. 
  17. COYR
    jimbo jones reacted to Sparkle in Harry Wilson   
    Utterly unbelievable that there are posters on here who wet themselves over signing players who have hardly played football yet with a possibility of re signing a young guy who is not only a full international but someone who played wide right or through central midfield for us and scored 18 goals most of which were from outside the penalty area and some don’t want him because he does it with just his left foot! And he wasn’t as good as Mount or Tomori - wake up  
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    jimbo jones reacted to YouRams in Harry Wilson   
    18 goals and 6 assists, in his first season here whilst adjusting to the league, imagine if he didn’t “go missing” as much and worked on his flaws over the summer...
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from SKRam in Cricket World Cup 2019   
    Jason Roy makes such a difference. Absolute brutal display of batting that was.
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    jimbo jones reacted to Jimbo Ram in Derbyshire Cricket 2019   
    Definitely one for the future that youngster Stevens.....
  21. Cheers
    jimbo jones reacted to BathRam72 in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    All this banging on about attack attack attack. Any decent team has to have a balance and know when to attack.
    Attack without defence is pointless, as we have seen on too many occasions.
    Yes attacking football is nice to watch and I for one love it. 
    I am just saying there are times you have to defend, just as long as we don't revert to Rowett ball and can hit teams on the counter with style and pace, Would that be so bad?
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    jimbo jones reacted to eddie in Derbyshire Cricket 2019   
    Derbyshire only took one backward step in the evening session, and that was sending in Qadri as nightwatchman with five overs to go - compounded by Qadri himself taking a backward step himself, leaving a straight one first ball and being bowled.
    I'm not really sure what to make of today's play - other than to say that it was county cricket on steroids. 24 wickets and over 400 runs in a day's play - bloody Nora.
    The wicket has dominated this game hands down - both sides tried to play conventional '3 an over' cricket on it during the first four hours of play today, and both sides failed to make any impression whatsoever, losing wickets in clusters at any time. You're never 'in' - you just spend some time in the cut grass between a long walk to the middle and another long walk to the pavilion.
    So with just 27 overs of the day's play to go when Derbyshire started their second dig in the unlikely task of registering around 320 to win, it perhaps needed an extraordinary approach - and boy, did we get one, with Godleman charging Sanderson and smashing him straight back over his head for 6. When he departed in the 5th over, the others took up the mantle.
    Right until the last couple of overs and with the ground bathed in glorious sunshine, the home side scored at a run a ball - the type of approach you would take if you were chasing 320 in a limited-overs game. Which it is, really. There's just nothing you can do about it if one ball has got your name on it, so Derbyshire seem to have taken the approach that if it's unlikely that you can stay in for long, then take the attack to the bowlers and smash the ball.
    It's an incredibly bold approach and one which has David Hughton written all over it - and it just might work. It probably won't, but there's no harm in trying.
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from SaintRam in Derbyshire Cricket 2019   
    Hah we currently sit 3rd in the table, with 3 teams promoted this season. We play good cricket at times, but not consistently.
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    jimbo jones reacted to nfb in Christian Walton   
    Sorry but to me that's a worrying attitude, and one a few of our managers have had, hopefully PC will get/buy/loan players and play them where they naturally fit rather than square ish pegs in round ish holes? 
    Onwards and upwards 😂
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    jimbo jones got a reaction from therealhantsram in Christian Walton   
    We really don’t have an abundance of wingers. We have an abundance of players who get shoved out on the wing but don’t really want to play there. 
    And who are the loads of exciting youngsters? Michell-Lawson and?
    our main exciting youngsters are midfielders (Sibley, Knight, Bird) But seems to be the position everyone is desperate to sign a player.
    Cocu apparently likes quick wingers who take players on and put crosses in, that counts out most of our “wingers”. I will be amazed if we don’t at least sign one before the end of the window.
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