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  1. 8 May 2005, Derby 3 Preston 1, sadly lost to them in the play-offs that followed.
  2. If I were a billionaire with cash to invest in Derby how much would it cost. The Alonso story refers to debt of £40m plus £5m for MM, £45m total. Does that buy me everything or is the stadium extra. The training ground is I believe on a long standing lease, never owned by Derby, unlike the stadium. An estimate of how much you'd have to pay in total to buy Derby would be a useful benchmark.
  3. 7 May 1949, Derby 4 Stoke 1, last win otd.
  4. Suggests you could buy Derby for £45m by covering debts £40m and payment to MM £5m. That includes PP. A good deal for someone.
  5. If this is true let's hope he's quickly despatched. Third time lucky perhaps, next week we'll know our division for 2021/22. Surely someone with cash can spot a bargain. We don't want to be leveraged😎
  6. 5 May 2001, Manchester United 0 Derby County 1, it was twenty years ago today, sgt jim smith taught the band to play.
  7. Derby 9 Sheffield Wednesday 0, party like it's 1899😎
  8. Quite right, I do like a sense of history though😎
  9. Derby v. Sheffield Wednesday at home, during last 10 years, P 8, W 4, D 4.
  10. 4 May 1991, Derby 6 Southampton 2 (but already relegated).
  11. 30 April 1977, Derby 4 Manchester City 0, Daly, Gemmill, Hector, Daniel.
  12. Derby at Swansea, best 5-1 in 1984, worst 0-7 in 1958.
  13. Recent record there good, W 5, D 2 since last defeat in 2008.
  14. 18 April 2015, Huddersfield 4 Derby 4, Dawkins, Ince 2, Lingard.
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