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    cosmic reacted to Jourdan in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Could this be a turning point in the season?
    Chris Martin is slowly earning Cocu’s trust.
    This can only lead to something good.
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    cosmic got a reaction from DarkFruitsRam7 in New “head of academy coaching”   
    Regional Manager of the Scranton branch.
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    cosmic got a reaction from ReyDCFC in New “head of academy coaching”   
    West Brom have a very good academy. Good news for us!
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    cosmic reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Rooney or Cocu   
    Farke had a poor first season as Norwich manager and now they are in the Premier League beating Man City 3-2. Have a bit of patience fellas.
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    cosmic got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Rooney or Cocu   
    Let me try and put this in the language of the OP:

    Did I do it right?
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    cosmic reacted to Tyler Durden in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    For the avoidance of doubt before I start to get jumped on unnecessarily I am not saying that we cheated by avoiding FFP sanctions by selling the ground back to ourselves nor do I question the motives of having to do this which was clear - I am saying let's not lose sight of WHY we had to do it in the first place which was our own dismal failings.
    I care not a jot regards whether Boro want to sue the EFL or whether other clubs think what we did was unfair I AM interested in how we managed to land up in this situation in the first place 
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    cosmic reacted to Woodley Ram in Rooney or Cocu   
    Some body was asked this question on talk sport on Friday. CoCu is going nowhere, I don’t expect promotion this year, he will see the gaps and recruit for his system for next year. I expect a full tilt for promotion next year. Rooney is not an option as manger at the moment. 
    We need continuity in managers, players and system. Once we have that instead of the continual changes we have had for the last 5 or 6 years we will be fine.
    the promoted sides all have one thing in common ( apart from Wolves who bought above their level) they have built a side on the same system with the same manager.
    need to be calm this season, we will be up there but feel next season will be our year. We need to keep Cocu. 
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    cosmic reacted to Tyler Durden in Rooney or Cocu   
    So you're hypothesising that our abysmal start to the season is down to the fact that Rooney is exerting some subliminal force on Cocu from across the Atlantic what next alien conspiracies?
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    cosmic got a reaction from Pastinaak in Rooney or Cocu   
    Let me try and put this in the language of the OP:

    Did I do it right?
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    cosmic reacted to Duracell in Rooney or Cocu   
    Yes I too believe that Wayne Rooney is the reason why Cocu’s team is behaving the same way in his first two months as his previous two.
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    cosmic reacted to Nuwtfly in Rooney or Cocu   
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    cosmic reacted to angieram in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Excuse this rambling and esoteric post but I just wanted to share some emotions of my busy night when I was honoured to be asked by the club to present the match day ball pre-game.
    I was co-ordinating the team of volunteers for World Suicide Prevention Day as you know so was quite tired when I went out onto the pitch with a fellow volunteer to present the ball to the referee.  I couldn't have prepared for the noise that greets you when you follow the two teams out into the stadium - it's awesome and quite overwhelming.
    We stood on the touchline while the teams shook hands and then were guided across the grass through the Derby players as they peeled off from the lineups - Clarke passed really close by at speed - as we headed for the centre circle.
    Waiting for the referee, I turned and gave a cheeky wave to my husband sat up high in the west stand. I was amazed how close he looked from the middle of the pitch - you really do get a different perspective from there and it has reinforced to me how much our collective behaviour and body language can affect the players throughout the game. A quick shake of hands and a few words with the referee, who was very friendly. Sorry,  I did say 'enjoy the game' to him and he might have taken me too literally!
    Next it was back to the lineup with the captains for the official photos. Keogh made a point to say hello to us both which we didn't expect at such a busy time and then all too soon we were escorted back down the tunnel for our thank yous with the DCFC staff. 
    It was a brief but unforgettable experience, passed in a bit of a blur.
    I will particularly remember the time we spent behind the scenes before we went out - we  got to meet and shake hands with Jamie Ward, who was visiting  (another winger like him wouldn't go amiss!) 
    We stood just behind the dressing room entrances for quite a time and there were a flurry of comings and goings as staff and Sky people were busy preparing for the game. It makes you appreciate what a complex and well drilled routine is in place to make sure everything runs smoothly. We were kept informed and also kept from getting too nervous by Lynne, who was brilliant and explained everything as we waited. I know Lynne as she is a big fan who goes to every away game so it was great to see her in  her official role.
    All too soon it was time. It was brilliant to watch Keogh and the lads emerge from 'our' side and presumably the same for the Cardiff guys, who I didn’t even notice! 
    As we moved forward to take the match ball and our place in the queue, Phillip Cocu came out and stood in the doorway of the changing room and said hello to us, another nice moment. 
    We could just about hear the usual announcement in the stadium and as we moved forward that wall of sound really does hit you. After last night, I will concentrate even harder on being a positive supporter as now I have literally felt the difference that it makes!
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    cosmic reacted to Paul71 in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    The morning after my thoughts having not been able to make it to the game due to illness.
    I thought we did ok, but were very sloppy at times, we improved. I am glad half time came for Clarke.
    I would have been disappointed but not surprised if our goal had been disallowed following the supposed handball which i am still not sure about.
    We should have had a penalty, and score it or not and ifs and buts but the passage of play that led to theirs probably doesnt then happen.
    Second half so unlucky, hit the bar, keeper did well when waghorn through, dont think waghorn could have hit it any better.
    Positives for me Bielek, looks like will be class. Thought Huddz had a good game, Lowe growing in confidence and will put malone under pressure, but he also did really well so competition for places is a good thing.
    Holmes looked lively, just what we need.
    Great to see Martin on and a couple of nice touches in a cameo, well hit free kick but well defended.
    Negatives - Shay Given needs to work with Roos, he has talent but scares me at times and this surely must have an effect on the defence.
    The reaction on here to Lawrence booking meaning he misses the next game, i know everyone is entitle to an opinion, its just mine that i think the attitude towards lawrence from a small minority is appalling.
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    cosmic reacted to LB_DCFC in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Fine. i see I'm not going to change your mind on this, but I'll leave it with this. This happened with wilson last season too, he wasn't good until late september/ early october. Quite a few suggested similar with him as you are with Clarke. Footballers are humans too, moving players have to adapt to their new environment like any other person changing jobs would. He's been here barely a month. Similar to Cocu in a few ways, done some things well, done some things badly, but I'm not making a total judgement on the man with such a limited sample size. Doesn't make sense to do so. Same with Dowell. He hasn't been good so far (that we can agree on!), but at least allow him the time to adapt. If, by 20 games he's still showed no signs, then consider his position. You never know, he and Clarke could come good by then! There's possibly a multitude of other reasons why Clarke isn't at his peak currently that extend further than he's not very good. Time is the most valuable thing, but so often isn't afforded.
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    cosmic reacted to Ambitious in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    I think there was enough to be happy with tonight, but the result was the most important thing tonight and we didn't quite get it. Nevertheless, for me, personally, it has the feel of a transition season that I would probably be able to enjoy. 
    We've got plenty of good players, but definitely not the right balance. In all honesty, I think it was also the case last season, but we had players who could pull rabbits out of the hat. Dowell was brought into to help with that regard, but just hasn't had the desired effect. Left out tonight. 
    If we could send out an army of scouts far and wide to go find two wide players who can be stars at this level, it would make all the difference. 
    Nothing to be too down about. 
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    cosmic reacted to angieram in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    I just liked this view with the moon rising over the South Stand tonight.
    Pride Park under the floodlights. Something special.

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    cosmic reacted to ramit in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    We had visitors, so missed the game.  Reading through the comments after 3 glasses of white wine i got the following.  Roos can't catch a cold, Lawrence is poo, Clarke had a stinker, but thank God for Holmes and Bielik and somehow average Malone scored, but superstar Marriott didn't, Waghorn won another penalty not given and it's all Keogh's fault, no wait Clarke's, err Cocu's.  Lucky to draw, but should have won, if we had been better.
    Does that about cover it?
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    cosmic reacted to eezzeetiger in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    more than a few
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    cosmic got a reaction from Bob The Badger in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    He’s actually improved Huddlestone’s game as well. They each know their roles. 
    (Still feel like they’re doing half a job each, though)
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    cosmic got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Sorry are you lost? Or have you just had a shandy?
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    cosmic reacted to Dean Saunder’s hat trick in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Decent that. This team ain’t far off clicking you know, and when it does, I reckon it might be pretty darn good. Can’t really fault anyone. Clarke was hesitant first half and could be a bit more decisive when he bombs forward but that’s being Uber picky. 
    Waghorn should have had a pen before they got there’s and if he did then there’s doesn’t happen. 2-0 is a different game. Though based on recent pens we miss it anyway. Oh, and so happy to see a skinny as feck Martin back in a Derby shirt. Just imagine if he’d bent that last kick of the game into the top corner! For a minute it was written. Hey ho, on to the next. Who we playing??
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    cosmic reacted to Alpha in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Weirdo. He's gave us so many joyous moments and that's how you talk about Derby players. 
    Did you laugh when Malone put them in with a hospital pass or are you still sniffing his bum out. You love rimming him.
    Martin did no better or worse than anyone else. The fact you have a raging hard on for Scott Malone and you cry into your soup whenever somebody on here mentions Martin should tell you something about yourself
    Malone (who I like) has not done half as much for this club as Martin. I mean in that game he tackled Bielik. Me personally I didn't find it funny because I'm not a parasite like you. 
    I bet you were relieved he missed that free kick. 
    Like your weird banging on about Ashley Cole. Are you a grown man? These weird obsessions you have with individuals can't be healthy. Particularly when you seem so happy to hammer our own players. 
    Why don't you just leave off trying to score internet points and go and bank over Malone posters
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    cosmic reacted to dcfcfan1 in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Can kiss top 6 goodbye 
    This squad is bang average 
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    cosmic reacted to CWC1983 in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Better 2nd half and should of taken the 3 points. 
    Cardiff are awful, Id be surprised if they even make the play offs. 
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    cosmic reacted to Kernow in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    It's very frustrating because I feel like we should have more points on the board this season.
    Two missed penalties, one-on-one vs Stoke, penalty decision not given today and 30 seconds later Cardiff get one... 
    It would be very, very unlikely for all those things to go our way, and you could probably pick opposing examples such as Joe Allen missing from two yards, but things really could be much different.
    1 win in 7 but we deserve more. With a full strength side, we'll go on a run before long. The issue is when you've not won for a while is you need it to come asap, and next up is Leeds away. With Bielik finally able to start in midfield, we're able to see his quality. Hopefully this'll allow Keogh and Clarke to form a better partnership as it must've been difficult for Clarke to have a decent start at Derby, then just get dropped so Bielik can be eased in to the side.
    Get Bogle back, move Lowe to LB and we're already a much, much better side. It'll come with time, I just hope Cocu can get the time because a defeat in our next game will cause the quiet groans to get that little bit louder.
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