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  1. What's more frustrating?

    I wasn't referring to during the match that's why I said "afterwards" people are entitled to have a critical opinion.
  2. What's more frustrating?

    I don't think people are being too negative I think they are just frustrated that we might throw away our hard work earlier in the season. Everybody wants us to succeed so badly that it comes across as negative. I don't agree with booing anybody but people are entitled to their opinion afterwards and if they want to be critical so be it after all these players are not playing for free if I was getting even a tenth of what they get a week you could beat me in the street and I'd still be smiling.
  3. Life on Loan - Elsnik & Gordon

    Hopefully we see them both for Derby next season
  4. How strong is our squad in reality?

    I think we have a fairly strong squad for this league but if we were to go up it will need massive investment and restructuring. How many of our current line up would you be happy with fielding in the premier? All our loanees will be coming back this summer so Gary has a hell of a job to do either way.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    As I said in another post we are in danger of going flat without that spark of a player who offers something special.
  6. Optimist or Pessimist

    Optimistic, we'll win the play offs with Keogh powering a header for the winner finally banishing memories of our last trip to Wembley
  7. Give Thomas a go...?

    Too right I feel we are in danger of going a bit flat and it could really dent our promotion hopes don't get me wrong we have done amazingly so far but now is time to really ramp it up a notch and throw everything at the final run of games which is why I was a little disappointed we didn' get a really good quality winger in the window. Anyhow it didn't happen so that spark will have to come from us fans and starting from tomorrow night I will be shouting my head off from start to finish. Come on Derby!
  8. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Ledley and Nugent back in with Thomas making an appearance from the bench I hope to see.
  9. Give Thomas a go...?

    I hope we give Thomas a run out soon he could be the live wire we need right now.
  10. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    I think we'll be fine if pushed move vydra up and put Palmer in behind .
  11. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    The bald eagle!
  12. Pick a Ram, any Ram

    My head says Dean saunders but my heart says Marco Gabbiadini
  13. Stronger or Weaker

    I never thought of Russell as a proper winger tbh just played out wide so often we forgot his original preference so I see no reason Palmer cannot play on wing we'll just keep putting him there and if He moans ignore him and continue to put him out wide. I think Anya is our only proper winger and think he will be used to great effect as a super sub when everyone is tiring he can score us some winners like he nearly did at Millwall.
  14. Whoever we sign let's hope we make sure he knows where to put his signature.

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