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  1. Jesus what is it with will bloody Hughes the bloke didnt know how to hit a forward pass to save his life !! It was always sideways the bloke was vastly and I mean vastly over rated and what he is doing now proves it . Holmes on the other hand likes to go forward as soon as possible love him . Hughes cant tie Holmes or Mason mounts boots , rant over
  2. Bananas that have gone past there best 🙂
  3. Here we go . I just love it absolutely love these Stevie Mac boys . Next they will be saying he was a brill footballer . He was one of the worst midfielders Derby had ran around all day with his socks round his ankles trying to be a fancy dan , when he was a pile of crap . Absolutely ineffective . McClaren is a very good coach that has an instant impact but it soon fades and he isn't a long term very good manager . Interesting lets look at his % at Middlesborough where he was for quite a length of time . If cloughs so crap how come he seems to stay at clubs for quite a length of time . Im not a Clough out and out supporter but I would like one more time to see him back at Derby with money and being backed properly . Only then will you be able to say if Clough is good or not . On Cocu I don't like him but I think you have to be fair and give him at least one summer transfer window wether we go down or not .
  4. PLZ engage brain or get back to ya play station
  5. Do I really need to explain that or are you that desperate to put McClaren on top with his abroad cheap title wins to prove your point . The fact its based in England and just for club sides before you say why not the national team is to put it on a fair basis .
  6. STICK THIS ONE IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT ALL YOU DAFT MCLAREN BOYS All Steve McClaren Club Teams WIN % from teams in ENGLAND Derby 2016-10-29 2017-03-18 36.84% games played 19 Derby County 2016-10-122017-03-12 45.83% games played24 Newcastle United 2015-06-102016-03-10 23.53% games played 34 Derby 2014-03-012015-08-08 50% games played 68 Derby County 2013-09-30 2015-05-25 53.68% games played 95 Nottingham Forest 2011-06-13 2011-10-02 23.08%games played13 Middlesbrough2001-06-12 2006-05-11 38.8% games played 250 OVERALL WIN PERCENTAGE = 39.15% All Cloughs Club Team WIN % from teams in ENGLAND Burton Albion2015-12-07 present-01-01 33.33% games played 117 Sheffield United2013-10-232015-05-25 47.12% games played 104 Derby County2009-01-06 2013-09-28 33.48% games played 233 Burton Albion1998-10-062009-01-06 43.72% games played 709 OVERALL WIN PERCENTAGE = 39.41 % WELL WELL WELL ……….FOOD FOR THOUGHT NO , I KNOW YOU CAN USE % IN ALL SORTS OF DIFFERENT WAYS BUT I THINK THIS SHUTS A FEW PEOPLE UP , CERTAINLY THE DAFT McClaren boys .
  7. NO lol as the only 3 players that made Lampards team have left pmsl
  8. Clough …… Im a Clough supporter , Your quite correct he had no real funds and as soon as some became available Sam Rush didn't trust Clough to spend them wisely if I remember right there was a new sponsorship deal suddenly appeared as Mac came in wasn't there , there was never any such deal while Clough was here . And part of me still would be interested to see what would really happen with Clough at the helm with some money . Although I know a few will point to he failed with Sheff Utd which was a big team in the division below us at the time. But im going t oadmit that I don't really think that clough even with money would be succesfull but I would like to see the chance , just in case. Mac ………….I REALLY do not get the LOVE IN with this BLOKE , for gods sake WAKE UP this is a bloke who says he loves Derby yet as soon as he got successful he was making loving remarks to Newcastle which at that time totally unsettled everything he was doing . I agree he was or might still be a good coach and he makes an instant impact . But the mac effect soon wears off and the love in fades it has twice now .For gods sake he has no reason I can think of for a 3rd visit its over with Mac there isn't one single reason for him to return ……...unlike Clough who has not had a real chance with funds to spare . Cocu ( cockup )…………...To be fair to him he has come in at a disastrous time it was a poor squad being propped up by 3 decent loans ( which is NEVER the way to go and not even now with FFP in play ) . Loans should only be used with a decent spine of a team in place , the loansshouldnt be the spine of the team . I don't like Cocu I have to say he has all the flair of an under excited Librarian , can you really see this man motivating a team for all his football nous and knowledge . A manager has to get with a team a manager has to get respect through passion and motivation , I will say now that Cocu is NOT that man . Butttttttttttt to be fair to the guy you have to really give him at least 2 transfer windows to put his ideas into place . Right now its an awful manager arriving at Derby at an awful time and it could take us down do not think that cant happen . For me a manager has to be hard as nails but yet have that passion and be able to put the arm round the shoulder . I think right now we have to give cocu 2 windows on transfers even if it does take us down a tier . Sometimes you have to fall to pieces to start again …...afterall just look at Sheff Utd . Honestly I donttihnk its that hard to get out of this division or stay in the prem and a club like Derby should be matching the likes of Villa and easily staying in the top tier without pulling up any trees , the fact we are not shows how bad we have recruited and managed are finances in most of my life watching football . The one good thing about Derby at the moment isn't ROONEY with a walking stick its MEL MORRIS and even he looks like he is losing the will for the fight . Right now things are looking very bleak . I do believe the players are not putting it all in for Cocu for various reasons ……..it might be the treatment of Keogh ( personally I agree with the club ) but a lot don't . It might be Cocu's personality , It might be bringing in Rooney on massive wages when the others are not …...not a lot has been said on this point but resentment from players does start over such things never mind if Rooney is bringing in more cash through other avenues the players don't look at it like that . You could say that's a bad decision by MEL and Cocu . There is a lot wrong at Derby its frightening . If I could get a damn big sweeping brush I would brush the lot away leaving only Mel Morris in place and lets start again . As the overhaul needed is absolutely MASSIVE !!
  9. Yeah and what's mr sideways pass doing now , vastly and I mean vastly over rated isn't good enough to be a shoe lace in mounts shoe
  10. Sad about Jack as I deffo think he is going to go to another club and score a hat full . Derby is not the place for him lets just make sure we get our money back if possible and maybe more but I don't see how with his recent record . Its very sad as I think Derby are at fault not building the side around him like ramage says . If ever there was a 2nd bobby davison jack is it .
  11. The SHORT SIGHTEDNESS of people on here is unbelievable the 3 excellent loans signings that Frank brought in got us to a play off final I agree . But it has also got us to WHERE WE ARE NOW !! ………..wake up people . We don't even have a core of a team to put loans into at all. We need to get the spine of the team signed to Derby . Whatever you say no matter how good they are loans know there not at the club the other players know there not at the club . The situation Derby are in is a relegation battle if you don't realise this by now you will past xmas and its going to take more than rooney with a walking stick to turn us around !!. Yep Jan isn't a great month to sign but Derby have no option we need to sign players to stay not sod off in 6 months time wake up people . Wether we sign expensive or bargain basement they need to be our players . Loan players will do nothing for the stability of the club or lay down proper crecentails to future signings that this is a club that's going to seriously going places . Use your noddles and take your hands off your play stations .
  12. Sorry but this is a pile of pants we need perm signings NOT LOANS !! look where loans have got us .
  13. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/max-lowe-celtic-target-hoops-16938592
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