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  1. Happy to hear this, proper happy. The best footballer I have watched. I remember a man utd match cant remember which one , but utd put 3 players on him everytime he got the ball . Ted skinned em everytime , he had no idea where he was going but he skinned em . The only time I truly belly laughed at a football match at a players skill and desire . Those were the days .
  2. Anyone just think the rooney appointment is to ease the fans anger over no takeover yet , call me a cynical old victor meldrew but that's how I see it .
  3. You honestly think we will not pay players and they will go and do their bit in this molly coddled world of sky over inflated wages . The days of playing for pride and the club/shirt went years ago . Their is a huge despondency around the club because of the never happening takeover this does and will effect the players .
  4. Spot on , and what u have to ask yourself if this has been that hard to get through what about expenses for transfers . Like I say this has gone on that long that I now dont want them . They would really have to plough some money in to convince me at the moment .
  5. Its a shame we wont get to see him , also you have to feel that the current mess we are in wont endear him to him staying . But if he has to go i would like to know what future sell on clauses or potential extras we are likely to get before being happy about it .
  6. With regards to the latest telegraph the only line that matters is " it's all a matter of timing ". What the hell does that mean it tells you bugger all . I tell you what's a matter of timing is the fact every day that goes by is one less now on transfer options. This is pathetic if everything is ticked what can be the benefit of holding up money transfer bar for accounting purposes and that surely is yearly basis so will it be imminent till april.
  7. Surely either radio Derby or the telegraph , have to chase this up or the club have to issue a statement to clarify . But if you expect a good performance from players on the pitch amongst this absolute shambles your deluded.
  8. This forum is going to in to absolute meltdown if it's not announced by friday I will even say it will start by Wednesday as how long should it take if funds were remitted late last week . I will say it again my monies on it wont go ahead this week and finally the penny will drop with the do gooders that like to moan at the moaners lol
  9. I think the problem is the lack of clarity towards fans is not helping things at all , well i know thats how i feel . You would think with 2 previous attempts failed and the tiny info being fed to the fans thats it imminent and never happens you cant blame fans for getting worried/angry . We are now in the transfer period and are wasting time and its still imminent , surely if new owners really want the club all the dots and i's would and should have been crossed ready to go into the transfer window . I feel personally there is a happy clappy brigade on here who do nothing but
  10. Theres due diligence and then theres the slow boat from china .
  11. Blue shorts with a brown stripe just cover any mishaps 😁😁😁😁
  12. Didnt want Austen anyway but if he is willing to go to QPR and refused to come to us esp after a rooney phone call you have to ask how low have we sunk .
  13. I'm sorry but that's rubbish . Most fans want it done but whether it goes ahead or not the fact remains the supporters have been treated like Turds , no info coming out of the club whatsoever , no respect at all . But it ain't done till it's done. We've had Mac 3 now we are on imminent part 2 !!!!.
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