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  1. Play the youngsters roughly same team as scunny . Look at this way if we lose we can say we had B team in but oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god if they win and the youngsters would be fearless .
  2. Heard they have just rushed Steve Gibson to hospital pmsl .
  3. What about keogh at right back and 2 new signings in central defence and bogle on his way to fund new signings ??
  4. Not a patch on Ted Mcmin end of conversation
  5. the blessing In disguise is how would he have replaced Tomori, mount and Wilson this season ? I can see coco pops easily doing this with cheap players he knows about with a bit of flair from abroad , I think the new season is exciting because of this expecting a few over the seas blood to be in the Derby side very quickly and its what we need and we are lacking.
  6. Yes it says we Expect loyalty and when a bond is formed between supporters managers and players you expect to believe in it and you don't expect the said manager to walk out at the first opportunity his dream job comes up when there under an embargo and your still wet behind the ears. Did see a post a wee while ago saying I can hear frank saying in years to come " it was a mistake to walk out after the first year from Derby when everything was going well in hindsight I wish I could change that " , I do believe that will come true faster than we all know .
  7. Afraid not , I would remind him of deserting his post and not showing any respect to his former employer ! . While he had all the time in the world to walk into that job this absolute crap that's said about it might not come around again is mind boggling .we all knew he was going but jesus to go at this time and under an embargo shows everyone how quick he wanted out , and how false the party atmosphere was . For that video to be posted which wasn't great showed a lack of any feelings towards rams fans . Sorry but glad he has gone and I for one will join the boo boys
  8. Sorry but not fare ye well at all. He was given a start here , he built up a brilliant rapport with everyone.He had a 2 year deal which I think most expected him seeing out as he had only just started out in management. To jump ship so soon when you have only just been shown how to use a left handed screw driver shows very little respect for your workmates and employer . Frankie the blue eyed boy had all the time in the world to go to his dream job and I'm afraid this shows he wasn't at all into the Derby way .I think we all thought this being his first job he might have some feelings towards the club and fans but that video showed otherwise and the fact there has not been a statement from him thanking Derby and what a wrench it's been to leave shows how little the selfish bloke cared .Thank God for mel Morris I hold in far greater esteem than Frank and thank God for coco pops we might get some young hungry decent foreign cheap players in now who can actually play,and who knows the best striker in the championship might finally get a game welcome to your club Jack Marriott finally , personally hope Frank gets sacked asap burnt all bridges here went far far to early .
  9. For those that laughed at this , its all JUST A BIG COINCIDENCE aint it pmsl 😉 all done and dusted yesterday who would have thought it.
  10. The hold up is July 1st being new financial year in footy terms so the 4 mill counts towards next year ! . All be done and dusted tomoz and prob our manager will be as well
  11. Im sorry but had we stuck with Bennett on the wings and Marriott up front and even waghorn 2nd half I think we would have won . I also think there is a case for just where we would have finished if we had played a naturally gifted goal scorer all season maybe even auto's . Going to be very interesting to come back to this argument should a new manager play him most of season this time . But lets remember one thing he needs a good supply and having lost Wilson and mount we need to replace with a decent calibre player . Lampard has a long way to go yet and including a long way to go not spoiling his outlook with fans in about 20 seconds with stupid flippent videos being put on for all to see as if its nothing to them .
  12. It will all get announced on 1st July so we pocket 4 million in new financial year , its obvious whats going off .Lampard has made his mind up ages ago . Also people must be naïve if you don't think talks been going on a long time before Mel said we have been contacted same goes for us with next Derby manager . Day after he has gone I will bet within 2 days we have a new manager maybe even next day .
  13. Absolutley spot on , this is massively damaging and shows what a lod of crap it was from FL to the fans the players and the club . That's not bitterness talking at all . If he is the intelligent bloke people make him out to be he would have stayed until either sacked or actually achieving something with us , he has done naff all at the moment and im sorry but staying and learning his trade was the obvious solution . He has plenty of time to become Chelsea boss basically at his whim ! . This to me shows how false the bloke is , but there is no denying this is going to totally wipe the floor with the players as the team unity was at outstanding levels you could tell that , its all very very damaging …..this season is a non starter straight away .
  14. I bet Marriott is having a party round his today the one player who can actually think about playing again . the 2nd coming of Bobby Davison ( Marriotts just like him )
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