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  1. Rooney is not far off clough Mark 2 , no funds whats so ever and being asked the impossible, and fans judge you on this its unbelievable . Yet Mclaren comes in and got some funds although not a ton but he got more than clough had . Then he is gods gift . The lover boys of Mclaren on here i wonder how blinkered they would be if alonso took over put Mclaren at the reins and gave him millions to sort the team out . Yep if he did it good job as its easy to muck it up even with money but jesus Rooney has even had a proper start yet ............COME ON you lot give the bloke a chance .
  2. Honestly i think your being very very unfair . I cant stress this enough im not a rooney fan all the off field stuff he has got up to and being sent off and hoodwinked by ronaldo shows what nouse he has upstairs . But im not one for not giving someone a fair crack of the whip to change my mind . FA Coaching badges dont make me laugh , to much is pointed at this , christ he has seen it all done it all at the top of the game you telling me he doesnt know how to put a trwm together and tactics going to get his badges wont change a thing . Its like being employed to do a job for 10
  3. We will not start on a level playing field expect the efl decision to come swiftly this week we will be -6 at least . Although Uncle Mel was smart and has legally done nothing wrong you cant deny the sale of the stadium to yourself idea is stretching whats allowed to the limit . We need to NOT rely on Bielik in midfield as we have another thorne on our hands , we need a backup in that position and for me its not shinnie . Hopefully it all kicks of next week and we get the efl decision and the takeover decided . Things do need to happen fast thats for sure as we almost need an
  4. What about clough at leeds , what about Alex fergusson at one point , fact is he has been handed a squat with no proper fit young and hungry strikers , and also no money . I think you have to give him half a season.
  5. Personally I dont like rooney , but he has been handed a poisoned chalice and survived, I think you really have to let Alonso take over and rooney build HIS squad , then see what were looking like at half a season in . For me wayne has half a season to make massive changes .
  6. Is there a possibility of game being called off, water logged? .
  7. Come on that could equaly be a wave to DC ( Derby county ) fans . Alot being made of this when there is nothing directly there at all . The biggest weapon we have in our arsenal is the wendies players have not been paid have they not , nothing like that to take the fight out of you .Lets hope it stays that way before match day .
  8. Whats more worrying is morgan whittaker like so many other players who have recently left our club didnt sound to sorry about scoring either . Nothing changes we are wrotten to the core behind the scenes , something is totally wrong at this club .
  9. Mount was everything will hughes wasnt , I'm sorry but hughes was so over rated. I always called hughes Mr sideways. Your right the loans were incredible UNTIL they went back !!!
  10. It really went wrong at the point of sacking nigel clough . We went away from the hard work ethic and buying players that had the right temperament with no money .To suddenly finding a bit if money to give to McLaren for a very short while his training and prob spotting a few tweaks and the freshness of a new manager effect got Derby playing some really good football.But let's never forget that squad was nigels and will never know how close he was to getting something from it .But as we all know traitor Steve fluttered his eyelids at newcastle , completely destroyed player moral of where all i
  11. Im going to be honest and im NO Mclaren fan , far to over rated and a bloody traitor . Butttttttttttttttttt sack rooney now ( clear the decks mel its do or die next week ) , employ Mclaren for the last match . Should we still go down a brand new manager and NOOOOOOOOOO not Mclaren !! . We need a boring ive not heard of him much name who has got teams out of div 3 , pray to god alonso still wants to take this shambles over , because without investment i dread to think where we are heading .
  12. Without doubt paul blades and geraint William's.
  13. Your asking a bunch of players who know they wont be here next season to put their head in where it hurts for the next 2 Match's, not a chance .
  14. I really dont get why fans are optimistic , rotherham are down forget them .its sheffield that's the problem , they will best forest and we all know why.......I mean come on really .........you expect forest to play out there skins really as sheff wed will really come at them . Then your relying on us to beat Swansea away lol and then have the bottle and guile to out do Wednesday.........not a chance , when have they showed any of this in past 12 games . Where gone accept it . The important question is Alonso going to take us over still once relegated ??????
  15. If people think kids get you out of the old 3rd division then think again , I was there last time we were in it and it's a rough old place , you don't want kids in the squad . You need older seasoned pro's with a physical edge and a bit of skill . Actually ckr is perfect bar for his age getting close to his walking frame has to be sold.
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